Tell Us Dammit: What Do You Want Us To Stream?

We're looking to do a lot more streaming, or recorded video game playthroughs here at Kotaku Australia, so I thought I'd throw it out to you guys and girls — what sort of stuff would you like to see us play?

Old games? New games? Unreleased games? A mix of all three? Something completely different?

I'm keen to hear your ideas.


    Nintendo stuff.

    If 'claims' and whatnot are going to continue to be an issue, all the more reason to bring to light how under-handed such policy is.

    If nothing comes of it, then hey at least we get to see Mark die a whole lot in Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

    Moar Rocket League! Or, anything with cats.

    Adding my vote to the Rocket League chorus.

    I'm all for a mix of things you like, things you have never tried, and things that have just been released. As long as it's entertaining I'll watch it.

    I hear this Spelunky game is pretty rad.

    Seriously though, whatever you like to play is what's best to stream. Streams are always best when the person playing genuinely loves the game.

    once a month (or quarterly) board games night, host somewhere, invite folk from TAY, have an event. Could also play some video games with prizes of some description. Would have pizza, consider charity donation to Childs Play.

      I'm always keen on something that involves board gaming. There's a decent group of TAYbies in Sydney that I've dragged along to board game nights before (and even more that play board games that I couldn't drag along).

      There are a few problems though. The big one being that it's impossible to do this during the normal operating hours of Kotaku. Also the logistics of recording people playing board games is much, much harder than streaming a video game.

        True on the logistics point, I guess an event like that with some behind the scenes footage and meet and greet interviews with Kotaku staff and communities could work though.

    The funniest video you have done was the one where you asked your wife to make a level in Mario Maker. More videos of those sorts of things.

    Or create a competition between Hayley, Alex and yourself. Something like Blood Bowl 2 and battle it out.

      Dear god I am not a competitive gamer. Unless it's DDR, Nidhogg or Banjo Tooie multiplayer.

    Something that isn't so complex that you have to concentrate to much.
    Although I would like to see you play Jotun, just for the random Scottish curses.
    But multiplayer with a couple of you, or even a random invite to the Kotaku community would be cool. Although perhaps not feasible due to demand. Although reviving old multiplayer games for a kotaku games night could be cool.

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    Any game that actively hates the player and constantly dares you to defy it and not ragequit. I wouldn't subject myself to this, but I'll happily contribute towards this heinous act happening to somebody else.

    A game that could benefit from viewer interaction, like an adventure game where you can poll the viewers to make choices could be interesting! Alternatively, maybe indie games that don't have the most mindshare right now. Maybe Aussie Indies that you can highlight and support?

    Competitive old or new games across the systems you have there during lunchtimes and I will tune in weekly.

    Either split screen shooters or racers or fighting games, strategy games. Anything of that nature would be a laugh. Whatever you are all decent at. I suppose with Nintendo making all the realistically usable platformers that would be out the window but anything else that has a bit of competition is always good to watch.

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