Congrats to GZ who managed to correctly guess that Dong Tri Phan's ScribbleTaku was Majora's Mask! Nicely done!

Good luck with today's effort. But not too much luck because I drew it and I want to win.


    Way of the Exploding Fist?

      Damn it. I should have looked at answers before responding. I'm pretty sure it's this too!

      Last edited 09/02/16 12:45 pm

      Welp, that lasted all of 3 minutes.

      Way to crush Mark's dreams, bro.

    Was totally going to say Okami. So... Odama.


    emperor rise of the middle kingdom

    Way of the exploding fist? (Commodore 64 game)

    Last edited 09/02/16 12:35 pm

    It's a flying pagoda! Definitely Minecraft (lol):

    Far Cry 4

    Cup and Saucer Balancing Master 2012 (with the mashed potato DLC).

    Although it has been answered i initially though Tai fu wrath of the tiger ahh well.

    My first and immediate thought was
    "wait, there is a samurai pizza cats game?"
    A quick internet search does not yield a positive outlook however
    Hope you enjoyed the show, it was the best that they could do

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