The Entire Dawn Of War Franchise Is 75% Off On Steam

Even with the Aussie dollar trending downwards, its hard to decline a discount as steep as this. For the weekend, everything from the original Dawn of War to the ridiculous amounts of DLC are 25 per cent of their original prices.

Now, this is where it gets a little confusing. If you just want to pick a few titles up — no worries, just cherry pick what you want. On the other hand, if you have to satisfy your thirst for bargains and would like the whole lot, you have four options:

Dawn of War Franchise Pack Dawn of War Master Collection Dawn of War II — Master Collection Dawn of War II — Grand Master Collection

Clearly, if Dawn of War II is your bag, the decision isn't so bad. But! The Dawn of War Franchise Pack actually comes with Dawn of War II and its associated booty, so that might be the better purchase. Even then, I'm not entirely confident that's all you need.

It'd be nice when they do big sales like this to clearly mark which bundle gets you everything, though I guess it does increase the chances of you buying multiple packs, as unscrupulous as that sounds.

Franchise — Warhammer [Steam]


    Relic also just updated Dawn of War 1 with a new map.

    Such a pity DoW II was a bit of a dog's breakfast compared to the awesome original. I really hope DoW 3 is on the way (as it's rumoured to be) and that they make a return to the root gameplay that made the original DoW so good.

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      Personally I think they are both great but very different games. DoW1 was all about the base building and capturing ground, typical RTS stuff. DoW2 was much more tactical and filled with micro-managing your very small deployment, along with the RPG progression side of things.

      I still play both games occasionally but for different experiences. Will be really interesting to see what they do with DoW3 if it ever actually happens. Maybe they could go the Supreme Commander style where you control an Imperial Guard army and it is all about automating as much as possible for the new deployments. Rally points, waypoints, stances etc.

    For everyone reading: Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 1 GOTY bundled is $9.99 on Steam right now! $17.49 for Borderlands 2 GOTY

    Humm ....
    Dawn of War II — Grand Master Collection 19.99 (all daw2 + daw2 dlc)
    Dawn of War Master Collection 9.49 (all daw)
    [19.99 + 9.49] -> 29.48
    Dawn of War Franchise Pack 34.99 (all daw + all daw2 + daw2 dlc)

    you shouldn't buy Dawn of War Franchise Pack to save 5.51 :)

    Just get Dark Crusade, it's all you ever need.

    Maybe the original DoW stuff for historical value.

    Let's all just quietly try to pretend that DoW2 didn't happen.

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