What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m in the middle of a brand new Bloodborne playthrough, in order to check out the new DLC, but it’s pretty much Christmas now. And for me, that means multiplayer games.

My wife has a big family and we typically all hang out over Christmas. Everyone loves video games so that typically means we all get in on something. It used to be Counter-Strike, this time I suspect it will be Rocket League. Everyone in my wife’s family loves Rocket League. I have a funny feeling I’ll be playing a lot of Rocket League over the holidays.

But I’ll still be working and posting over the next week, as will a lot of us across Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker Australia! So don’t go anywhere!


  • Probably something that the kids can play as well with me, as it’s going to be 41 degrees and so we’ll all be in the lounge room enjoying the aircon.

  • Probably a bunch of Xenoblade Chronicles X mostly, although I’ll be working on getting to the Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 5 as well. I’ll also be tying my fingers in knots in Project Diva F 2 and having a few rounds in the Street Fighter 5 beta.

    • Same here… on both playing the game, and being endlessly frustrated lol The love/hate relationship with this game is developing nicely

      • I spent about 4 hours last night building a house and making it secure with multiple locked doors, filled a chest with every valuable item u craft at level 10 built a bed or my mate to spawn in. Went to bed about 4am my mate jumped on 6am and said house was trashed, chest gone….can’t wait to do it all over again!

    • Might give it a crack this weekend seeing as it wont be on PS4 for what feels like ages! Did you buy it or DL free trial?? I’m presuming the free trial is the “preview” version yeah?

        • I have to reply to this comment or something – Giz and Kotaku both keep telling me i have a new reply and its just been this for weeks!!!

          I ended up picking the game up and played for quite some time but once again when i unplug the Xbone and get that PS4 powered up again i just never go back to the Xbox!!! Been meaning to get right into it again when i have a whole weekend free!

          • I hate that, i’ve had the 1 telling me for months I’ve had a message eventually it just clears itsself.

            Regarding ARK, still loving it I’m not sure how much time i’ve put in but I’d say 60+ hours which is quite allot for me. The only issue I’m having now is the server was quite empty which is why i chose it to start with now its guaranteed 70/70 every time, spent about 2hours just trying to get on the server the other day, my only gripe.

            My trick is to just never plug the ps4 in lol, hate to know how many updates I have waiting for me.

          • hahaha! I know how much you love your Xbox

            I probably only planted about 10 + hours into it. Started online then just didnt GET IT so i went solo and started creating a hut, hunting etc. Really a lot of fun but i need to get online as well!!!

            Those damn Compys piss me off when they get the better of you!!!

          • Yea the compys get a group boost and can quite easily take down a player. I trained a raptor last night (my first) was pretty proud riding her back to base didnt realise she had a stamina bar as nothing was going down and run out of puff right in the middle of swarm of bugs…. I’ll miss her.

            The online side of things adds allot of excitement, you never know if your going to bump into hostiles, most of the larger tribes are friendly in my server we kinda have to respect them as we just dont have the numbers or time to compete.

          • yeah no shit – thats what i see in it – the long game. Building a tribe, working together etc.

            Ive got the early survival stuff down now so i think im good to go online. Definitely a long way off training anything!!!

  • I have a rather unusually busy weekend ahead but whatever time I can dedicate to gaming, it’s more Fallout 4.

  • i’ve been reading bernard cornwells saxon stories books lately and it’s got me playing mount and blade warband again. Great game.

  • Finally cracked open Fallout. I have no idea what I’m doing…just dying a lot really. First Fallout game and I’m having a ball.

  • Rocket League, MGSV and the first episode of Kings Quest.

    Actually, I might check out KQ now. I loved the Kings Quest games as a kid.

  • My FLGS is holding an Android: Netrunner tournament tomorrow. It’s my first real chance to see if I’m any good. The casual games I’ve had at that store have been a fantastic experience and I’m on a slightly better than 50% win rate. However most people use those casual plays to test ideas out, not refine what they already know works. What they’ll be bringing out tomorrow could be a completely different beast that I can’t handle.

    Fun times ahead.

