Off Topic: What TV Shows Are You Watching?

Right now my wife is on maternity leave. She is breast-feeding a lot. And she is watching TV a lot.

Like a lot a lot. She is just burning through shows on Netflix: Vikings, The Last Kingdom, Pretty Little Liars, Shameless. She's burning though a season a day. Literally.

Which is fine, but I didn't like any of these shows. What are you watching right now? Recommend something good!

I tried Jessica Jones. Twice. Didn't like it. I enjoyed Narcos but sort of stopped watching it for some reason. I'm hearing a lot of good things about Peaky Blinders, which seems a bit more up my alley.

What are you watching these days?


    Currently watching Marco Polo on Netflix and Ash vs Evil Dead on Stan.

    Both are OK. Obvoiusly Marco Polo is of questionable historical accuracy, but it's entertaining enough.

      Oh, I'm also watching The Wonder Years on US Netflix. God I love that show. Still holds up well today.

    If you have u.s netflix peep show is THE best comedy I've EVER seen.

    We are currently watching black sails, manhattan and fresh off the boat.

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      Peep Show is brilliant early on, though it starts to tail off in the later seasons. Very reminiscent of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is making me smile just thinking about it now. Larry is such a curmudgeon, and it's even better when he is pitted against somebody equally stubborn (e.g. Ricky Gervais)

        I don't think there was much trail off personally. Even liked it's last season. Most comedies though have that happen, the league is unwatchable now. Latest season of Always sunny has been pretty solid though. If you like that humour have you seen lead balloon? Basically a UK copy of curb.

      I'm certain Peep show is available on Stan if you don't have access to US Netflix

    Peaky Blinders is great, also loved Black Mirror.
    What other shows have you liked from the past coupla years Mark?

    Sorta got series related ADD right now. cant settle on anything.

    the last few weeks, i've started re-watching Deadwood & X-Files. Tried re-watching Battlestar Galactica, but just couldn't.

    Just finished The West Wing & the first seasons of Broadchurch & True Detective.
    Gonna get around to the 2nd seasons of those at some point soon coz theyr'e both fantastic.

    Also about half way through the first season of Black Sails. then I got distracted by my own twitter rants & started watching Fringe again.

      Pretty sure there's only one season of True Detective.

        Nope, there are two seasons. The second one has a different cast though

          Nope, just the one season.

            Colin Farrell, Tim Riggins and Regina George.

            Why didn't you fact check?

            Pointless comment.


              That reminds me I need to get to season 2. targeting compoita just made himself look rude. The laziest google job could find out there are two seasons just with didn't characters/cast. Similar to how they do American Horror Story.

              I honestly can't tell if these are jokes or not. If so, well played. If not, you've completely missed the point of my comment. There's no _way_ that anybody would have made a series of True Detective starring the guy who played John Carter.

              Why did you just link a photo of human faeces on a kotaku post?

              True detective only had one season.

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        literally, or in the sense that there's only 4 Star Wars movies?

          Return of the Jedi, Caravan of Courage, Battle for Endor, and The Clone Wars?

            Sorry. 5.

            Forgot the Xmas Special.

              That one never had a theatrical release, so I don't count it.

        I love the second season, don't get the hate.

          from what i understand, most of the dislike stems from the fact that it doesn't have a drug-fucked Matthew McConaughey spouting nihilistic philosophy every 3 seconds

            It's not terrible, and still better than many other shows. But I found it far less gripping than season 1, and the increased number of primary characters means that there's more chance you'll find them annoying and/or not care about their goals or fate.

              Sure, it was no Sense8, but it was Damn good television!

                No Sense8 as in it wasn't as terrible as Sense8?

                  I love Sense8, possibly my favourite modern television program.

                  @jimu I watched the first episode and the politically correct (while being overwhelmingly sex "positive") overtones drowned out everything else. I had to literally put my head in my hands when I saw that atrocious "i'm crying because no one has ever defended me before" scene. It seems like a tv show made to fill quotas of minority representation with surface level depictions of said minorities.

                  And while it's not exactly the strongest position to judge an entire show based on the first episode, it's not really good enough to expect the audience to trust an unproven concept will get good after the first misstep and stick with it.

                  Maybe it's the best show around, but nothing I saw when I gave it a shot impressed me.

                  I found the issues covered were close to the creators hearts & was nice to see them.

                  Without any of that though, which is super important & a big reason of why I respect it, the reason I rate it so highly is because it's the first show where I actually liked & found interesting the entire cast.

