It Costs $45.60 Australian To Buy All Of Destiny's Emotes

Destiny's Microtransaction Store Is Now Open

But if you're a normal person and you just want to buy the Carlton dance — that'll set you back $6.75 on the PS4.

If that seems expensive, that's because it is. Literally, the Carlton dance, called the 'enthusiastic dance' in the Destiny store is one of the 'legendary' emotes — in that it costs a lot more than the regular emotes.

Regular emotes cost 200 silver — which roughly translates to $2.50 Australian. That seems a little more reasonable.

Like most micro-transactions the actual cost of each emote can be tricky to calculate, since you buy in-game currency then spend that currency. It makes sense — kinda obscures the money you'll be spending on dance animations.

There are 18 emotes in total. 16 of them will cost you 200 silver.

There are two Legendary Emotes...

— Enthusiastic Dance — Slow Clap

Those both cost 500 silver ($6.75) whereas the the rest will set you back 200 Silver ($2.50... roughly).

You have to buy the silver in packs. Like...

500 Silver — $6.75 1000 Silver (plus 100 bonus) — $12.95 2000 Silver (plus 300 bonus) — $25.95

Okay, now I'm going to have to do some mathematics. Please be patient with me.

There are 16 regular emotes at 200 silver each. There are two legendary emotes at 500 silver each. To buy them all you're gonna need 4200 in silver. Destiny provides players with 400 silver to get started. That means you'll need to buy 3800 silver to buy all the emotes.

You could...

Buy three 1000 silver packages (3300 silver in total) and add one 500 silver package to get the 3800 required.

That costs $45.60.

Or you could buy one 2000 package, one 1000 silver package and one 500 silver package. That leaves you with 3900 points — 100 more than you need and it'll cost you 45.65. A whole five cents more.

Of course, that's if you want to buy all the emotes. You probably don't. You can only equip one custom emote at a time, so you'd probably be crazy to buy them all. As I mentioned, you probably just want to buy the Carlton dance and be done with it!

Or you could just not buy them!


    Thanks Mark.
    Not for me, but I guess there are lots of hardcore Destiny players out there willing to spend cash on animations...

      It's like 5 dollars an emote lol Literally a shitty animation, a small team probably put them together in a day or 2.
      I play and enjoy destiny, but the stupidity of the community is amazing. They're already suggesting what guns they'd pay for, etc.

        Rigging up complex animations like dances, and making the movements smooth is actually pretty time consuming. Granted though, the slow clap is about a couple hours work at most

          Yeah rigging does take time though in the case of this example, these models were rigged years ago when they initially came out. Also, some of these animations even fine tuning would take an animator no more than 2-4 days which I get is around $200 - $400 salary. Then selling them for $5 a pop to some 10+ million people is not very nice.

          If they bundled like 2-3 for $5 that would have been better and show more respect for their customers/players.

            Exactly ^^ A lot more people would be enticed to buy em if you got like like 3 for $5. I'm not saying it's easy to make these animations, if you look at the big picture this game has brought bungie/activision is a LOT of money.
            Charging that much for each just feels like, we've got stupid people in our communiity that will buy these for this price so we'll sell em.
            I can happily live without them lol

        The moment they sell guns in micro transactions is the day I put destiny down and never pick it up again.

    I kinda hope this flops so that they remove it and see it's a bad idea. I suspect this microtransaction platform will start with emotes and, if successful, extend to weapons, armour, ships etc. This would ruin the game.

      Considering the money some people already sunk into it to essentially buy the game twice, I think they'll be okay with dropping a few more dollars on it.

      In my mind (pretty optimistic I'll admit) is that these micro-transactions are simply a way to keep revenue ticking over and keep a good cash-flow and will not be implemented further than this, simply because it will alienate most of the existing fan base. My reasoning behind this is that we know from leaked info (don't have specific sources, sorry) that further dlc will be smaller in nature (than HoW and DB), drip-fed over the year to keep people interested (and progress story aspects, or flesh out the lore), and most importantly, be FREE a la witcher 3 style. And then destiny 2 will come out and we can all revel in the strange time sink conundrum that is destiny once again!

