These Fallout 4 Fights Are Massive

Who would win in a Fallout 4 fight between 100 ghouls and 100 synths?

Or 10,000 ghouls vs 1000 super mutants?

Alright let's crank it up a notch. Who would win in a fight between 300 Brotherhood of Steel and 30,000 Deathclaw?

These are the important questions Cosmic Contrarian seeks to answer.

Honestly, I have no idea how this guy even manages to make these things run without setting his computer on fire.

You can check out all the videos here.


    And the coolest thing is, in 4-5 years time, we'll be playing modded versions that generate battles of this density and our computers will be able to handle it no problems!!

    People love to bitch about Gamebryo, but tell me another engine that has this level of modder support and modding community, as many generations after it's release as Fallout 3 has...

    Christ he must have a CERN supercomputer or something! I get frame drops when it's me and Dogmeat alone in a field.

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