No Cosplay Ban Here: Aussies Encouraged To Dress Up For Star Wars Screenings Despite US Ban

No Cosplay Ban Here: Aussies Encouraged To Dress Up For Star Wars Screenings Despite US Ban

You may have noticed overnight that a US cinema chain is banned theatre-goers from bringing certain cosplay items to premiere screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We’ve checked in with Australian cinemas, and we’ve got some better news for local cosplayers.

Cinemark and AMC Theaters in the US currently have policies on their websites that would ban local cosplayers from bringing items like lightsabers, blasters or masks. That’s kind of problematic considering that Stormtroopers all carry blasters and masks, and one of the franchise’s most popular characters — Darth Vader — wears a mask full time.

It’s not a new policy: face coverings, masks and weapons (simulated or otherwise), have always been banned from theatres, and Star Wars fans aren’t about to get an exception.

We did some digging, and found that the ban doesn’t seem to be at a studio level (that is, Disney). The policy is coming from individual theatres.

After speaking to Australian cinema chain AHL (think Greater Union, Event Cinemas, Birch Carroll & Coyle, Skycity Cinemas, Moonlight Cinemas and Damodar Event Cinemas) have confirmed to us that they want people to bring their whole costume to the premiere. Blasters, masks, lightsabers and all!

We’ve also reached out to Hoyts to find out their policy, but hadn’t heard back at the time of publication.

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  • I’m pretty sure Hoyts’ policy is just to gouge every last possible cent out of you. They don’t really care what you’re wearing while they do it.

  • Bringing your lightsaber to the new Star Wars movie is fine.

    Lighting it up and waving it around is not. Costumes are cool but please consider the people behind you. I went to the midnight showing of Episode 3 and found myself annoyed that people didn’t care if the people behind them could see or would have preferred to watch the movie without your lightsaber in the middle of the screen every time something cool happened.

    Waving your lightsaber around during the commercials before the Trailers I couldn’t care less about.

    • I got kicked out of the midnight screening of Episode 2 for taking a guy’s lightsaber off him, hitting him over the head several times and then snapping it in half. Why? Because the fucker was waving it around like crazy hitting others in the head (including myself) and poking a woman in the eye with it.

      • was about to say this was a bit of an overreaction, but i think i would probably do the same thing in that situation…

      • Honestly I applaud your actions and had I witnessed the thing I would have vouched for you although I doubt it would do much good. And I suspect you’re talking about a fully grown adult here and not a kid.

        I once had a guy behind me repeatedly kick the back of my seat for about 30s before I called him out on it. I said:
        “Please (Very Sarcasticly) stop kicking me in the back”
        His friend was actually dumb enough to reply something along the lines of I should have asked nicer. This wasn’t him accidentally bumping the seat this was a fairly hard kick every 4 or 5 seconds. Stood up in front of him to begin a discussion about being kicked in the back loudly enough to involve everyone in the cinema (this was pre-trailers so I wasn’t disrupting the movie) they stopped being able to even look at me and skulked off to find somewhere else to sit. The funny thing is when they got to a new place somebody would tell them they couldn’t sit there and they ended up down the front getting a neck cramp.

        I also admit I had about 10 or more years on these idiots but I remember being 6 to 8 and being told by mother how to see a movie. As part of going to the movies I got told how I should behave until I started telling her what was expected of me. Basically be quiet and don’t annoy the people around you. Funny enough don’t kick somebody in the back wasn’t ever part of this.

        • Yeah it was an adult. I never have a go at kids. Kids get excited and really get into the movie so I can forgive that. Adults on the other hand should know better and have more respect for their fellow movie patrons.

          I’ve ripped into a parent after a viewing of How to train your Dragon 2. She was talking to her kids louder than the movie audio was through the whole film. The second I called her out on it she started using the kids as an excuse. I explained that I didn’t care about the kids talking or cheering, that’s all part of the experience for them, but as an adult she should know better and that her voice travels more than the kids. She didn’t seem to get it, her husband started to get in my face too till several of the remaining patrons surrounded them and backed me up.

    • I would have been happier if someone had obscured my view of Ep3, sadly I got to see the entire thing.

  • The last time I went to a Star Wars opening night was episode 2, and it was pretty much ruined with the sheer amount of shout-outs and applauding that everyone did during the movie, especially when Yoda came out and took on Count Dooku, people stood up and applauded, couldn’t see a fucking thing.

    • I intend to see this movie in a very small Deluxe cinema for that exact reason.

      I get they liked the movie, but come on a standing ovation doesn’t belong in a Cinema. The exception to this is when you just watched a film you love, it’s over and the main characters and Director are in the audience. I heard Kevin Smith got a Standing Ovation at the Screening of Clerks 2 at it’s debut at a film festival.

      Weird how the worst people to watch a Star Wars movie with are Star Wars fans, you’d think they’d sit down and shut up so they wouldn’t miss a moment of it.

  • God I hope I don’t have some tall-as-wookie sitting infront of me or something… Come to think of it I expect the midnight premiere to suck overall. It’ll be packed, smelly, noisy… I’d rather see it weeks later, but my friends are eager.

  • that’s good for the people who want to do that, but i can’t imagine how uncomfortable you would be sitting in a stormtrooper costume for the whole film. i was considering going in a nice comfy jedi robe but i decided against it.

    plus, as people have mentioned above, the kind of people who would dress up are also the kind of people who tend to make going to see a movie annoying by cheering and jumping around the whole time. i would much rather go see it with people who aren’t hardcore fans but at least keep quiet and are considerate.

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