Target's Massive EBay Sale Still Going, More Wii U Stock Added

In case you missed the mega sales last time, this is a helpful reminder that you can still pick up some handy bargains — especially if you're a fan of Nintendo.

Target probably knew they were onto a winner when they began their 25% storewide eBay sale earlier this week and it certainly struck a chord with gamers; most of the good deals vanished immediately, with the consoles all sold out at the end of the night and certain items, like Destiny: The Taken King on PS4, going within hours.

But as the sale has continued Target has added some more stock, making it possible for people to pick up on deals they might have missed.

For my money, this is the big one that people might want to take advantage of:

It's the Mario Maker Wii U console deal, and when the CTARGET25 code is applied at checkout (remember you MUST have an Australian PayPal account for this to work) that brings the bundle down to just under $300.

If cheap handhelds are your thing you can still pick those up pretty cheap too. The stock-standard 3DS will set you back just over $164, while you can buy the 3DS XL in various colours for $186.

You can also pick up games individually at various points. Keep in mind there are some terms and conditions you'll want to pay attention to, and you can find how that all works in our original post.


    That's also the New 3DS and the New XL for thoose prices. The New XL is a bargain at that price.

      It's been sold out for awhile now, if they get more before the sale ends I'd buy one. Also if you're lucky K-Mart may still have the Wii U Mario Kart Pack for $300.

    Dangit. Missed out on the first lot of Tri Force Heroes, then the restock too.

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