Conor McGregor Fights The Mountain In Real Life

Conor McGregor Fights The Mountain In Real Life

In one corner, the UFC Featherweight Interim champ Conor McGregor. In the other: Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson. The man who portrayed Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clagane on Game of Thrones.

This is the closest we’ll ever get to a real life Oberyn vs The Mountain match-up. Only this time it doesn’t end in tears.

A couple of notes: this is a pretty light sparring sessions. It looks like there’s been a gentleman’s agreement to not hit one another in the head.

Also — I can’t help but feel as though Björnsson’s taking it a little easy on Conor. As you might expect. Conor’s fighting weight is around 66kgs. Björnsson weighs in at 180kgs. Almost three times the weight.

But it’s super interesting to watch. Conor throws a lot of straight lefts (his best strike) direct to the body. And uses his footwork to evade Björnsson, who is actually surprisingly quick for a big man. It’s insane — but Björnsson is actually way, way too heavy to fight in the UFC’s Heavyweight division, which has a max weight of around 120 kgs. He’d have to shed a lot of weight if he wanted to compete in mixed martial arts.

Despite being pretty tame sparring session, it’s pretty insane that Conor McGregor has decided to mess around like this. He’s currently in training for the biggest fight of his life. A title vs title match against the current pound-for-pound king, Jose Aldo. Risking injury against a 180kg giant probably isn’t the most efficient way to train for that fight, but it looks like these guys are having a bit of fun.


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  • I’d love to see them in a real fight, The Mountain is a scary dude and it would be fascinating to see if even a guy with Conor’s skills could hang with a guy with that kind of physical advantage.

    • I Highly doubt it, to give up 20 to even 50kg is risky giving up over 100 of mostly muscle would be insane.

      it would basically render majority of his take downs & submissions useless.

      Even with tiring someone like Hapthor he will still have huge amounts of strength and getting grip on such a body would take a lot of effort for mcgreggor

      Which basically leaves the fight down to striking and you can see here he can take punch quite easily. I honestly see no way that mcgregor could even compete with hapthor and he’s an untrained fighter.

      • Conor’s best best would be to do exactly what he does in this sparring session. Circle, tire him out with body shots from range, avoid the clinch and then somehow finish with some sort of submission.

        • But what kind of submission would even be effective, given the huge strength mismatch? Even if Mcgregor managed to get in position for an arm bar (for argument’s sake), Bjornsson may have enough strength in one arm to break that hold. Imagine the kinds of unusual submissions Bjornsson could manage with that strength as well.

          • Rear naked choke? Arm bar? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has always been about technique over size and strength.

          • Royce Gracie’s fights in the early UFC tournaments are a perfect example of what BJJ can do to bigger, untrained opponents.

          • Yeah, absolutely. But there’s “bigger” and then there’s the Mountain, I suppose it would be down to what kind of training Bjornsson has. I remember seeing plenty of effective submissions against 220lb-240lb boxers, I wonder how much more effective a guy like Bjornsson could be with all that extra muscle.

          • Oh, for sure, for what it’s worth I’m of the opinion that Thor would legitimately crush Conor in a real fight, regardless of training. It’s fun to think about how Conor could pull it off though.

          • Connor would have to be on his toes to avoid one of those haymakers, but thats what he is best at. I think he’d definitely stand a chance. One of those fists connects though… and its all over haha
            I’d pay good money to see that fight!

          • I believe that your carotid arteries are above the muscle layer, so a choke should still work if you tired him out enough to grab hold. He did gas very, very quickly.

          • Carotid artery sits under sternocleidomastoid. Anterior and median scalenus sit lateral to carotid. Internal jugular vein is described as sitting under sternocleidomastoid, but often sits lateral to it. (anaesthetist randomly watching Conor fights).

        • I’d imagine his best bet would be to take a page out of Aldo’s book and kick the hell out of his lead leg, maybe a few of those Jon Jones front-kicks to the knee too…. If you could get him to take a knee then you could probably KO him with a flying knee or a head kick.

          You can never overestimate how good a really good jiu-jitsu guy is on the ground (Conor isn’t that), but even then….. I’d got no idea how you’d go trying to submit a guy that large and that strong. There’s a chance that he could just peel your arm off even if you got it around the neck perfectly and you could forget about physically cranking any of those limbs in a direction he didn’t want them to go.
          Plus I’m sure he could hurt you really badly in a grappling exchange without needing any technique at all, if he just pushed you into the mat with 180kg of weight + muscle behind it your head might actually explode GoT style……

          It’s such a ridiculous proposition. I love it!

          • Oblique kicks would be huge in this instance. Allows Conor to keep range, which is really the most important thing here, while seriously messing up Thor’s knees. If Conor couldn’t stay out of the clinch though I’m fairly certain he’d be crushed.

