Tell Us Dammit: Who's Heading Down To PAX Australia?

Hey, I'm in Melbourne already. It's really clean here. Weather sucks though.

Doesn't matter. I'm here for PAX Australia, who else is coming?

I'll be here across all three days. I'm doing a few panels here and there. You should come and watch them. Alex is doing one too on Friday night. I'll even be cooking porridge live on stage at the first PAX Food Fight. My status as the king of porridge is at stake here. The pressure is on.

But mostly I come to PAX to see people, and to check out the video games I might have missed otherwise. I wouldn't have had the chance to check out games like — say — Expand if I hadn't come last year. I expect to find a number of similarly awesome games this year.

But anyway — who is coming? What are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below.


    I might. But the draw of PAX is done for me! Hope everyone who does go enjoys it

    Not this year, I'm afraid.
    Being sick doesn't help, either.

    I'm heading down on Friday so I'll keep an eye out for you! I mainly go to check out all the indie games, meet people, give away stickers.

    I have a ticket - then like a complete muppet booked a family holiday to Queensland which gets back ... you guessed it - on Sunday night. Damn PAX starting in October: my mind has Melbourne Cup weekend as 'November' so I just wasn't thinking. :(

    Gave my ticket to a mate who was completely disinterested in PAX. I'm giving some serious consideration to finding new mates.

      Gah, next time give it away to this community!

    I'm also taking my little brother in law for the first time.

    The weather sucks? *looks outside* Get stuffed Serrels :P

    I am going for Friday and Saturday. At this stage it'll be mostly boardgames with the mates for me and hanging around the tabletop area. I just got slugged with some silly expenses so my gaming budget has been drastically slashed :'(

      yeah apparently for a sydney sider the weather blows if it hasnt rained in the last 5 mins.

        I haven't seen October weather this good in.... *looks at forecast for Saturday* Well shit...

      Yeah, I was like... what the heck is wrong with a beautiful, warm, sunny 27 degree day??

    I'm at the Adelaide Airport about to fly in for the weekend. Got a 3 day pass because I didn't know how many days would be enough. Keen as for some of the panels plus would love the chance at some tourneys. If I see you there Serrals I'll yell out "PRAISE THE SUN"

      I did 1 day the first year, it wasn't enough.
      I did 2 days the second year, it wasn't enough.
      I've got a 3 day this year, it probably won't be enough.....

    I'm not, and I'm intensely jealous of anyone that gets to. That is all.

    I would but I find it way too expensive, then there's the travel to Melbourne on top of it. Maybe one year if I had a really good cosplay for it.

      That should read "Travel to Melbourne ON MELBOURNE CUP WEEKEND" - we like to do things that make things infinitely more expensive for the interstaters :P

        Mmm. I really enjoyed my 500.00 a night for a 2 bedroom apartment that was probably 3-4 stars. Considering I stayed at the Crown Perth for the same amount and got a top floor spa room and access to the executive room, it was a little disappointing to see the quality of the room I had.

    Yup I'll be there, although since I live here I'm not having to travel far.

    Me! Heading down tonight, helping out at Aetherworks over the weekend (come visit at TT706 if you're interested in miniature-based table top games, or painting miniatures, or pop-vinyl, or...), but also representing Wargaming.

    I'll be there to watch you make porridge, too. You'd better be good after years of talking it up...

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    Yeah got a 3 day pass to see what it was all about :)

    though the guys I play dota with wont be going so can't sign up for the torny on sunday :( should be a rad weekend though


    Suddenly realised one of my props won't fit in any of our suitcases. Really want to just take it as carry-on, it's delicate. No worse than a walking stick, but parents reckon I won't be able to :/

      What's the item [if you don't mind saying]?
      I do a lot of travelling for work, and in a very technical field [I travel with lots of different tools], I've had a frustratingly large number of what you would assume to be innocuous items confiscated by airport security.

      The people working security checkpoints at airports have absolutely zero discretionary powers, and seem to know nothing about anything other than their immediate task of enforcing arbitrary rules.

      I'd be happy to offer my informed advice on whether or not you should attempt to take it in checked baggage or not.

        It's basically just like a shaped broom handle, with a funnel attached to it. No different to a walking stick or umbrella, both of which seem to be fine to take on board.

          Umbrella's are fine as long as they don't have a sharp point on the end [golf umbrella's] which some airlines have refused in the past.

          I'd say as long as your object doesn't have anything sharp on it, it should be fine.

          Two weeks ago they confiscated my RJ45 crimping tool, because it has a small blade built into the handle. See this as an example: [ ] Sheer insanity.

          But, hey, if I see someone at PAX next weekend with a shaped broom handle with a funnel on it, I'll remember to come say hi! haha.

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    would love to. I'm in SW WA tho.... on the pension

    We're trying to make our way now. Our direct flight got cancelled so now we're flying to Sydney first and then transferring very shirtly afterwards. With some luck, we'll be in Melbourne about 2.5 hours later than expected.

    Still, that means that we'll be there and playing many, many board games in the next few days.

      You're going!?!?! I feel like I should come say hi so we can mutually shout about boardgames :D

        Just landed in Melbourne.

        I'll be camped in the tabletop section most of the weekend and will have a trojan rabbit tshirt on at some point.

          I don't know what I'll be wearing. I might bring my Pikachu along because stuff being an adult :P

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Only on Sunday though

    Arrived 2 days ago from Perth with some friends. We do it each year. :D

    Only PAX-ing on Friday, though I'll be at Beta Bar all 3 nights! You should come play Rock Band, got the song count over 1700 now :)

    Ill be going again for my 3rd time for the Friday, this time also taking my dad and my nephew. My dad and nephew play World of Tanks, so I'm sure Ill be around the Wargaming stand with them. Ill keep an eye out for you Mark :)

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    In an uber with Blaghs and Freeze going to a BBQ place for lunch. Oh yeah.

    i wasnt going to go, BUT!! im going with good company now and going pretty drunk too

    I am on my way now i only had 2 days last year. Got a 3 day pass this year cant wait

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