Image: Scree

It took until the second day, but astrogirl got yesterday's ScribbleTaku: it was Wizball. That's right, the game that Sensible Software made before they became known for lightning quick soccer games and Cannon Fodder.

But two days is the limit, so bad luck. Today we have a new challenger. Enter stage right, scree.

Scree's the artist behind today's ScribbleTaku. You can join the fun too: just email your submissions in.

Good luck!


    Pots, Jet Set Radio/Jet Set Radio Future

    also we had Wizball back on the 16th of Feb, I didn't think it would come up again so soon.

      The icons were different enough I figured I could make it work.

    Woo! One of my fav games from kidhood. And yeah, we had it recently. I got it that time too. ;p

    Question: if we email in a submission are there are any rules? Can the scribble be done digitally? Or must it be pen/paper? Send it as an attachment or give a link to it?

      I think the basic rules are Post-it Note and you have to draw it within 30 seconds... I never could nail the latter rule.

        I took about 5 minutes for each of mine.

        30 seconds? I don't know if ScribbleTaku could handle my visionary, abstract art with that kind of time frame.

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