Two Months On, Blood Bowl 2 Will Get A Reconnect Option And A Search Tool (Eventually)

Blood Bowl 2 has problems. Many problems, in fact, many of which are yet to be resolved. Cyanide, the developers, have issued four patches since the digital recreation of the tabletop game launched in September.

But the game is still missing many features that fans of the property, and the Chaos Edition re-release of the original, are demanding. Some of those features are still coming, according to a Steam update, although we won't know precisely when.

Cyanide posted an update on their Steam page earlier this morning, notifying players that while a date isn't available for the next patch they wanted to keep everyone informed of the features they're looking to add.

A fast-forward button for AI turns isn't one of them (sigh) but some fans will at least be buoyed by the thought that Cyanide are still attempting to add a ticker for server news on the front page, the ability to change a league's options while it's active and, importantly, the ability for PC players to reconnect to a game after crashing.

The full list of desired changes is as follows:

• Dice log history during the matches • Juggernaut skill optional on "Both Down " • Players placement phase accelerated (teleportation) • Access to rosters during the inducements • Option to display Player's names during the match • Display the players missing the next game on the roster page • Search tool for the replays • Add more replays in Cabal TV (all those of the last 10 days) • Option to change the options of an active league • Option to display the grid during a match • Reconnection to a match after a crash (PC only) • Display fame and gold roll at the end of a match • Server news displayed on the home page • When buying players, display the price of a reroll • Detailed stats for each player • Option to validate a match in multiplayer competition (Round Robin, Knockout) without a commissioner • Option to disable Jim & Bob subtitles • Level up available for a team displayed on the shield of the team

"Of course, we’re also working on other things, and there will be future patches, so don’t be disheartened if a feature you wanted didn’t make the list. Keep in contact with us, and maybe it’ll be in the next one," Cyanide wrote.

Since they're taking suggestions, here's one: a fast forward button. Please. As soon as possible. Thanks.


    Lol, wake me up when they release the 'complete edition'.

      From what I have seen it looks like they are actually doing DLC to expand the game, rather than different releases

        That's what really gets me. They could easily have made a version of the game that includes all the races in the previous version, but instead they release a cut down version with launch-day DLC teams, and will no doubt drip-feed DLC teams in the future.

        Imagine if a game like FIFA or NBA2K released DLC teams that could only be played if you paid extra, or pre-ordered. At least with FIFA the DLC players are only relevant for a certain mode of play. You don't need to, for example, pay separately to play as or against Manchester United or the Chicago Bulls.

        I believe that Focus went into this with the plan to milk players over time as new teams are released. It's not like Cyanide spent a load of development time on doing better UI or AI.

        I believe Alex wrote a joke article about it earlier this year.

          Yeah, well I can't say much considering I bought the original mutliple times
          I much prefer the idea of paying for a team I want rather than buying an entire new game to get more teams.
          Providing it works the reconnection to a match might be the thing that pushes me to get it, that was the worst part of the original.

            I was in the same boat for the first game. That's why I vowed not to buy the second before it was in its 'final form'. Come to think of it, the original is now in a reasonable state. At least on PC, I don't see what you get from upgrading to BB2 apart from better graphics and fewer teams. I should add that I prefer playing against the AI and use the AI mod that was released for the original.

          To be fair, the Chaos and Legendary editions for the previous game cost more than the base game and you were essentially paying more money for the extra teams that were offered. There is a $10 difference between the Chaos and Legendary edition and the main difference is the three new teams. $3/race is probably what they're looking to charge for DLC so it's not something new for Cyanide.

          The original Blood Bowl only had eight teams as well and that was expanded out to twenty-three when Chaos came out. An extra $45 for all of the races is relatively fair as it would bring the total cost for Blood Bowl 2 up to about $90. Plus, this way you don't have to buy the terrible teams or the ones that you have no interest in. This is probably the smarter way to release new teams for Blood Bowl 2.

            I would be extremely surprised if they didn't release a 'legendary edition' once all (or at least 8 more) of the races are out. That way they get people buying the DLC teams as they go, and maybe do something like the Taken King edition of destiny, where you get all DLC plus some extra something or other.

              Yeah I think they will. The old GOTY edition technique.
              But think it will just be base game + DLC rather than anything else over and above that

            Well after forking out for dark elves edition and then again for legendary I didn't go for chaos. But if it was a sale and only a few dollars or so for another team or two I probably would get them all.
            In the same way that I ended up with 40 different tables in pinball FX2

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