ReCore Is Coming To PC

Briefly: Microsoft has revealed the collaboration between Keiji Inafune and Armature Studios, ReCore, will also come to PC. It's also been re-confirmed Crackdown 3's multiplayer will debut this winter, but will it be a beta? Something you pay for? Right now, Microsoft isn't saying, only promising details later this year.


    hoping to hell its not a window 8/10 APP

      Why? Whats the problem with that? Tomb Raider is both a Steam and Windows app? Choice is good. Ill definitely be taking the Windows option as I would like an excuse to ditch Steam.

        choice is fine exclusives suck (killzone for example)

        eh... As much as I like competition existing, Microsoft's last foray into PC game provision was a huge failure and I'm not sure I trust them to get it right this time. I say this as a huge MS fanboy who has been running Win10 on multiple devices (desktop, Surface, phone) since the very beginning of the Insider program.

        Besides, my Steam library is over 500 games, now. I'm pretty much pot committed.

    Nice. But would you care to explain what ReCore is and why I should care that it's coming to PC?

      This has a bit more info and the trailer

    Does any gameplay footage exist for this game yet?

    Yeah, yeah, another bouquet of flowers in service to their claims that they want to take PC seriously for gaming... A ReCore here, a Crackdown there.

    Half-measures. PC ain't nothin' but their little 'bit on the side' til they put a ring on it/bring Halo.

      Oh really, they push games on their own hardware more than on a service where another company takes a huge chunk of money? No waaaaay.

        And that's fine, but it's only when they say that they want to commit to Windows that their actions become a lie instead of 'duh'.

          They are releasing games on it. Theres a difference between being commited to it and releasing every single game on it.
          They released xbox streaming, the very nice xbox app and a bunch of games that otherwise would have been xbox only.

            Platitudes! Like I said: just the 'bit on the side', no commitment.

            They know what we want! *huffs*

              Howabout some Halo RTS? That's a nice little bit of alien crumpet. Right?

                ...why do you say the things that you know will hurt me? Why?

      This isn't what you wanted?

        I'm not even a big Halo fan, but this would get me playing. Solid sci-fi PC FPS combat from a company that isn't a dodgy Russian dev? I'm in.

    just another reason not to pick up a xbone as 90% of their exclusives also come out on PC

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