        Yeah, I tend to agree with you. Their motives would most likely be based on keeping a consistent flow of cash coming in so that they can continue to work on the product. My issue is more that they've started with Emotes because they are a very good way to gauge how willing the players are to spend extra cash on this game. They provide no advantage in the game, so if people are willing to buy them, they know they have their audience "by the nuts". If successful, they will most likely then extend the system to more items that DO provide benefits because if people are willing to buy emotes which give nothing, they're definitely going to purchase items that do give the player something...then you'll find the people who are willing to sink the money are incredibly overpowered in comparison to those who aren't...and it will most likely be carried over into Destiny 2.

          As mentioned earlier though - People went out and essentially bought the game again for TTK. This shows they are already willing.

          It'll most likely stay on Emotes, so they have money still coming in to make Destiny 2. I'm quite okay with paying a few dollars to replace my shitty dance or pointing Emote.

          I highly doubt that they're stupid enough to start selling in game items that actually effect game play, people are willing enough to buy emotes and shaders and sparrows to keep a steady stream of income coming in.

          Plus being able to buy weapons that aren't available via the daily grind would kind of derail the basis of the game play that keeps people coming back. Why would you just hand people weapons and armor when grinding for it and doing activities is what keeps up player retention.

          Like, sure I wouldn't be surprised if down the track they did knowing how things seem to go these days but it just seems completely counter intuitive to put payed performance boosts into a game that revolves around getting the best gear via grinding.

          I'm pretty sure the devs/publisher realise that if they implemented p2w mechanics in Destiny, they would lose everything they've built; all the dedicated players would boycott and they would have to change the game to f2p and build a new audience, and now they are competing with all the other f2p titles that saturate the market. Completely goes against their ethos of making a 10-year game.

            In terms of pay-to-win, I was scrolling around the bungie forums and found this post
            which makes it look like future may not be as bright as I was hoping, I really hope this doesn't come to fruition :(

              Oh no that looks a little grim :(
              Most of that isn't technically p2w, but a couple border on it (increased loot drop chances).
              This kind of stuff still pisses me off because I will be happily playing with a friend, and the next day he will be max level and be like, oh yea I found a thing you can buy to level up, you should just buy one too; so I stop playing.
              Either way if this comes to fruition, it will definitely damage my experience (when friends play and buy max level, completely discrediting all the hours I put in to get to level cap, or when they boost their drop rates and get an item I've been trying to get for days...). I certainly am not buying any cosmetic items from the store now; I will hold out in case this shit happens.
              Thanks for letting me know of this.

              EDIT: had a discussion with a friend who is a bit of an MMO vet, and as he explained to me this stuff really isn't p2w at all; this stuff just heaps new players catch up, but it doesn't help them get ahead of dedicated players who have already spent a lot of time in the game.

              I guess time will tell.

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              What did that thread say? Its now been removed, or 'awaiting ninja justice'

                Essentially it detailed a number of future consumables, purchased through tess everis with silver (real money) that are likely to be implemented in the future. we know this as bungie updated the armoury/database with info on them and people regularly search through it/datamine to find new stuff. Off the top of my head i think the new things were consumables that let you; level equipped subclass to max, level current character to 25, increased chance at getting armour/weapons in kings fall raid and a few others i can't remember

                  Thanks for that :) Very interesting indeed! I'm still ok with that, but it does make me worry

      I'd love to say that it will most certainly flop because people will realise how much of a con it is and stand against publishers who think they can simply milk their players of money with cheap gimmicks. Unfortunately I've been around long enough to know that a bunch of gullible people will buy these, further encouraging this practice.

      Not I though, I'm smart enough to see through their cheap cash grab and will firmly deny them any further money from my wallet. Unless they start offering vanity clothing and pets, then I'll be letting them just take whatever they need directly from my bank account.

        Hahaha, I'm with you on that! I'd love to think that as a group of players, we can all see through this crap, but unfortunately, there will be some people who feel the need to buy into this system. On a slight side note though...the success of The Taken King has me concerned that Destiny 2 will not exist in the near future and instead they will adopt a World Of Warcraft type model where they consistently release new expansions...which means that the microtransaction model might have more legs than we give it credit for.

