This Might Be The Toughest Riddler Trophy Ever

This Might Be The Toughest Riddler Trophy Ever

This might be the toughest challenge Batman has ever faced.

I mean seriously Riddler. What fiendish mind came up with this? What level of evil genius was required? What inspired you to put a trophy… on a coffee table.

You’ve gone too far this time. Too far.


  • Nice video.
    But seriously there were at least a couple of trophies in Arkham Knight that were just like this. No puzzle to solve, just walk up to it and take it, wtf.

  • While I appreciate what Insert Coin is trying to do, considering they’ve gotten government funding to do these videos, you think they could spend some of that money on backgrounds? 3 of their skits so far have been in this same kitchen.

    Also they need to hire some writers or something to help them write these skits. Just because they’re doing video game humour, doesn’t mean they should try for cheap low brow/dad jokes that aren’t that funny but since we have nothing else in Australia we should laugh at. Dorkly or Penny Arcade are examples of good video game humour.

    Side note: I of course wish them the very best, but atm it looks more like they’re pumping out high school media level quality videos.

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