This Week In Games: Where Are All The Video Games?

Remember E3 week, where everyone threw their hands up and said bugger it, what's the point? No video games for anyone. This week is sorta like that, except no-one has a decent excuse. Might as well let July go out with a fizzle...

Absolute Drift (PC)

What is it? A clean looking top-down racer focused on drifting Should you care? Yeah I think this looks cool. Might be a bit too simple, but seems fun.

Colonial Conquest (PC)

What is it? It's a conquest strategy game set during the expansionist era of the 1800s. Cool idea. Should you care? I'm a fan of that era of history, so sounds good to me. Hardly going to drag you away from Civilization though!

King of Dragon Pass (PC)

What is it? A mash up of every nerdy game genre you can imagine: RPGs, sims, pen and paper games — all that kinda stuff. Should you care? This is really not my thing, so I don't want to judge. Some people are getting excited about this though.

Kyn (PC)

What is it? It's a fast-paced strategy game using the whole Norse Mythology thing. Should you care? Meh. Looks a bit average if I'm being honest.

N++ (PS4)

What is it? Oh cool, this is coming out this week. Hurray! Should you care? Yeah I like the original. The new one looks top, has a great soundtrack as well.

The Viceroy (PC)

What is it? A turn-based science-fiction thing that looks a bit rudimentary, but still interesting. Should you care? Might suit strategy fans, and people who like messing around with skill trees.

Well, anyone buying anything new this week? Seems a bit dead in the water. I'm just gonna go play Rocket League...


    Thank Christ I finally signed up for getflix so I'll at least have heaps to watch during these slow months...


      Yassss Getflix so good. But may I suggest to you (if you have multiple devices or ways or accessing Netflix) that you leave one as the Aus setup because there's some stuff on Aus that's not on US.

        I left my PS4/Wii U to the Aus one and put my TV on US, though I've not checked either of the Aus devices for different content once. What's on there that isn't on US?

          Well, last night I found that Guardians of the Galaxy isn't on US, and nor is Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

            But I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

          A lot of Disney stuff is on Aus and not US Netflix.

    After getting stiffed on the "Worldwide" (North America isn't the whole world people!) release of Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive last week I'm hoping 5pb will make good on the EU release this week. As always, Suikoden III will be coming to AU/NZ territories whenever the classification board stops dallying around and puts the big tick in the box.

    I've got Alien Isolation in the post, probably won't arrive til next week though...

    So more Sith Lords for me.

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        I got it on steam because they released a massive update & the missing content mod is easy to install.

        My Xbox disc is safely on my shelf *smugface*

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            If you already own the steam version the update & mod are free.

            Plays fine on key & mouse & this is coming from a computard

      You're gonna get so scurrrred.

        I'm shakin in mah bewts rite naow!

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    This dry patch better end soon. I swear if I have to actually start living my life distraction free I'm going to go berserk.

    What about the King's Quest reboot? I believe it comes out the end of this week :)

    I've been taking advantage of these sales to get some old ps3 games that I missed before, namely "Shadow of the Damned" and "Resonance of Fate", two games that I passed off as "meh" when they came out, actually damn fun...

      I loved Shadow of the Damned! Felt like a breath of fresh air when it came out.

      Shadow of the damned is one of my all time favourites. One of the few games I actually bothered to get 1,000 gamerscore on.

    Means I can attack my pile of shame. Over the weekend, I attacked Tomb Raider (2013). I started over from the beginning because I'd not played in over a year and in just the weekend, I was able to plow through more than I had originally played. I also have updated my rig with a new video card since playing last, so I was able to have 1080p with Ultra settings and game barely dips below 60fps. Average framerate is around 58fps.

    So what you're saying is that there are 7 individual current consoles with 3 separate online digital distribution platforms, but only ONE digital game being release this week (which is only on one console)?

    N++ so keen on that I loved the original

    Not to worry, I have a ton of games in my pile of shame I can start going through. Surely everyone has SOMETHING they could play, right?

    Man it's dire lately. But between the recent sale on the Telltale Collection, and finally getting my audio set up right for Rocksmith, I don't think I'll get bored this week.

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