Unlucky plus5defense! Someone guessed your ScribbleTaku! Congrats to Spadge who guessed it first!

And belated apologies to Decoy. I misattributed one of his ScribbleTaku's to someone else. Oh man. I'm so sorry.

Today's drawing comes from Dong-Tri Phan. Good luck everyone!

And if you want to send in your own drawings, email them my way!


    Reminds me of a "food" health power-up.
    Maybe Kirby?

    it makes me think of bacon, fried into eggs....

    Biker mice from mars?

      *shakes head* It's not your place :P

        It was missing, its usually first post!
        I had to fill the void!

          Haha true. Poor @decoy has that thing called life getting in his way lately :P

    I'm getting a Japan vibe from this. Maybe Pocky and Rocky or Parodius?

    First thing that comes to mind: the dung piles from the Bullring in THPS2.

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