Just Cause 3 Looks Gorgeous In 4K

This is good. This is footage with zero frills.

You want to see Just Cause 3 in 4K resolution? You came to the right place.

4K is the dream for me. It's one of those things: see those insane screenshots, running every goddamn effect under the sun, at full 4K resolution? I want my games to look like that. And run at 60 frames per second.

Make it happen in my lifetime please. That would make me very happy.


    4K at 60fps is happening now, you just need a computer worth around 2500 dollars.

    This time next year i'm betting it will be doable with a computer worth 1500 dollars.

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      I think closer to 3500 to 4000 for 4k with all the bells and whistles turned on and constant 60fps. You definitely need two high end gpus like the 980tis. Maybe next year you'd get away with one high end gpu...

        correct, i priced a new PC for myself at $3000. Which probably needed a second $800 GPU if i wanted to do 4k now and into the future :(

          If you are paying 3K for a single GPU system you are probably getting things that aren't just for raw performance.

        I was thinking of something like this.


          Are you saying that this system can run 4k at 60fps? It's a very good set up but there is no chance a 390x in crossfire will do 4k at 60fps and maximum settings. I currently game at 4k and my set up has two overclocked 980tis in it and i still get dips into the 50s with everything on ultra in aaa games.

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            I don't have a setup like that so I have to rely on benchmarks and I used Battlefield 4 on Ultra as my choice of AAA game because the engine is used in quite a few games.


            I would say that 66fps average with a min of 54 is pretty much 60fps.

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              A 390x crossfire system is quite capable at 4k but it won't run games like the witcher 3 at 60fps. My system gets an average in the 50s at 4k with everything including hair works on the highest settings. I can also say that my previous system with an r9 295x2 (similar to r9 390x crossfire just less frame buffer) struggled to maintain 60fps at 1440p with everything on ultra. In saying that, pair the 390x system with a good freesync monitor and bang! Awesome 4k game play!

    At first I was thinking "why the hell is there an F1 car?", and then I remembered it was a Just Cause trailer. Why wouldn't there be an F1 car?

      i like the fact that its shown on the train line, so shows there not trying to lock it away like those cars on the race track in Just Cause 2

        Honestly, I don't even remember the race cars in JC2. Most of what I remember is seeing what vehicles I could zip line to a plane and still take off. Or finding a plane in the air and attaching it to the plane I was flying. Or flying planes close to the ground and then ziplining them to the ground to make them suddenly stop... Man, JC2 was a fun game.

          that it was, the race track was under the giant bridge, you couldnt drive a car away from it, but flying or boat worked

    Pfft, 4K is so last week Mark - 16K @ 2fps is where it's at son!

    Almost forgot about jc3. Been caught up in fallout hype. I'll definitely be grabbing this game in December. Just so much fun to be had

    Travel the world, see beautiful things, blow them up.

    So.. this game is getting very close to release now. Less than a week.. why is there stuff all coverage on Kotaku? I have it pre-ordered, it's going to be a blast to play.. would still like some pre-release coverage though..

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