The Original TY The Tasmanian Tiger Hits Steam Next Month

Krome Studios last year poked their heads out to let everyone know that, out of nowhere, one of the TY the Tasmanian Tiger games would be re-released for all and sundry.

Problem is, it wasn't the original TY. But that's being fixed, with an announcement that the original TY is being re-released in March.

It'll launch through Steam's Early Access program, which seems weird for a game that originally launched over 13 years ago. Krome, which has largely spent the last couple of years focusing on mobile projects, added that they would be making some "special modifications" for modern systems.

The studio also replied to Facebook comments saying they wanted to work on a console re-release of the original TY "as soon as we can", although indications are that a XBO/PS4 port will be dependent on sales of the Steam version.

What other classic Australian games would you like to see get a HD re-release?


    WOOT! i had the original on Xbox and played the absolute hell out of it. such an awesome game

    Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Powerslide, maybe a new Freedom Force. That would be cool.

      man now I'd love to see modern remasters of the Freedom Force games considering all the cool stuff that could be done with current physics engines and shader models

    Sweet, i've heard good things about this series but never played them =)

    Hopefully this also allows them to release the other games in the series as well!

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