      Except Bungie have assured us that microtransactions will only be for cosmetic items. Premium ships are a possibility since they do nothing in-game (though I personally prefer the prestige that comes with having a rare or difficult to obtain ship equipped in my loading screens even though it's usually just me and my wife who'll see it). Shaders and emblems are another possibility.

      Weapons and armor are a whole other story, and they'd destroy the (sometimes tenuous) faith of their players if they started up with that crap.

        Yeah, I did read a while ago that they were assuring their players that it would be cosmetic items only...but I think we've all been let down before which is why I remain a bit hesitant to take their word. You're right though, if they extend this to weapons and armour, they will destroy their fanbase even further.

        Based on some of their decisions they do appear to be run by accountants so I'm not sure their motives will include any consideration of their player base...time will tell...

      I don't see an issue with ships, as they currently serve no function other than a place holder.

      Weapon & armour shaders; no issue.

      Anything that doesn't have an impact on gameplay is fine. There will always be some bozo willing to throw their money away for aesthetics.

      This is Destiny we're talking about they won't sell you a weapon - they'll sell you an engram that gives you the chance of a weapon!

      Yeah, it will certainly extend to other things. This is how it starts and how they tell u its "ok" because it's only cosmetic, before you know your paying money to get ur level boosted. Same thing happened with WoW.

    I had no idea what the 'Carlton' dance was. At first I was judging Serrels a little bit thinking it was a Sydney thing. Then I Google'd it, and now I must have it.

      The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air went for four years in the US but got buried here in the summer by Nine - factoring in cricket interruptions we probably got 16 whole episodes in 91-92 and 92-93 until it disappeared for a decade eventually showing up in a 3.30pm (from memory) time slot.

      If you liked a US show and Nine had the rights... You were well and truly fucked

        Then it was on endless repeats, lile M*A*S*H on Seven.

        Watching when it was relevant was impossible. Watching it after school was something an entire generation went through.

          Some things are timeless. Fresh Prince and M*A*S*H* are two of those things.

          Man you must be young if you associate reruns of M*A*S*H with channel 7!

            It was on another channel?

            I thought Get Smart and MASH were on 7, Fresh Prince and the WB cartoons on 9 and Channel Simpsons had the Simpsons.

    I would make a cynical remake about how Destiny players will buy the shit out of this, but it's too early in the morning, and I have too big a hangover, so live it up kids.

    So glad I gave up on Destiny and traded it in.

    Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is way more fun anyway.

      Because we live in a bizzaroworld where Garden Warfare doesn't have premium purchasable currency for in-game cosmetic items?

        Hahaha, although I'm quite sure Evil Monkey was being tongue-in-cheek, this is a sweet sweet burn!

      Not sure if serious or sarcastic...if so, there's always one person who reads destiny articles just to come to the comment section and say if they're trying to re-assure themselves they made the right choice by not playing destiny.

    Not sure what all the salt is about.
    It's purely optional cosmetic stuff, aka the good kind of microtransactions.
    If they add any actual gameplay changing stuff on there then sure, grab the pitchforks.
    But until then, enjoy the dancing or not.


      ...but you know you'd better keep it real handy when BungieTard strikes again!

      But something something slippery slope something something! :P

      Normally I'd be serious about that, but even the CE class items were very careful to not be useful beyond levelling your new subclass - they're still only 170 light, can't be infused, and cost an exotic slot. I'd say Bungie/Activision are very conscious of what not to put up for sale.

      Haters gonna hate.
      Honestly it's just aversion to change; how much did people dislike and complain about the idea of not owning physical games when Steam and digital games market was starting up.
      Same thing here, people are just accustomed to spending a single large sum of money on a game, and are still coming to terms with the new model of smaller multiple purchases.
      Regardless, p2w has no place in gaming now or in the future, but at least (for now) Bungie is keeping it cosmetic; if it stays that way I will support them by buying a thing or two if I like what I see. As soon as they introduce p2w, I will take my leave from the game as a whole.

      I think a lot of people have a problem with any form of micro transaction in their full priced games.

    These are the kind of Microtransactions I'm ok with. They're completely superficial, impact the actual game in no way at all and they're entirely cosmetic, entirely how they should be.

      "I'll react after the matter rather than adding my voice to trying to head a problem off before it occurs".

