This Week In Games: WITNESS ME!

Wow, it's been a long time since a kinda important game came out. This week The Witness is coming out and I'm properly excited to play it. I have no real idea what to expect. That's actually kinda cool.

Aside from The Witness? It's pretty bleak.

Cubixx HD (PC)

What is it? It's an action game of sorts. About cubes. It looks really cool actually. Should you care? It's been on the PlayStation Network and was really well received. Worth checking out.

DarkMaus (PC)

What is it? An interesting looking RPG with a cool black and white art style. Should you care? No idea, it looks cool. Kinda Dark Souls-ish.

Defunct (PC)

What is it? A fast-paced racing thing that looks kinda fun. Should you care? Again, this sort of just popped up. But it has a great look, I like the speed of it.

Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)

What is it? It's a job-orientated action RPG. I'm not really sure what that means. Should you care? To be honest I'm not sure. Haven't been keeping track of this!

LEGO Marvel's Adventures (Xbox One/PS4/Wii U/PC/360/PS3/3DS/Vita)

What is it? Remember when a new LEGO game was an event? Man, that was a long time ago. Should you care? You know the drill. New LEGO game. Good to play with kids and stuff.

Plantera (PC)

What is it? A game about building a cute cartoon garden. Finally. Should you care? This looks really cute. Probably not your thing though, you monster.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider (PC)

What is it? This game was released on the Xbox One at the same time as Fallout 4. That was a bad decision. Hope this gets a bit more play on PC. Should you care? Absolutely — this game is actually really, really good.

Swiftly (PC)

What is it? It looks like a mix between Thomas Was Alone and Super Meat Boy. Should you care? Swiftly looks like a lot of fun. I'm keen to check it out.

The Witness (PS4/PC)

What is it? Hurray! Jonathan Blow's new game comes out this week. Been waiting a long time for this. Should you care? Yes, absolutely. It's probably the must play game of the month.

World's Dawn (PC)

What is it? It's sort of like Harvest Moon, for those of you who liked that. Should you care? Looks well made. Plenty of people seem to be recommending it.

Picking anything up this week? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.


    Is that meant to be Lego Marvel's "Avengers"?

    FFE looks kinda cool. I like monster hunter and crystal chronicles, so this is pretty much my bag.

    The stuff I've been hearing about the Witness is that it's big, a "AAA puzzle game". Like tens of hours big. It must have some solid concepts to keep it going for that long. So it seems like it could actually be really awesome.

    Something Harvest Moon like, hey? Colour me interested.

      There's another Harvest Moon counterfeit game somewhere on Steam with co-op.

      I can't remember what it's called though.

    Trails of Cold Steel is also out this Friday for Australia.

      I've only recently heard about The Legend of Heroes series, definitely looking forward to this one (I'll probably get the PS3 version).
      You can't go wrong when the normal battle BGM sounds like this:

      I'm surprised this slipped through the cracks given how much attention the Trails series gets, although that's the US branch. The AU branch of Kotaku doesn't really keep track of JRPGs as much as the US counterpart does unless they're big names.

    Been looking forward to finally playing The Witness for YEARS!
    Also excited for Rise of the Tomb Raider to finally be free of its XBone shackles. Got it free with my new graphics card and look forward to seeing if it is as good as the first one was.

    I just watched Fury Road last night. Man that was a thrill ride.

    Is final fantasy explorers a Fantasy Life set in the FF universe? Sounds kinda cool.

      From what I've heard it's more or less an FF take on the Monster Hunter genre. Reviews have been average but a lot of it seems to be that people were expecting it to be a different game to what it was rather than it being a bad game.

      Last edited 25/01/16 7:13 pm

    Totally agree with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Excellent game, but hamstrung by it's release date.

    To be honest, I enjoyed my time with Tomb Raider a lot more than Fallout 4

    Day one for witness

    Bombshell (PC) and This War of Mine: The Little Ones (PS4) are also titles out this week.

    Nothing for me this week, but American Truck Simulator hauls in next week!

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