New Harvest Moon Announced

Briefly: There's a new Harvest Moon! The latest issue of Famitsu, out later this week in Japan, announces the latest entry in the rural sim series. The game marks Harvest Moon's 20th anniversary, has three villages and is headed to the Nintendo 3DS.



    *Looks at 3DS, then at wallet*

    B-b-but, but, but... They just released one!

      Different devs isn't it? Or at least the one just released here was super delayed

        Ah... So this would be, Harvest Moon: A Tale Of Three Towns or something? Not Story Of Seasons: I Just Bought You Yesterday

          Story of Seasons is from the original people who made harvest moon, this new one is Harvest Moon in name only, because thats all they own.

            So... what does that say about the quality of it? If none of the developers are left is it just going to be a soul-less husk?

              From what I understand Marvelous Entertainment were the developers of Harvest Moon, and it was published by Natsume. Marvelous moved to develop/publish game with xSeed but Natsume cracked it and managed to retain the rights to the name Harvest Moon.

              The most recent Harvest Moon game made by Tabot and published by Natsume was Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for the 3DS, which has a metacritic score of 46/100 and an average user score of 4.1/10 so pretty bad both critically and commercially.

              Story of Seasons was made by Marvelous and published by xSeed/Marvelous/Nintendo, which has a metacritic score of 76/100 and an average user score of 8.1/10.

              So if this game is a Harvest Moon made by Natsume, I dont hold out much hope.

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                I guess in a way, the amount of 'harvest moon' titles coming out has just doubled haha. Hopefully one of the developers gets it perfect eventually. I don't care what it's called, I just want a comfy farming sim. That and for Rune Factory to be ok. I've heard ominous rumblings about its future.

          This is a sequel to Story of Seasons (ie. The real Harvest Moon) but I'm pretty sure you won't be seeing this in Australia for a year or so.

            I'm pretty sure you won't be seeing this in Australia for a year or so.

            That's true. I can't wait to pay full RRP for a game that's a year old.

    Was going to buy Story of Seasons when I saw it on the Estore. $60. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnot yet

      Unlesss it's on sale, it's probably not going down.

      Welcome to nintendo land, where the popular games never ever drop in price. If you are lucky you might pick it up on sale at Target or Big W.

    why is everyone complaining new HM coming out? It comes out in Japan this year so that means it comes out in PAL sometimes around next year.

    The article is hugely misleading, this is not a Harvest Moon sequel, it's a Story of Seasons sequel. Though it's the true Harvest Moon series under a different name, calling it such will only confuse people even more.

    This is not going to be a Harvest moon game, it'll be a Story of Seasons game actually!

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