Welbot's ScribbleTaku might be one of the best ones in recent memory. I like the ones that seem out of reach and then... BAM! Someone guesses it out of nowhere.

Congrat to jimmydanger, who correctly guessed Legend of Hero Tonma!

Today's drawing comes from Michael. Good luck everyone!



      That's the one... I never worked out how to beat that game on the ol' Commodore 64. It always seemed like the key and the lock joined up regardless of what you did.

        You had to press "B" for bait when the ghosts went to form the marshmallow man, otherwise you'd lose a tonne of cash.

        And the keymaster and gatekeeper always did join up eventually, but if you'd managed to not let the marshmallow man destroy the city too often you'd go to the final level.

        I played the hell out of the game.

    It looks like Darth Vader's circuit breaker looking chest thingy

    I've been playing Unium lately, so this reminds me of that, but I doubt it. Are the dots relevant, or just reference points for the drawing?

    The dots remind me of Jungler
    Edit. I was actually thinking of Amidar, which looks nothing like the scribble, but was lots of fun.

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    It's my first gen SoundBlaster PC audio card from 1990. Totally.

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