Microsoft Wants You To Mess Around With Its Fancy New Technology

You live in Melbourne. You are a developer of some kind. You like messing around with new technology.

You are perfect for Swinbourne's upcoming Hackathon. You should head along and make something cool.

Swinburne University of Technology, Creative Victoria and Microsoft are all teaming up, giving any and all developers the chance to play with almost all of Microsoft's new technology. The goal? Collaborate and develop new software that pushes the envelope in health, arts, and design. The event takes place between Friday 23 October and Sunday 25 October.

What tech do you get to mess around with?

Kinect, Microsoft Band, Unity Games Dev, Unreal Azure. Some of this stuff is pretty new. And if you're into that sort of development, pretty damn exciting.

You can register here and find out more about the event here.


One of the people helping organise the event has given us a heads-up. If you are interested in attending, shoot an email in this direction. You'll be able to get involved for free!

Good luck!


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