      Because that always works. Apathy, is the reason why this all occurs. Enjoy it.


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        The sky is falling, the sky is falling!


          I never said that. :p
          I was actually quoting weresmurf (although the quote didn't work properly).

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            I was paraphrasing.

              Paraphrasing something said by someone else and attributing it to me.
              The only part of the post that was written by me was the winking face at the end.

                The fact you were quoting weresmurf from another thread related to (an entirely different style of) microtransactions in game inferred a comparison being drawn by you. Presumably you had a point.

        That's not apathy. While I don't endorse microtransactions such as the ones in MGS and MKX for their ill thought out manner, money grabbing ideals and poor implementation, in MGS5's case, to avoid a 'grind' like nature ala phone games, I do see these as the type which companies use which *dont* affect a game in any way shape or form and are infact implemented correctly if there can be such a thing. It doesn't mean however that I'll be buying them. Two entirely different things. One is entirely dependent on taking advantage of a gamer, the other, a game can completely live without and not be affected at all by, hence cosmetic. Sorry dude but no dice.

        But nice to see the previous comments from another thread entirely got to you that much :) You may also want to look up the definition of apathy while you're at it...

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          I actually got downvoted so much for my opinion that I've been put on some kind of double secret probation, and all my posts are now moderated before going live and I can't upvote or downvote anyone.

          I think it would be hard not to be at least a little annoyed by that. ;)

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            That's part of the whole downvoting system. But that's not my fault dude. Most of us have been there at some point.

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              It kind of is, since you're one of the people downvoting me for my opinion.

              Maybe I'm weird, but I always thought downvoting was intended more for offensive or slanderous content, rather than just disagreeing with someone.

                I downvote if I don't agree with something strongly. If I disagree slightly I move on. That's what it's there for.

      Agreed, though the big question is whether it will stay that way...this game is built upon a gambling mechanic and its not a big jump to start integrating money with gambling...I'm pretty sure the accountants at BungieVision are screaming from the back of the room 'why aren't they paying real coin for 3 of Coin???'.

        Oh that is indeed a great question. And if it gets to the point where they say, impact the game disgustingly like Metal Gear 5's do, or if they're ridiculously stupid like Mortal Kombat X's (buy 10 spinmetal for a dollar! for instance), it'll be utterly ridiculous. But like someone failed to understand earlier (not yourself), at the moment (the moment...) they're only purely cosmetic and impact the game in no way possible. The implementation of microtransactions is never truly acceptable in a premium priced game, but when they are, if they're cosmetic and non-game affecting, they're tolerable to a degree. You just don't buy them.

        Because they aren't there to ensure you don't have to grind like MGS5 and the others.

    Very undecided about this. Is it a legitimate need to upkeep servers, keep a bit of extra cashflow coming for the gooderment (yes, can I help you?) of the game, or is it a corporate, evil, Mr Burns-esque way to exploit the younger generation who are used to being screwed, generally via mobile platforms?
    My money is on Arsenal to win this weekend.

    I don't get the hate. Optional, cosmetic items behind a paywall that you can safely ignore? It's not like we're talking a $50-60 season pass for a multiplayer shooter that will slowly fragment the playerbase over the course of it's cycle or pay-2-win buffs. If they add spaceships, shaders or emblems down the line, then so be it - I mean, we're playing a persistent online game with no subscription fee. the up-front purchase only goes so far to covering those costs, right?

    Regular emotes cost 200 silver — which roughly translates to $2.50 Australian. That seems a little more reasonable

    When paying $2.50 (or, indeed, ANY amount) of actual real money to enable a character in a video game to do a little dance seems "reasonable", we know that they've got us exactly where they want us.

      People will vote with their wallets. I don't have a vested interest either way, though if Bungie gives us 500 starting silver I'm taking a slow clap. I play Destiny daily but I still have no intention on spending actual money for these. Others feel differently. Some people are completionists. Others might just want to be a tiny bit more unique. People spend money sometimes for the sake of spending money.

        I don't know if you saw the episode of South Park about microtransactions but they pointed out that the vast majority of the purchases are made up of a tiny subsection of players who get addicted or need to have everything.

        Luckily the cap in this instance is 45 USD but in games where you are able to keep paying for things forever it can be really damaging.

