When Star Wars Cosplay Is Better Than The Movie

While he's one of the more impressive creature costumes in The Force Awakens, Grummgar spends his entire on-screen time sitting on the couch. Unlike this cosplay, which can get up and move around and do space mercenary stuff wherever the hell it wants.

Of course, this kind of quality is no surprise: it's by Julian Checkley's Order 66 Creatures & Effects, who as we've seen here before are some of the best Star Wars cosplayers in the galaxy.

Made for Star Wars Celebration: Europe, the suit stands over 2.74m tall and weighs 68kg/70kgs. Checkley is able to walk around inside it thanks to the use of special stilts, the hands have animatronic controls and there's even a real-time voice changer built in to complete the effect.

You can see the suit in action at the show below:

So that you can see it up close, and get an appreciation for the level of detail present on this suit, here's a photoshoot by Kamil Krawczak, featuring some help from model Valentina L'Abbate (NSFW link).

Oh, and in case the cosplay isn't impressive enough, the shoot even managed to match the feel of Maz Kanata's joint by shooting in an actual 15th century Irish castle (Dunsandle Castle).

Bonus: Here's a shot of Grummgar with Warwick Davis, aka Wicket the Ewok.


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