One Kiwi Is Trying To Cross Wipeout With Mars

It's nice that arena shooters are having a bit of a resurgence. This pleases me. But what I really want to come back is the arcade racer. More specifically, Wipeout.

Several start-ups and indie developers are trying to keep Studio Liverpool's legacy alive through various projects. And this effort from a Kiwi is especially worth paying attention to.

It's called Vector 36 and it's a physics-based sci-fi racer, the latter part of which is immediately obvious because it's set on Mars.

Vector 36 will be at PAX Australia, but if you're keen to check it out it'll be on Early Access this Wednesday. My scepticism seems to vanish completely when it comes to this genre, so I'll probably pick it up anyway.

It's due out in the first quarter of next year and will have full VR support on release, although the EA description says "the core game experience needs to be realised" before then. So I'm betting on a July-August release. (There. I'm still jaded.)


    Oh man. All these amazing games coming out on pc...just as I'm trying to sell my desktop :(

    Looks cool. Doesn't seem to have a great sensation of speed though, which is half the point of Wipeout style racers.

    it's got a bit of a shitty episode one pod racer feel to it

      Was that not a good game? I remember it being good. Perhaps I should never revisit it.

        Yeh it was a great game, I hope he meant it has a pod racer feel but looks shitty? Still plenty of time to polish this up, a good UI designer to work on the HUD and menu's would improve it somewhat.

        Last edited 20/10/15 12:02 pm

    Looks great. And yes, we need a good flying arcade racer. Seems like there is always arcade races for cars, and this year motorcycles.

    Been following this game on Facebook since early this year, its more of a simulator than a wipeout clone.

    Looks cool, but not like wipeout at all lolz.

    Last edited 20/10/15 10:33 am

    Hot damn, colour me interested! Doesn't look at WipEout-y as I'd initially thought, but actually quite unique. I still pray for a WipEout by Evolution one day.

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