Michael Shanks Made Amazing Game Parodies On YouTube. Now He Has A Fantasy Series On SBS

You may not have heard the name Michael Shanks, but you're almost certainly familiar with his work, be it inventory-based Skyrim parodies or the exciting mundaneness of Max Payne's life. Shanks has since moved from the confines of YouTube to the TV screen, with his series The Wizards of Aus debuting on SBS 2 later this month.

The show revolves around a fellow called Jack the Wizard (Shanks) and his relocation from the "Magical Realm" to the more interesting locale of, uh, west Melbourne. Actually, "relocation" is too soft a word — try "self-imposed exile":

After accidentally causing a magical catastrophe, his existence (and that of his fellow magical immigrants) is revealed to the Australian public. Fearing a backlash against himself and his kind, Jack swears off using magic in a bid to better assimilate into human life. But of course, fitting in was never going to be easy when people tend to get a bit 'explode-y' whenever you sneeze...

Shanks has managed to wrangle the talents of Guy Pearce and Bruce Spence, which should give it the right amount of star heft.

The Wizards of Aus will be a six-parter of 15-minute episodes, starting 8:30pm on 19 January. If you're not able to catch it, all the instalments will be "immediately" available via SBS On Demand.



    Goddamn that looks absolutely amazing :D I'm in!!!!

    I looked up his Max Payne video, bahahaha!

    This guy is amazing and hilarious!!!

    Oh and i really really hope they bring this to Aussie Netflix, the more shows the better!

    Last edited 03/01/16 1:05 pm

      The show will be premiering on SBS 2 in Australia over three nights from Tuesday 19th of January 2016 at 8:30pm AEDT. The entire series will be available worldwide for free on SBS On Demand immediately following the broadcast, and later released on our youtube.com/timtimfed channel in UltraHD.

    So it's not Daniel Jackson...?

      I was thinking the same thing. I HAVE heard the name Michael Shanks. This is not him.

      Yep, I'm disappointed it's not the Michael Shanks from SG1. :(

      That said, this certainly looks interesting.

      Came here to say the same thing.

      It looks pretty great though!

    Man I remember watching Doomsday Arcade back in High School

    Am i the only person who finds those video game parodies painfully unfunny and incredibly cringe inducing?

      It seems that way.

      This looks great!

      Nup, I'm in.

      I hate to run against the grain, but this looks pretty tragic as well. Nice idea but I can't unsee the "cheapness" of it, too distracting. I really enjoyed "The Almight Johnsons" and that's pretty much on the same level as this.... oh well, I still wish them success !

    Wow! The chick with the sword at the start is my sisters house mate.

      it's too bad she got "axe-face"

    Seeing Mark Mitchell angrily rant on camera once again gives me that good ole Round The Twist feeling

    Is it bad that I have almost certainly seen none of his work and I only know the name Michael Shanks because of Daniel Jackson? As a funny non-sequitur, I always laughed at the SG-1 credits when it said Amanda Tapping Michael Shanks.

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