Overwatch Actually Makes Some People Angry Enough To Do Maths

The prospect of not getting into the beta phase for Blizzard's inaugural shooter is enough to make some people angry. But actually playing the game? Oh boy. Don't even start. Especially this guy, because he'll bust out equations on you.

It's a video from YouTuber On Solace about the horrible, horrible power of D.VA, the resident pro-gamer character in Overwatch. D.VA's a pretty annoying character to verse and a ton of fun to play: she has massive amounts of HP, can stay alive for immense periods of time and every single one of her abilities is almost deliberately designed to annoy humans.

On Solace has taken issue with this and decided, in the funniest way possible, to highlight why Blizzard should correct her actions per minute to something humans can actually accomplish.

What a beautiful way to kickstart the second phase of the Overwatch beta — which, if you're not up to speed, starts this week. Which will probably come with a slight nerf for D.VA. (Although that's just me guessing.)



      *American article lifted wholly and placed in AU site with no thought for localisation (or localization, if it the Americans doing it :P)

        Alex Walker is from the Australian Kotaku, and the story has the "Australian Stories" tag :P

    you do not verse someone. versus has no verb. D.VA is pretty annoying to face off against, D.VA is a pretty tough opponent, D.VA is not "annoying .. to verse"

    if you want to be especially nitpicky, versus shouldn't even be an english word since it means 'towards' in Latin.

    your use of words made me angry enough to english.

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      Verse as a verb has been widely accepted as slang in sports and video games for decades.

        literally the same as saying 'well if joe there can say faggot so can i'

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          IF you are talking about right and wrong then why do you bring up latin at all? Loan words tend to change significantly when carried over from another language (examples,1 salsa means sauce in spanish, in English it means some specific latino sauce or somecrap. 2 Anime means something like cartoon in Japanese, including western cartoons. In English anime means JAPANESE CARTOONS)

          Why do I say this? The meaning of words changes over time, check out oxford's online etymological dictionary for examples of that http://www.oed.com/ . Also, new words and new uses for old words come up alllll the time as well, so it's fine that he is saying "verse someone" or whatever, as that is typical language behaviour.

          Finally, you are talking about right and wrong from a prescriptivist perspective, which is super, super silly. Faggot is a socially unacceptable word to use, but that does not mean there is anything linguistically wrong with it.

            The words you've used technically aren't loan words, nor is 'versus' (I believe - based on the contextual use of it it doesn't appear to have ever been used as a loan word with an intended meaning of 'toward'). Words adopted as proper nouns for specific usage aren't really 'loan words' in the strictest definition, since salsa and anime are both words that have been modified for usage. Anime is a shortening of animation whereas Salsa is used to refer to a specific type of sauce (if it was used in place of sauce for all/major uses, it would be considered a true loan word). If all animation here were referred to as anime, anime could then be considered a loan word.

            A more appropriate example of a loan word is a word like Kompyuta, used in many European languages instead of devising their own native words (such as the French do - very interesting stuff over there linguistically!). Another one would be the Japanese Biru for beer.

            Last edited 08/02/16 2:46 pm

              You are wrong, a loan word is a word taken from one language or dialect and used in another. YEs you are right that anime is itself a borrowing from the english 'animation', but 'anime' was then taken as a loan word right back into English. This happens a lot! I don't know what "strictest definition" it is you claim to be using, but I'm going by the technical meaning of the word used by most mainstream linguists.

              I don't know why you think that if a noun is borrowed, it does not constitute a loan word. You need to back up your argument there. The word class is not what determines whether a word is a loan or not, simply whether a word is taken from one language group and then used in another - and this includes the times when words change in meaning into the target language.

              Anyways, could you please provide links to the articles employing the definition of 'loan word' as you understand them? I'd like to see them, if they exist. :)


            It's an extremely facetious way of bringing attention to it, but it is not wrong. Just because something is widely accepted does not mean it is right.