          I tried to think of examples (other than freemium mobile apps) where this was possible and then I remembered the premium currency that was reviewed in one of the Assassin's Creed games. I think it had an option to buy $70 or so of the currency, which gave you however much. But even buying every single premium armor and weapon item in the game - more than enough to beat the game basically on easy mode - there was still about half the currency left over.

          But I agree, and that's why I had microtransactions for anything that affects gameplay. It starts you on a downward spiral. You get a brief rush of enjoying the content unfettered, but then when you hit another gate you're more likely to pay to unlock it again, even if you do not strictly need to.

          This unfortunately happens even with good games. I used to play Echo Bazaar/Fallen London and for several months subscribed as an "exceptional friend" which game me double the actions and access to premium stories. I also bought extra "gold" to unlock even more content. After a few months of being a subscriber, I basically ran out of content and even though they add more content regularly, it all seemed to be catered towards newcomers to pad out their experience rather than to provide a meaningful "endgame". In fact one particular plot thread I'd been doggedly pursuing seemed to be abandoned entirely or somehow closed off to me. I decided to take a break and ended my "exceptional friendship". When I came back a few months later to dip my toes back in, I felt hindered by being a regular player with limited actions. The game still felt like a treadmill but my progress was even more needlessly slow. Much of the content was overhauled. I was out of the loop. So I've stopped playing. I probably invested a good $50 or so in the game over a 6 month period ( probably more but I can't recall and don't want to inadvertently exaggerate) but most of it I was making no progress or doing anything of interest at all.

            Another good mainstream game this was in recently was GTA V, you can keep purchasing those cash cards to get in game money and they purposely made all of the customization options extremely expensive.

            100 000 dollars to change your license plate per car? Seems excessive to me.

              Ah yeah, I hadn't thought about those ridiculous cash cards, I guess because I never really played a lot of GTA online so money never became an issue for me. I think I bought a high-end apartment from the free money they gave out as an apology to early adopters, boosted a few cars which I put a few small upgrades into (whatever was available at my paltry level) then lost interest.

      I'm completely fine with it, they're essentially giving you two for free and if you really feel like getting more you can get another one for less than a cup of coffee.

      Not that I actually plan on spending money on them but hell it's still more reasonable than some of the obscene paid cosmetic DLC that's been out there before, like man, lets get some more weapon skins from COD up in here.

        Yeah but you don't want to play destiny with me if I haven't had my morning coffee.....

    $119 Digital Deluxe ed (or was it $109) + $70 TTK + $46 Emotes = Nope.

    They fooled me once with the Digital Deluxe ed, I wont buy TTK til its $30 or less. Prob not even then as I have no friends playing it on x1.

      Well you're missing out buddy, TTK is excellent.

      I think all up I've spent $70 on TTK, $40 on the season pass for expansions and like $60 for vanilla. I've also played Destiny more than any other game since Vanilla WOW (never again) had it since day one and gotten hundreds of hours of game play for like $170 which spread out over the year really isn't that bad.

      For a solid years worth of game play for $170 compared to the week or so that I get out of most AAA releases these days for like $100 on release I'm not complaining.

      But hey I can see how that could be a lot of money for someone for a game so completely understandable, plus it's not like anyone is holding you down and forcing you to buy the emotes, hell they're even giving them away.

        It's not even about the money. I got 350+ hours out of Destiny before the first dlc came out. My friends stopped playing, because they got sick of running the same co tent over and over within a month.

        To each their own, but I got over Destiny very quickly after my friends stopped playing. There is no reason for me to come back. I should prob stop commenting on Destiny articles and leave the people that like it alone.

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          Haha see this is why you're better than 99% of the people that jump on Destiny articles that obviously don't play anymore and can barely form a sentence more complex than 'People still play this?'.

          10/10 good hustle, that being said if you see it in the bargain bin down the line I suggest it, the additional content and reworked systems really do refresh the experience and even through I've cut down on my addiction to this black hole of a time sink I find that there's always something to do that doesn't feel excessively done to death *gets sick to death of repetition mere days after posting this*

            Well Ive still got it on my external HDD for my x1, I bought the digital deluxe (like a ferken dumbshite and cant get rid of it.

