Kotaku Australia’s Game Of The Year

Kotaku Australia’s Game Of The Year

We’ve taken the nominations, we’ve put it to a vote. It’s now time to announce your reader-voted Kotaku Australia Game of the Year.

And, surprising absolutely no-one, the winner is…


The Witcher 3

I think it was slowly becoming clear throughout the week that The Witcher 3 was the people’s choice. Congrats to CD Projekt Red. We had a clear winner in this vote, with 30% of folks voting for The Witcher 3.


Rocket League

This one, however, did surprise me! Rocket League was in the running in both the console and PC game of the year vote, but didn’t make it to the podium in either. I guess you all combined for this one! Good choice. Rocket League is also in my top three games of 2015. 17% of you voted for this.

3rd Place

Fallout 4

Three or four months ago I’d have put real, actual money on Fallout 4 winning this race, but a lot of people seem slightly disappointed with Fallout 4. Not enough that it was squeezed out of the podium however. A solid 13% of people voted Fallout 4 as their game of the year.

Thanks to everyone for voting!


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