Here's How You Get The Big Jim Wrench In Fallout 4

Does the idea of walking up to people and tonking them with a massive weapon sound appealing? Does the idea of said weapon potentially crippling them on hit sound even more appealing?

Oh, and would you like to have this weapon in Fallout 4? Yes? Good. Let's explore, then.

It's called the Big Jim, and it's a unique melee weapon that you can find at Walden Pond. It's near the Sunshine Tidings Co-op and it's pretty easy to miss, which is a shame because it's quite the nutcracker (literally).

It weighs 2 units, does 21 damage and has medium attack speed, and if you don't know where to find it then YouTuber KackisHD has a short video guide showing you where to go.

Big Jim, incidentally, was also referenced in Fallout: New Vegas and went on a journey with his little brother to send a message to the Powder gangers on behalf of Nipton. He never survived, however, although Little Jim made sure the message got through.


    Am using general chaos sword which you get from a trader in a diner near sanctuary, bloody awesome weapon. Kills most things I come across in one hit, and does 25% bonus damage to robots :)

      Just found her tonight but didn't have the caps for it. SOON.

    I like Grognak's axe, heaps of damage. I also have Grognak's costume & Silver Shroud's costume & hat, all from Hubrick Comics.

      I like the axe too, but it weighs 10 I think, which makes it heavy when you're carting a bunch of stuff around. The silver shroud stuff is neat, I got the stuff before I got the quest, and now it's stuck in my inventory until I get the quest! bah.

    Nothing beats an extended saw! Except maybe a berserker's supersledge. Can hit for 300 x8 through sneak (with the right perks) and around 8000 with an improved vats crit

    i got a power [email protected] 69 damage from killing a swan near the freedom trail and a super hidden supernatural knife (cant remember the name) @ dunwich borers quarry which does 49 damage with massive bleed damage and poison damage (this is the most unique thing ive come across yet)

    I just found this last night along with a dgger that does cryo damage and chance to freeze.

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