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Hundreds of games get released on Steam every month, and tens of thousands are released every year. Some of those are major blockbuster productions; most are the work of small studios. It's hard to stand out from the crowd, especially if you're an Australian studio with a small staff, and even smaller marketing budget.

But amongst the tens of thousands of games filling up Valve's content servers, there is one that sits at the very top. And that game happens to be Australian.


Australia has a long, proud history of making video games extending back to the (figurative) dawn of time. But while plenty of gamers will remember the days of Shane Warne Cricket and our contributions to much more serious genres (like Dark Reign and Krush, Kill N Destroy), contributions over the last couple of years are sometimes forgotten.

So to help celebrate our national day of not being at work and generally overeating, here's a look at 7 of the best Australian games of recent times.


Krome Studios last year poked their heads out to let everyone know that, out of nowhere, one of the TY the Tasmanian Tiger games would be re-released for all and sundry.

Problem is, it wasn't the original TY. But that's being fixed, with an announcement that the original TY is being re-released in March.