Big W And Target Are Selling The PlayStation 4 At Crazy Cheap Prices

You wait all day for a decent deal on the PlayStation 4 and then two come along at once.

Begun the PlayStation 4 price wars have.

Here's Big W's bundle: a 1TB PlayStation 4 with Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, The Uncharted Collection and Watch Dogs for $489.

Target's bundle: a 500GB PlayStation 4 with the Uncharted Collection or Disney Infinity 3.0 for $418.

Both pretty good deals. If I had to choose one I'd probably go with the Big W bundle, but your mileage may vary. Big W's bundle goes live on Thursday. Target's bundle goes on sale this coming Wednesday.

This may be tied into an official PlayStation 4 price cut in Australia. We're currently chasing with Sony locally about this to confirm, but both of these prices seem pretty low. It could be that Sony is looking to cut the recommended retail price of the PlayStation 4 in general. So that would explain these awesome bundle prices.

Either way — if you're looking to buy a PlayStation 4 this Christmas, you might want to wait until Wednesday at the earliest.

We'll update when we hear back from Sony.


    I wish someone would drop controller prices :-)

      That's the first thing I thought when I saw the pic that went with the article.

      They are stupidly expensive.

        If you are lucky enough to live near a Costco they have ps4 controllers for $60 or so. I don't know where the costcos are in Australia, but Adelaide and Brisbane for sure.

        You do need to pay for the yearly membership but they have some serious discounts.

          For Melbourne you're looking at Docklands for Costco :)

            And there is a Costco in Ringwood too. SE Melb.

            Also Ringwood and Moorabbin.

            EDIT: Moorabbin isn't open yet, a few months away.

            Last edited 19/10/15 1:00 pm

          There's one not far but inconvenient all the same.

          I'll remember this though. Cheers

          Sydney has two... I know one is in Auburn. Can't remember where the 2nd one is..

      Controllers are $69 at my local shop, is that the normal price? Doesn't seem too bad.

      My local target has controllers for $69 at the moment.

    Hmmmm, that Big W bundle might be enough to make me take the plunge. Seeing as I've never played any of the Uncharted-s, and there's a bunch of PS3 games remastered on PS4 that I've wanted to play.


      Join us

      Join ussssss

        I think for me it's never been a case of not "joining ussssss" on PS4, XBone has never seemed an attractive option personally, it's just that I lag horribly when it comes to console purchases. I only got a PS3 when GTA-V came out. It's just waiting for that attractive price point / bundling options, this one looks pretty solid. That, and I won't buy a bundle that has stuff I won't play.

          Oh, I'm a late adopter too. bought mine for Witcher 3.

            Oh yeah, I keep forgetting about Witcher 3. That's another one I want to play. Though I think I'll get it on PC when I (eventually) upgrade my GPU.

              Persona 5 (in a year or so) or gtfo :p

                So you're saying I should wait until next year and then get a Persona 5 bundle? (Having never played any of the Persona games)

      Just FYI i've been playing Uncharted all weekend and the remastering is great!

      Just passed the first one which appears a little dated and clunky but by no means did i have to push myself to play it.

      Started the second last night and it looks crisp and flows well! definitely worth a pick up :)

      Be prepared for the realisation that sony fanbois have been talking up some of their exclusives for years. I moved to ps4 because my friends all own them, but sadly have not found killzone, uncharted, or the last of us to equal the hype. I'd take halo, tomb raider and alan wake respectively over them anyday :(. I do like the destiny exclusive content though, but i'm finding myself bored of it again.

      Last edited 19/10/15 9:12 pm

        I just got my first Sony console too (after a life of Nintendo and PC) and love it- Killzone is pretty mediocre but the Last of Us was fantastic. Keen to pick up the Uncharted Collection and see what it's like compared to Tomb Raider, which I did enjoy on PC.

        Halo has always bored me to tears and Alan Wake wasn't something I ever bothered to finish either.

          Halo 4 really picked up story wise - even though some people didnt like the multiplayer as much. It's still far better than killzone.

          Alan Wake is amazing, the gameplay is basically the same as the last of us, but the story is so much better, so much more original.

            Maybe I'll have to give it another shot then, I bought it on Steam years ago and I think the DLC too but back then it just couldn't keep my attention.

            I think for me the Last of Us wasn't amazing because of the story, it was the character development and exploration of the human condition in general. I really dug it.

            Really enjoyed Alan Wake... but it was definitely no last of us(or an xbox exclusive, if a game is available on PC I'm always going to play it on PC)

            Killzone hasn't been good since the second one(and that may just be nostalgia talking)

            Uncharted was pretty damn enjoyable.

            Tomb Raider was never xbox exclusive until the last installment, which MS said is just timed anyway. Prior to that it was always PC/PS/Dreamcast, there wasn't even a tomb raider title on Xbox till Legend.

