GTA V Still Doesn't Look As Good As GTA IV

Mods are amazing. Absolutely amazing.

But mods for Grand Theft Auto V, in terms of pure 'realism' are up there with Skyrim at times. Seriously.

This set of images cropped up on Reddit yesterday. I can't believe the pure fidelity. Sure the game probably can't actually run like this, but man, they sure are good to look at.


    GTA IV didn't look as good as GTA IV modded either for around 5 years... so give it time with V.

    Come on Mark, GTA V for PC has only been out for 6 months, give the modders time to catch up to the work they did with GTA IV :P

    Saying that i've seen some pretty nice mods for GTA V already, shame i'd need something like a GTX980/980Ti to even think about running them so they look pretty.

    I always found the visual mods screwed something up, for instance iceenhancer always used to screw with the sky colouring

      Yeah I never got that one working. All it did was completely remove shadows and lighting from the game. I didn't have an uncommon card either, GTX 560 TI, and neither that nor the more powerful Radeon ever got ICE working.

      On the other hand, ENB Enhancer for Skyrim, Fallout / New Vegas, has been amazing. And the performance hit is minimal (once configuration issues are sorted, so it is still tricky.)

    GTA IV has no AA whatsoever so GTA V wins already. Last time I ran enbs for IV I don't remember there being any AA solution either unless that's changed in the past few years. GTA V graphics are still superior, especially if you take into account the enbs/mods for that one available on gtav-mods as well.

    The game with this high level of realism isn't playable, the only thing it's good for is going around posing shots.

    It's still a technical achievement though.

    Whaaaaattt???!?!?! A game with a mod applied to make it look photo realistic looks better than a game without any mods applied???


    I want to know your sources for these outlandish claims!!! :P

    GTA V Still Doesn't Look As Good As GTA IV
    ...And probably never will, thanks to 5's online integration meaning hostility to modding.

      I keep a copy for modding that stays completely offline, and other for playing multiplayer on. The modded one quits itself if you even try to go online, to prevent accidently trying to play and getting banned for mods.

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