                  Usually there's more than one unlikable prick that the show is bending over backward trying to convince me that they're the best.

                  I enjoyed the writing, direction, content, concepts, emotion & just about everything else far more than I do every other show on tv.

                  I'm happy they decided to tackle some complex issues & uncomfortable opinions & politics. I wish there were more shows like it.

              This. It was still very good TV but the first one raised the bar so high in story and production values, it was always going to be hard to come close.

              Struggled a bit with it until I think the 3rd episode then it all started to come together and in the end I really enjoyed it.

            Nah it's just the fact the story was utterly terrible and everyone over acted. Was a horrible season. My biggest complaint on season one was matthew mcconaughey too, I don't like his acting it's the same in everything he does.

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    It took a long while for me to get into Jessica Jones.


    It took until Kilgrave was on constantly for the show to get better and it really picked up around episode 5 - 6 with the final 3 episodes being really good. Glad I stuck by it. David Tennant was awesome as Kilgrave. great seeing him play a villain. It also raised some interesting moral questions regarding how some of the characters reacted to certain events.

      Yeah, it's definitely worth pushing through until Tennant shows up!

      Not that it's bad before that, but the wallowing character building tone definitely gives way to something else entirely.

      Building a rocket is very important and boring work, but once it's lit the spectacle is totally worth it!

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        Yeah, I didn't like the show at all, but on advice I watched the last 5 episodes, and binged them in one go.
        It was good, not great, but the different take on a bad guy was actually really good at the end.
        Really had trouble with the first 5 though, just couldn't get into it.

          I liked that they used the long form of a TV show effectively, to build a mood and characters, and to slowly introduce back-story and super powers. Once that's all in place, then the real meat of the show starts. Though I can see the argument that it was not all that effective if people turned it off early. I found that it worked for me, though, because the early episodes were intriguing.

      I normally hate David Tennant but he was great in this. Which is odd because I normally like Vincent D'onofio (spelling?) but hated him in Daredevil.

    Hemlock Grove. Watch season 1 and consider it the end, ignore seasons 2 and 3.

    Need to finish Jessica Jones.
    Currently watching Arrow S3 and The Flash S1 (swapping at crossovers).
    Also still slogging through Naruto Shippuden.

      There's THREE series of Arrow? I'm struggling to get through the first.

    I've been watching some of the original series avaiable on Netflix like Bojack Horseman (which is quite amusing) and Knights of Sidonia (I don't mind it, but I'm sure you have opinions on it). The new season of Better Call Saul is about to start, and the first one was solid, so watch that if you haven't already. Nothing is majorly catching my attention at present, though.

    Watching First Dates. It's great. My one sadness is that I can never be on it because of where I work :'( foreveralone.jpg

    Also been watching Fresh Meat. Funny stuff.
    Just finished watching all of Friday Night Lights. Good show!
    And watching MKR just because. It's ok.

    The Knick

      I need to watch season 2, loved season 1!

        It's not quite as good, but still great!

    Does anime count? Watching Log Horizon with le wife atm, just got up to season 2. First anime in a LONG time that has kept me interested this long.

    Sooooooo much watching and rewatching.
    Baskets, Portlandia, The League, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Blacklist, The Flash, Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Comedy Bang Bang, Crossing Lines, Those Who Can't, The Muppets, Man Seeking Woman, The Walking Dead, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Running Man, Fresh Off The Boat, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Downton Abbey....
    Uh...a bunch of random anime as well....I'm probably leaving out a few...

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    You don't like Vikings? Wowee, I'd put it up there with GoT and Walking Dead imo.

    Just started watching a new show called Lucifer which seems pretty good so far. Other than that, been watching Black Sails, Silicon Valley, Better Call Saul, Workaholics, Fear the walking dead, House of Cards, F is for Family and Rick and Morty. Tempted to catch up on Homeland, I kinda lost interested after the 2nd season but I've heard it picked up again.

      Just finished Season 3 of Homeland and while it starts off slow (so slow that I fell off it for months after the first 3 eps), it's worth getting to the back end of the Season - it steps up really well, so get on it if you can.

    Finished watching Narcos (it was good)
    Finished watching Last Kingdom (it was ok, my Mrs loved it)
    Watched Daredevil S1(it was pretty good, but can/should get better)
    Was going to start watching The 100 (I've heard mixed reports) or Marco Polo (I have also heard mixed reports)
    Have been thinking about watching Making a Murderer and possibly restarting the Clone Wars from scratch...but I just don't know.