            Halo was pretty enjoyable first time through but really nothing special, all the games have just kind of fused together in my memory, and have no real replay value.

            If you want good PS exclusives play...
            God of War franchise.
            Shadow of the Colossus
            Crash bandicoot
            Resistance 2(online co-op, story was...meh)
            Metal Gear Solid (3 & 4)
            parasite eve

            And if you want some good Xbox exclusives to play...
            Gears franchise.
            Lost Odyssey
            Fable.... also has a pc release....but I had run out of good exclusives lol

            (I am just realizing this is an old post... oh well f*ck it I typed it, I'm posting it)
            Hope it helps someone in the future

    Ohhhh…. I just finished telling my girlfriend that I cheaped-out on her anniversary present this year because I’ve got no money.

    This is going to require a deft hand and some masterful relationship management.
    ….worse case scenario I’m going to have a lot of free time to play my new PS4!

      Wow dude, you totally deserved to win that PS4, your entry in that competition was epic!

      (Just show that to your girlfriend - You can thank me later :p )

      How tech savvy is she? My grandparents despise it when I spend money (like to the point they'd rather deliver home cooked food to my work to save me buying it), and I purchased a new laptop, which would have resulted in lengthy talkings too about wasting money on technology that doesn't help me live life (because you can't manage finances, find cheaper deals and other various money saving things on a computer according to them). I took great care to stow away the packaging and receipt along with my old laptop. They didn't notice the change until 6 months later, I told them I'd squirelled away bits of my monthly bonus to save up for it and had only bought it a week ago.

      Consoles probs a bit harder to hide...but if you've already got a ps3 and she calls it that's probs a safe bet you could hide your ps3, get a ps4 and put it in its place.

      Or distract her with chocolate.

      How about you surprise her with a new PS4 for your anniversary?

    Damnit, I just bought my PS3 a week ago :( At Target, with the Uncharted pack, for $468. Wonder if they'll do a price match with themselves...

      Wow you overpayi A LOT for a ps3. didn't know target still stock them.

        My bad, meant PS4 of course :) My PS3 is still going strong, nothing to see there.

        For what its worth, toddled into Target at lunch, and mentioned the new price, and come Thursday all I need to do is wander in with my receipt and they're going to give me a refund.

        Well, a gift card, but close enough.

    Watch Dogs & Assassins Creed are surely worth $1 each, Uncharted collections isn't worth that much when the PS4 Disney Infinity 3.0 bundle comes with the exclusive Boba Fett figure - people ho don't want to play DI 3.0 can trade in the DI 3.0 bundled game and eBay Boba Fett for a lot.

    No mention that the 1TB version of the PS4 uses the old hardware, better of getting the 500gig with the newer hardware

      Would the 1TB versions still have the old hardware after all this time? If so would the specific Battlefront or Black ops console bundles have the updated hardware?

      Not true! The 1TB is the new hardware now, bought one a few weeks ago from JB

        Thats interesting because I intend on buying mine from JB. Would you mind telling me the model number if possible? Is it similar to CUH-1200 because they're the updated ones, or is it similar to CUH-1100?

          I'm not at home to look but it's definitely the CUH-1200 family

      What is the advantage of the newer hardware?

        hopefully it's quieter

          Yeah more energy efficient is the main one, might be a few other minor things.

    still don't know why the ps4 seems to always be more expensive than the xbone, they should always be the same price to compete with each other. even at this price, can still get an xbone for cheaper.

      Probably because the PS4 has already outsold XBone so hard that even the president of the Xbox division is happy to admit in interviews that they'll never catch up.

      It's also why coke is more expensive than pepsi. The market leader can just set their terms and expect people to live with it.

        yes, but that is from the initial sales due to the whole always on internet debacle, it does not reflect the current sales. From a aussie retailers pov i can tell you they sell about the same amounts these days

          Yeah, it's selling ok now, but honestly, the PS4 is so far ahead at this point, they don't have to worry. So they charge whatever they want and still get even sales with the cheaper competition.

          Check out the stats on it's a big gap.

    Is this 100% true?

      Yes, this is 100% correct. I've seen the catalogue, and although I aint allowed to leak the prices, there is nothing saying I can't confirm them.

      The catalogue will be online on targets website Tuesday night if you need confirmation, but it is that price from the pre-catalogue I have seen.

        sorry mate, was referring to the guy who said it was the Old hardware..

        You wouldn't happen to know the model number of the 1TB?

    No where near as cheap, but there will be a Limited Edition Halo console bundle for $599 that comes with Fallout 4 (obviously you get that when it's released).

    PS3 controllers are still stupid price.

    EBGames has in their email today had the same bundle as BigW but for $548 (or $448 with a 500g PS3 slim trade-in) available from October 23. So that makes the BigW one seem even better!

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