The Newest Legendary Is Actually Five Different Pokémon In One

The Newest Legendary Is Actually Five Different Pokémon In One

It might be in the running for "most ridiculous Pokémon yet."

If you play Pokémon at all, then you're probably already familiar with Zygarde. It looks like this:

The Newest Legendary Is Actually Five Different Pokémon In One

Well, as it turns out, that's actually one of many different forms that this Pokémon can take. First, the Pokemon starts out as a cell. Then it turns into a core — this is the mysterious green blob that The Pokémon Company was teasing for a while. Then it turns into...a dog? And THEN it turns into the Zygarde we're familiar with. But wait, there's more! Its final form is something that resembles a transformer.

Here's The Pokémon Company, describing all the different ways this Pokémon can exist:

The Newest Legendary Is Actually Five Different Pokémon In One
The Newest Legendary Is Actually Five Different Pokémon In One

Individually, some of these Pokémon look pretty good. That dog looks sweet, and of course the complete form looks awesome. But put all together, as a concept, it's really silly — and perhaps a sign that the concepts behind some Pokémon are becoming a little convoluted. I say this knowing full well that I'm going to try to capture this and see all of its forms in-game if possible. Damn it, Game Freak.

But what I want to know is...does this mean we're getting a Pokémon Z eventually? Or are we skipping that whole "third version" thing this generation?


    The "third version" games haven't been a thing since Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. There was none for 5th Gen (BW) either. If you count the remakes, there have been 5 "sets" already where a third game hasn't been released (BW, BW2, HGSS, XY, ORAS).

      None of the remakes have had 3rd editions/versions (yet) but all of the main gen games have, the only exception being Black/White but B2/W2 were arguably the 3rd version of that split into 2 games.

      Makes sense for a Z next (or maybe X2/Y2 instead but with Zyguard I'm still betting on Z)

      I wouldn't count the remakes since they've always been stand alone and XY isn't officially over yet, so really B2W2 is the only one breaking the pattern. Even then I've always considered B2W2 to be the third version of BW. It's not but it's a it of a stretch to call it entirely new. It does seem like they've abandoned the third game concept, but I'm not ruling out XYZ or X2Y2 until they announce the next main game.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but since we're counting remakes, pretty sure FRLG didn't have a third version either.

    Did he absorb 17 and 18 to achieve his perfect form?

      The red/blue parts made me wonder if they were going to go the fusion thing with xerneas & yveltal.

    At first this sounded like a bit of a stretch, like Pokemon Fusion, but now I'm thinking about it this actually sounds pretty interesting. They could give you a legendary Pokemon right at the start and have you absorb Zygarde Cells as you travel the region.

      That is... actually a genius idea. The cell or core could be your starter, and you can upgrade it throughout your travels. Perhaps get 50% through exploration and the other 50% through beating another Zygarde 50% form?

    There's no way that these are Sugimori designs. If they are... you've changed, man.

      You can tell by the colouration that these are anime artworks. Whether the designs are Sugi's... well, he hasn't been the main designer for a while, he just draws the final artworks. Mon design is done by a group of people including Sugi now.

    "When the ecosystem is under threat"

    Dat foreshadowing for a mixed XY/ORAS third entry, though. DeltaZ. :p

    My conclusions on zygarde now:
    1. I going to say that you may get zygarde core early on, much like the way you get togepi
    2. A legendary that can travel over 100km/h, so that means a dog can equal the speed of 2 jet dragons
    3. Must keep mecha enthusiasm under wraps

    It's not that difficult a concept, especially if you've ever heard of any Dragon Ball Z villian, such as Frieza or Cell.

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