          • The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that it’d be the only technique that would work.

            Kick the leg and get the hell out of there, rinse and repeat.
            Don’t get trapped against the cage, don’t grapple at all….. just kick and dance out of there.

            If he grabs you at all, just drop as quickly as possible and then scramble out to the side. With that kind of weight he’d get you down no matter how good your wrestling was and probably hurt you doing it. Just try to squirm out of his grip, change levels and flee.

            I’m actually starting to think it’s a winnable fight (for Conor, I’d be dead in seconds).

          • lol the only chance Conor has if The Mountain fell over and injured himself. The way The Mountain messes around like he has nothing to prove seems to give way too many people (Conor included) the impression that he couldn’t just walk up and end the fight whenever he pleases, which is exactly what would happen.

            Mountain by early first round crushing KO.

          • If we’re talking Conor’s style though, it might just take him walking face first into one punch from Bjornsson.

        • There’s almost zero chance those body shots do anything against someone that size. And there’s even less chance he could submit him, I doubt even a rear naked choke would slow him down too much

        • Sorry Mark, but you’re delusional if you think Conor has any sort of chance in that fight. The Mountain would walk forward, absorb a few shots, grab Conor (like he did in the video) and proceed to bear hug him/crush his back and/or lay on top of him. Even a single full power punch would have Conor in significant pain if not tapping out.

          Sure, some martial arts are about nullifying size advantage with technique but it’s a bit different when you’re up against a 230kg+ beast.

    • Every belt has changed hands.

      Anderson Silva is a dirty, dirty cheater.

      Jon Jones is still a tool, but now he’s a tool with a drug problem who ran from the scene of an accident, briefly returned to grab some cash out of his car, and then ran away again.

      The ladies are now allowed to do more than just wander around in their underwear between rounds. Their impressive martial ability has not changed the fact that every online discussion generally devolves into idiots talking about how much they would/wouldn’t like to have sex with the female athletes.

      Otherwise same old, same old.

      • Demetrious Johnson, Ronda and Jose Aldo have all been champs for well over 2 years.

        You should also add that all the fighters and their crews have to dress up like Power Rangers now as part of the stupid exclusivity deal with Reebok.

        Also I’d only do Miesha Tate, Paige VanZant and maybe Ronda (I think she’s an awful person).

        • Crap, you’re right, I forgot about Mighty Mouse. Like everyone else. Which is really sad, because I actually like him a lot.

          Aldo I threw loosely into the “changed hands” category, owing to the fact that Conor is the interim champ. Rousey didn’t fight in UFC until 2013, so nearly within the 2-year window.

          The power rangers outfits… do you reckon a more casual fan would have really noticed much of a difference? Besides, perhaps, the wardrobe malfunction that they created.

          • Man it’s so disrespectful of the UFC to taint Jose’s title run by giving McGregor a happy-meal title for beating a guy on a fortnights notice.
            He’s fought at least twice a year every year but one and by the time he gets into the cage with Conor he’ll have been undefeated in a decade…. To give anyone any kind of title without fighting him first is pathetic, particularly when he has a rib injury was only out for a few months.

            I can’t imagine any kind of fan who wouldn’t notice the lack of Condom Depot advertising!

          • Apparently Conor wouldn’t accept the fight unless it was for the interim belt. That coupled with the fact that it would have been pushed to co-main behind Lawler v MacDonald is why the UFC did it. I certainly don’t think an interim title fight is necessary when the champion is only going to be out for a few months, but when the alternative is Conor not fighting on the card at all they really didn’t have a choice.

          • If it’s true that he insisted on an interim title then he’s a little bitch.
            How can you wear that thing with any pride at all when you’ve “earned” it by beating a guy who’s lost twice and who’s been given no time to prepare.

            Have some dignity (and respect for the real title) and wait until you can fight the Champ.

    • Handicap matches such as this one above are a thing now. 2v1, weapon matches and royal rumbles all on their way in too.

        • These actually are all being pursued in the wider world of MMA. Not UFC, but lots of regional cards are looking for hooks.

          Along with putting a basketball hoop in the cage, having motorcycles jumping over the cage, inter-gender matches, you name it and someone’s trying it.

          • There’s footage online of 2v2 fights in Russia. Generally one guy goes down then his mate gets an ass whooping by 2 guys at the same time.

  • I’m no expert but everyone of those early clinches he gets Connor in looks like he just lets go without much of a fight.

    • With Conor fighting in one of the biggest UFC events ever next month you can understand why The Mountain would be going easy on him. Also doesn’t want Dana White calling him a goof on twitter etc.

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