    Plus, if I win I get me a shiny new playmat. Who doesn’t love playmats? Jerks, that’s who.

  • Destiny – still trying to get a few 320 helms from SRL to boost my alts, as I won’t be around for IB over NYs. Maybe some DQ-IX while I’m waiting in the cinema. Feel I should pick a game from the pile and try to finish it this weekend… maybe I’ll try to knock off the rest of SOMA.

  • My friend just got his HTC Vive this week and I’m going over to his place to put it through its paces – apart from that I’d say it’ll be mostly Rocket League.
    Goddamn, I just can’t stop playing Rocket League.

  • Diablo 3 with the wife. She never ever plays games but for some reason likes Diablo 3. We’re having a blast!

  • Likely nothing with so much to do with the new house…. but if I do get a chance to play something, it’s likely going to be Metal Gear Solid 5.

  • MUST. GET. ALL. FLAIR…in rocket league. Drop rates have decreased so only got a couple after 3-4 hours of playtime…

    Also probably a heap of Arena Commander 2.0.

  • Getting stuck into more Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is pretty much my GOTY now. Sorry Witcher 3.

    There’s something very satisfying about chaining together stealth kills with the bow, and then choking out the lone goon that investigates the pile of arrow riddled corpses. Lara is just brutal.

    Loving the increased emphasis on stealth, and creating proximity bombs out of scraps adds even more tactical options.

    It’s just so much fun

    The fact that the game is gorgeous doesn’t hurt either.

    • I loved both Tomb Raider and Rise…

      Just last night I was able to complete Rise.. 100%. It is my GOTY too. The game looks gorgeous, stealth works great, and both varied combat and large tombs that usually have a theme around them, make this a great experience. The audio logs and manuscripts add a lot to the story as well

  • Already 30 hrs in to Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe & The Blight Below.
    An awfully repetitive Die Nasty Warriors clone with Dragon Ball aesthetic, a grinding quest system & the usual alchemy deal.

    I can’t get enough. Having a ball spamming the same 2 combos & spells over & over while that whimsical, orchestral soundtrack plays.

    I’ve still got Wasteland 2, Divinity Original Sin & Trails in the Sky SC to finish but I just can’t drag myself away.

    Also, beers with friends, mowing the lawn etc.

  • Well, it’s a work christmas party tonight. Tomorrow’s getting hype for star wars in gold class and not going outside because it’s gonna be freaking boiling so probably more fallout 4. Sunday will be more fallout followed by baking with a high chance of more fallout to come.

  • Xmas party tonight so not much, but hopefully the new splatoon update is out over the weekend so i can burn through some of that, also need to go back to NBA and Metal Gear Solid V.

  • It’s the monthly get together for myself and my friends to play tabletop games. I will be hosting next part of the Edge of the Empire rpg we played previously, especially inspired since I saw the new movie. And one of my other friends will be hosting a Palladium rules heroes themed game. It will all be fine.

    And apart from that it will be the whatever I can get time to play…Rocket League, Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Battlefront..and hopefully some of the steam games I grabbed due to some of the articles on here in the last few weeks.

    Have an awesome weekend one and all! 🙂

  • About 15 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (It’s Reyn Time!)
    Miku Project Diva F 2nd (Miku Miku ni shite ageru! For reals!)
    Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition (PS4)
    Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

  • 40 degrees tomorrow. House inspection. Sunday is the family Christmas gathering, hosted by myself. Will be lucky if I get a chance to scratch myself.

    … but if I do, it will be to play my “I can’t let all of you die!” speed run of Until Dawn.

  • Once my internet speed returns to normal at midnight will be popping Deus Ex HR into my Xbone – that game and I have unfinished business.

    Also it’s a week until other games will start taking over in the house so I should show Sunset a Overdrive some love!

    Big event this weekend though is The Force Awakens tomorrow and Birthday for our youngest who is turning 3 on Sunday

  • Nursing a head cold while playing some AC Syndicate and Legacy of the Void.
    Oh and Battlefront cause I have become a child again. The force is strong with me… or I’m just a looser.

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