              Wow, you know you're stuff. I'd hate to verse you in a spelling competition.

                This guy no's his stuff man. I wooden't want to verse him any were any time in a spelling competition here or their.

                  Man I know what you guys are doing but god it's hard to look at.



                not my fault none of you seem to understand the language you speak D:

                our education system has failed you, i'm sorry :(

                i think the mrs still has some of her 4th and 5th form english material for her students if you'd like it? happy to drop box it for you.

                so many downvotes from esl students. waahhhhh.

                Last edited 08/02/16 2:13 pm

                  Does she also have material on how to conduct yourself when talking with strangers? Cause you probably could make use of that yourself.

                  Regardless of wether you are right or wrong maybe consider being a bit less pretentious. It really undercuts whatever point you are trying to make.

                  Last edited 08/02/16 2:48 pm

                for what it's worth, the dude spelled "zeitgeist" wrong.

                  assuming you're australian or british you should be using 'spelt' :b we mostly use past participles of irregular form in MBE and Australian.



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                awww, someone had facts to bring to the table and this is all you have?

                for what it's worth, verily and forsooth are still very much words, usable ones at that. your choice to not use them does not make them any less of a word, it just falls out of use and becomes archaic. in fact, verily is still in use, mostly literary.

                yes, language is an ever-changing thing, however the reason words change meaning is simply due to ignorant people who know no better and get massively butthurt when corrected.

                  wait, so you're advocating to stall the evolution of language just so you can keep the status quo?

                  language is darwinian - words that get used spread & become 'true' words. words that don't, die away.

                  to deny a word validity just coz it's not found in your dictionary of choice is ignorant & regressive.

              Verily, nary afore hast our fine language changed maugre wide spread use. Alack, none care for proper use of English in these sorry times.

      if you want to be especially nitpicky, versus shouldn't even be an english word since it means 'towards' in Latin.
      Did you just seriously say that an language can't have a particular word because it is a different word in another language. I understand it being a root language and all, but one of the greatest strengths of the English language is that it can adapt and take words from different languages

        no, no i did not.

        you've inferred that, though my choice of words did not help. i just find it interesting that a word like versus has come to mean what it does, especially when you consider the influence that latin had on English at the time. If you spoke latin (which you probably could at the time), you know that versus is not said with the same intent in english as it is latin which is a curiosity for a loan-word (though i guess this technically doesn't count as a loan word)

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          Do you live in fear of capitals?

            It changes a lot like my handwriting :D at least I don't type how i write, everything would be alternating caps/lower case like an msn messenger status from back in the day..

    kotaku comment section actually makes some people engage in shit fighting.


    Wow look at these comments. I'm definitely one for the proper use of English but this is ridiculous.
    It's a video game website people. Video. Games.
    Please put your English Literature degrees back on the wall, and relax.
    This website is getting terrible for this shit.

      *Returns from study with dusty English Literature degree*

      Please put your English Literature degrees back on the wall, and relax.

      Damn :(


      It's a linguistic argument though. Anyone in their right mind should be against the linguistic prescriptivism advocated by this zeitgeist fellow - It ignores the changing nature of language... it is very unscientific -.-

      Wonder if the word "douche" in the context I wish to use it will be argued down =/

        Once again lol!
        But seriously, people get a little serious on here! Hell,I exclusively comment via my phone and its not the best tool for typing out posts.
        Occasionally I'm gonna let my punctuation slide to get a ( not particularly ) great comment out while it's fresh in my mind.
        Although I can see why people get like that when it's supposed to be journalism...however !
        I don't let it bother me because the general tone is one of fun and mirth on here, and since my beloved Hyper magazine went bust, this is the closest thing I can find to it.
        Sob. R.I.P. Hyper, your wit and professionalism are not forgotten!

    So about the actual article:

    Seems kind of interesting although the game IS in beta. Seems like a lot of effort (in the video makers part) for a bug in a beta version...

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