    Its almost like Netflix (etc) has flooded the screen with shows that if they were on normal TV (and we didn't have all these subscription services) would be seen as great shows but when you have so much choice its almost like "this show is pretty good buuuuuut, if I watch this one then maybe I'm missing something even better in the other one". Its almost like my Steam backlog issues!!!!

    So all in all my suggestions and reviews are pretty unlikely to help you at all....sorry for wasting your time Mark.

    Just started The Killing and new X-Files.

    F is for Family is pretty great too!

    My wife and I have been going through the old TED talk series on there. Definitely worth a look.

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    Hell on wheels awe yeah. Such a good and underrated show, also been catching up on talking dead.

    Bloodlines. Watch it.

      This show had me intrigued and on the edge of my seat, every episode. Recommended.

    2 hours and 40 minutes in a train every day gives me much watching time.
    So at the moment I'm watching
    Agents of Shield
    Sleepy Hollow
    Legends of Tomorrow
    Agent Carter
    The Shannara Chronicles
    The X Files

    Also watched The Expanse and Ash Vs The Evil Dead when they were on.
    I'm making my way through Lost Girl. On to Season 2 at the moment.
    And also have to get around to finishing off Mr Robot.

    Now recommendations.
    The standard recommendation would be Flash and Arrow which are both pretty great.
    However, what has really taken me by surprise is my love of Limitless and Lost Girl.
    I probably shouldn't be surprised with Lost Girl. I know it got very good reviews and I'm obviously late to the party but I cant get enough. I'm plowing through it.
    Limitless is a real surprise. It's really interesting with some great acting and can be really funny. Some of the best humor in recent TV shows I think. The "Stop me before I hug again" episode was so awesomely funny. I had to try very hard not to be laughing out loud in the train carriage.
    Blacklist and Blindspot are also tops. I'm a pretty big comics nerd (or was) but I have to admit I take Blacklist, Blindspot and Limitless over the DC / Marvel Series stuff.

      You seem to have stolen my playlist. Watching 8 of those, and the rest are queued for later...

        Great minds. :)
        I enjoy all of them for different reasons so I recommended them.
        Although tip on Lucifer if you have read the comics forget it all.
        The series is nothing like the comics.
        Oh and I also watched Dark Matter and Killjoys and recommend them both.
        Although I got into Killjoys a lot quicker and enjoyed it a bit more. Dark Matter did grow on me though.

          Killjoys is recording at the mo. My wife likes to get a few episodes on the box so we can have a blitz if we're really enjoying stuff.

          Dark Matter wasn't bad, I do want to see where it goes. Haven't checked to see if they did do a season 2.

            The series was renewed for a 13-episode second season on September 1, 2015 Oh good, 'cause it was an eeeeevil cliffhanger.

              Yeah that was pretty evil. Really hanging for season two to see how that works out. And I would agree with the "Wasn't bad" statement. I think it got better towards the end especially with that ending. I'm really liking these lower budget / shorter season Sci-Fi series stuff. They've been interesting.

    The original Twilight Zone on US Neflix is the ducks guts! Watched “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” with Bill Shatner as a passenger on an aircraft who previously had a nervous breakdown and now witnesses a gremlin ripping into the aircraft wing and of course no one believes him!

    I have a freinds netflix logon and have been watching Sons of Anarchy but i have stalled on the 3rd series whlist they are in ireland.

    Apart from that Watching Gaki No Tsukai 2016 and waiting for new English subs to come up.

    Watched all through daredevil, that was pretty good.
    Bojack horseman was a bizarre hilarious adventure, if you like that give Bob's Burgers a go!

    Otherwise the show Derek is brilliance. Makes you piss yourself with laughter and you will also cry. Every episode
    Ricky gervais at its best i reckon
    100 points

      Derrek was my least favourite Gervais product. Bojack was awesome though, starts slow but once it gets going it's really well done.

        I thought it had much more impact
        Its certainly not a comedy stand out like the rest of his work. I think thats what i like about it, its a different kind of silly

    Currently I'm addicted to House of Cards and The Americans. Both fantastic dramas full of horrible people caught up in backstabalicious intrigue. It will definitely hold me over until the next season of Game of Thrones.

    Orphan Black
    Hell on Wheels
    Black Sails
    Falling Skies
    The Blacklist
    The Last Ship
    The Shannara Chronicles
    Dark Matter
    Mr. Robot

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