            I'll buy it when its dirt cheap or just wait for Destiny 2. I gave up on Destiny 1 too soon as I burnt myself out hard in that first month. I'll come back to the destiny franchise, just not straight away.

    I like how this entire update was basically a great distraction. "Oh hey, look - pretty new emotes, oooo shiny!"

    *meanwhile further down the patch notes*
    "We're nerfing the bejesus out of the economy. Already scarce currencies will now be even more of a grind to obtain. Have fun!"

    I think Bungievision are trying to make it so people HAVE to play more in the coming months, with Fallout 4, Halo 5 etc on the horizon. Problem is, if they go too far in that direction they'll just drive more people away.

    They've made some great strides with TTK, but Bungie do have a habit of making surprise, entirely unwanted changes like these. Nightfalls now give bugger all rewards and aren't worth doing. Faction rep is a grind. Strange coins are now a grind. Oryx gives you two shards in exchange for your twenty, if you even get anything from him. Even the "no more RNG or grinding!" exotic quests actually have a bunch of grinding, plus timegates.

    Then, they'll fix something that benefits the players in 0.03 seconds, but will take months and months to fix things that negatively affect players. I'm actually impressed it only took them three weeks to fix the game-crashing Firefly bug.

    Note: I never once used the Vault of Glass "push off edge" or Crota ethernet disconnect cheeses, so I'm not salty about them fixing things that legitimately need fixing.

    Bungie consistently take one step forward, two steps back with baffling decisions like the above. TTK is a huge step in the right direction, but they still haven't learned.


      I'm honestly drowning in strange coins, but general levelling is grinding and TTK shine is wearing off. The quest's are becoming limiting and like you say the nightfall reward is unbalanced and not worth it.

        I took a biiiiiiiig break from a bit after VoG release until about halfway through HoW, so I'm unfortunately not drowning in Strange Coins haha. That, plus buying a LOT of exotic engrams from Xur when I did come back hoping to get particular pieces. Is your Strange Coin collection a result of building up over time or something else?

        I understand the Nightfalls are still a "work in progress" (though I feel they should have decided what they wanted to do prior to TTK) and they're easier now, but the rewards are pretty subpar. Even if they just reinstated the 500 rep, I'd be fine with that.

        Like I said, I think Bungie did a lot of things right with TTK, but they still make some pretty questionable decisions. I thought they would have learned after pissing players off so much with TDB and HoW. It's like they deliberately fuck things up so next patch they can say "oh look we fixed those things you hated, see we listen to you!".

          Since the start of TTK i'm getting 40-50 a week, playing the the same amount of time as pre-TTK. It's also raining Motes of Light.

        Nightfall is a pain to play and the rewards aren't worthwhile. You used to have a pretty good exotic chance but now you just get legendaries which are on par with the rest of the legendaries the game is raining down - obviously because exotics are also ridiculously common with the Exotic Particles buff from 3oC. Granted, with strange coins slightly less common 3oC usage will probably drop slightly.

        What really hurts is the weapon part reduction. I personally have about a thousand parts across my characters but I've been chewing through them since TTK dropped and infusing became a regular occurrence. My wife had far less than me (pre-TTK she had a full vault and inventory so couldn't pick up greens to dismantle like I could) and is desperate for them - but they're going away. :/

          I would have agreed with you last week, however last night on rollover, three of the team got an exotic in one match. Except myself lol

          Agreed on the weapons part though, and the reductions in general. I play a bit, but not enough that I have a stockpile like some of my mates, so can see that getting annoying pretty quickly

    I'm skeptical it will remain with cosmetic items personally. I can totally seeing them putting up engrams in the future. I really hope they don't, and that they stay true to their word... but i'm not holding my breathe

    I think its pissweak people defend this lazy bullshit practise, why the fuck should anyone have to pay for cosmetic items? 'Oh but its only cosmetic itemz' say the common fedoras. Stop the apathy. Stop defending fucking millionaire share holders that is pathetic!!! Cd project red throw out free content and we all know they don't have as much money as bungie/activision. Why should i pay more money for a fucking game that fooled me into buying a broken shitty beta for a year THEN selling me the finished product? How about sorry fans, here's some emotes, new planet coming soon since yall bought our broken turd twice. I enjoyed playing the taken king, destiny is finally a great game, but i felt like a fucking idiot for buying it last year especially considering the systems actually work now. Oh its okay if its cosmetic items... absolutely pathetic, go and think about your lives in the forest

    So paying to win on a free mobile game is completely fine and nothing to get upset about, but God forbid I pay $6.50 for a dance that serves absolutely no purpose other than to bring me joy and a little entertainment?!

    Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying "Buy Emotes!", or tricking you into paying $80 for a game that you can't play unless you engage in microtransactions...

    Someone please enlighten me as to why I should be upset at a publisher for allowing me the CHOICE to pay a relatively small amount of money to run around and do the 'Carlton Dance'?

      Because how dare you not spit infinite amounts of firey bile at Bungie! After all they are forcing us all to play their video game cause as we all know Destiny is the only video game that exists and Bungie are evil for making a computer game! :P

      In seriousness though: I've been wanting more emotes in Destiny and the idea that some silly cosmetic items are available to purchase while they add more gameplay content for free is pretty fantastic to me. I can spend a few bucks here and there on a dumb dance thing and those who don't care don't have to. I'm with you in not getting the hate eh.

        Exactly! I went on last night and got my 2 free emotes and then payed $6.50 to get the "Carlton Dance", because why the hell not?! At the end of the day, it's my choice to spend the money, and I'm not putting anyone at a disadvantage by doing so...If any has any complaints, they can find me in the Tower tonight. I'll be the one doing the Carlton Dance on top of the roof, since I was forced to buy it by the evil Bungie overlords.

    I bought 1100 Silver so I could get Slow Clap and Carlton Dance, as well as the Tantrum for stupid acts when Raiding.

    I've bought Avatar Costumes as well in the past, so this is nothing new for me. I get enjoyment out of being able to do shit like this in game and express feeling better. Its just a bit of fun.

    But go look at the Destiny forums if you want to laugh at the stupidity and outright hatred "fans" have for this right now....every single one of them is saying "OMG ITS ALL GOING PAY TO WIN, MARK MY WORDS BLAH BLAH SALT SALT BUNGIE IS SATAN"

    Frankly, I like this much more than I liked the idea of having to constantly buy DLC Packs to keep up to date. Once they expand to Ships, Shaders, Emblems and will provide Destiny with the income stream Activision so desperately want and allow Bungie to do what Blizzard do with Diablo III and introduce new content and such through patches during Year 2.

    I hope it gives them what the need to consistently add new content over the course of the year. Bungie know what the community will and wont tolerate by hopefully they remain sensible and limit the Microtransactions to inconsequential things and not Gear.

      Indeed. I'm more than happy to buy some silly cosmetic things occasionally if the game gets free gameplay content while it's happening. The idea that I can but a few things that are kind of meaningless but let me customize a bit more, while everyone else gets a bit of free content makes me happy. I'd hope it'd lessen the amount of constant pissing and moaning about Destiny that fills every single comment thread but I guess people aren't gonna get tired of their firey hatred of Bungie to dare make a computer game that they can all choose to play or not :P

      lol I could almost guarantee you that they will continue to charge for DLC packs as well, no matter the income that these cosmetic items bring.

      Forgive my skeptism, I really am hopeful it won't go downhill, but I just find it hard to believe, particularly after some of the comments I've heard the dev team make. The amount of money this game has made already, they really do not need another steady stream of income, particularly after the prices charged for TTK.

      I'm keeping hope, but if I could put money down on this expanding to engrams, then on to exotics, I would count it a safe bet.

    TKK shine is losing its lustre. I get hardly anything from the daily heroic. Some of these chain quests are wasting my time. Go there do this, come back, here do this. come back again and do this. Some of these things are like 10 minute quests. I took the 400 silver and bought 2, after reading these comments I wont be buying any more silver.

    I got the slow clap and booyah. If they do start introducing pay to win, Ill trade it in and start attacking my pile of shame, hopefully Assassins Creed Unity is fixed.

    I refuse to pay for microtransactions in a full price game with expensive expansion packs / DLC already. Absurd. F2P games have cheaper cosmetics.

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