A Good Way To Name Saves In XCOM 2

A Good Way To Name Saves in XCOM 2

You can save at any time in XCOM 2, and you can name your saves. This is, unquestionably, a good thing. I'm not exactly a rampant XCOM save-scummer, but I do save often, and I'm not above reloading an old save if I lose a soldier that I can't bear to lose. Like its predecessor, XCOM 2's saves can get a tad unwieldy after a while, so I have a system worked out to keep things tidy. I rotate through a few saves as I go, overwriting them and re-overwriting them as need be.

I've got one called "In Between Missions", for when I'm in my base. There's "Starting Out", for the start of each new mission. Another, called "Intensity", is for when things are heating up. And then there are a whole bunch of loosely organised saves with names like "Shit Hits The Fan", "ShitShitShitShit", "Oh No" and "Ultimate Failure".

There are a lot more of those latter types of saves than of the orderly, intelligible ones. Come to think of it, I could probably summarise the entirety of this game using only the names of my saved games.


    I name mine:

      more of a qwerty wertyu ertyui rtyuio sorta person

    "You can save at any time in XCOM 2"

    ...No you can't. If you're not playing Ironman you're not playing XCOM. You're playing some kinda wussy pretend game for wimps.

    Fun? Never heard of it.

      I've never bothered with reloading saves. Makes it like a 20 hour roguelite lol

    I tell myself I'm not ready for Ironman yet, but I limit myself to a start of mission save, and the quicksave.
    ...And a new save in the base every time the smallest thing happens.

    While a nice feature...is the gif really necessary?

      what are you complaining about? it's not autoplay.

        I'm not complaining, per se, just it really doesn't add anything to the article.

          It shows that you can save mid mission for those of us who haven't looked at Xcom 2 yet.

            I know, but if you were told this, wouldn't you already know you do so by opening the menu, clicking save?

              No, I don't have Xcom 2 yet and am avoiding videos. So this has at least told me you can save scum more...not that I'd want to anyway

    In xcom 1 I'd name all my soldiers after friends and family, it was heart wrenching but I'd let them die all the same.
    Funnily enough my fiancée was my longest serving veteran, bitch just couldn't say die!
    She got a real.kick out of it lol

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