The Rarest World Of Warcraft Items

The Rarest World of Warcraft Items

In an MMO like World of Warcraft, which is basically about collecting items and gear, the rarest, still obtainable ones are in legendary status. And they're not just rare: they're rare for various interesting reasons. It's worth noting that there are quite a few items that are no longer available. Some were removed due to gameplay changes, and some were available only for a limited period of time. Also, some other items that were pretty rare back then, such as Shadowfang or Teebu's Blazing Longsword, are now available in Salvage Yard loot crates, and therefore not that rare any more.

This list is not about those items (so no Blizzcon or Asia-only pets this time), but about very rare items that are still in the game and players can still obtain in one way or another:

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsScreenshot: WoWWiki

Big Love Rocket: Also known as the Pink Dildo Mount, for obvious reasons. Why is it hard to get one? It's only obtainable during the annual Love is in the Air event for a few days. It drops from the Heart Shaped Box, but only once per day and only during the event. And the drop rate? 1 in 3333. Impossible.

The Rarest World of Warcraft Items Screenshot: Kemaria / Wowhead

Chromatic Sword: The sword is a popular transmog item because it's the only item with a rainbow glow, but there's a tiny problem. It's no longer in the game and can only be found on the Auction House. Before Cataclysm the sword was a 26 per cent drop from a rare spawn in Stranglethon called Scale Belly. It was constantly farmed by collectors and some people even created level 55 Death Knights on various servers for the sole purpose of planting them at Scale Belly's spawn point. But Cataclysm changed the zone, and Scale Belly is now a low-level monster with a different loot table, meaning that the Chromatic Sword no longer drops. The only place to find one is the Auction House, but even if it shows up, it's stupidly pricey.

The Rarest World of Warcraft Items Screenshot: dotorion / Wowhead

Haunted Memento: This one's silly. It's not a pet or a toy. It's a pretty much worthless item that summons an undead buddy who follows you around. Why is it rare then? The item was only available during Wrath of the Lich King's launch event back in 2009 when the Scourge attacked Azeroth. So people either forgot about it, destroyed it years ago or if they were lucky they still have it in their bank. Now it goes for hundreds of thousands of gold on the AH.

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsScreenshot: Ruaten / Wowhead

Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent: An awesome looking mount that was bugged for months and never dropped for anyone. Now it's fixed and attainable from the Sha of Anger world boss in Kun-Lai Summit, but the drop rate is still so low compared to other world bosses that it's basically unknown. Based on one or two lucky drops, it's impossible to calculate the drop rate.

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsScreenshot: Fiendbane / Wowhead

Poseidus: A few things make this mount much harder to grab than other rare spawns. The monster that has the seahorse mount is located in the underwater zone of Vashj'ir, and searching for a specific mob underwater is a bit trickier than on dry land. Besides that, it only spawns once or twice a week and the two spawning locations are pretty far from each other. Good news though, it can be sold on the Auction House, usually for 999,999 gold.

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsThe new version, only available for Rogues.

Recipe: Thistle Tea: It's a cooking recipe, and it's most likely the single rarest item in the game that still exists out there. The recipe was only available from the release of the game to patch 1.3 as a reward from a Rogue-only class quest, until the whole quest was removed. So it hasn't been obtainable for 10 years now. But still, some players haven't learned the recipe, kept it in their bank tab and occasionally they put it up on the Auction House for a horrible price.

Runner up: Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops, which is also a cooking reward from a removed quest-chain, that pops up on the AH from time to time. It was removed with Cataclysm, so it's not as old and rare as the tea. But it's the only epic-quality cooking recipe in the game.

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsScreenshot: Afenar / Wowhead

Stunted Direhorn: According to Warcraftpets, if we exclude all the pets no longer obtainable (gifts from various old promotions, Asia-only events, old Blizzcons), only 4 per cent of the players have the Stunted Direhorn vanity pet. No surprise. The pet's a reward for winning 250 pet battles against other players. Only a small amount of players battle against each other with their vanity pets, and winning 250 of them sounds torturing enough.

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsScreenshot: PhineEredar / Wowhead

Time-Lost Proto Drake: It's called "Time-Lost" for a reason. A unique flying mount with multiple spawning locations, and even with target macros and relentless camping, it's basically impossible to find one. It flies around the Storm Peaks, a huge zone with huge snowy mountains, and a lot of other Proto Drakes. Some people even think that it changes realms during its flight, just to make things more cruel. Finding a needle in a haystack is probably easier.

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsScreenshot: Wowtcglootcards

TCG mounts, pets and toys: Items from WoW's Trading Card Game loot cards are among the most treasured and they're highly sought after. However it was never as easy to get them as it is today, since besides the Auction House, they constantly appear on the Black Market Auction House. The most popular ones are the Swift Spectral Tiger, the Magic Rooster and the X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME due to their unique appearance. But whether it's a pet, a toy or a mount, they all go for 999,999 gold all the time as well. And even if you have the money, you still need to bid in time to win.

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsScreenshot: Thulf / Wowhead

Xorothian Firestick: It's a very unique-looking, collector's favourite gun. But it's quite tricky to get one. The gun's a rare drop for hunters from a boss that only warlocks can summon in Dire Maul. The problem is, this boss was part of a quest chain for the warlock mount that was removed years ago. So the only warlocks who can summon the boss are those who did the quest-chain back then. And even after finding someone who can do it, the drop rate for the gun is still quite low.

The Rarest World of Warcraft ItemsScreenshot: Wowdigsite

Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds: Also, destroyer of sanity and time, because it's so rare. This one's an Archaeology reward for solving Troll dig sites. Some Archaeology mounts are pretty rare, but they're nothing compared to this weapon. And it's bind to account, so you have to solve troll projects until it pops up, there's no other way to obtain it. But it just won't happen, don't even try, it's a 1 in 1500 chance.

Top pic: Kemaria with a Chromatic Sword via Wowhead


    Haunted Memento while rare due to its event, unique status, and most people thought it was junk during th event... it never really sells, posted for high value but doesnt sell for high amounts especially on high pop servers. Also factor in the patch that broke it that makes the haunter only appear randomly for a few seconds and its poor. I farmed like 500 of them during the event and honestly made more money selling jewelcrafting gems during wrath of lich king that that thing

      How can you have farmed 500 of them? They were unique. You wouldn't find one if you already had one, and if you had one in the bank, you couldn't pick up another one.
      I still got 6 of them, had one for each one of my toons.

        500. Day one i figured that they were unique... but also nonbinding. So as soon as i looted one, i mailed it to a bank alt (I had 5 alts) had to keep remailing them every month with a mod... Day 2 created a competition for my guild on who can spam my bank alt with the most useless haunted mementos :) with gold prizes attached. Competition stopped when my bank alts maul boxes overloaded... then I used another guildies bank alts and he got a few hundred too. Guildies were a bit shocked when they found out what the haunted mementoes really did... but a fair chunk of the money funded guild raiding. End of Cata I still had a guild bank tab full of them.

        P.s. to be clear unique but not bind on pickup is very rare... but while you can only have one in your inventory/bank. You can 1 per ingame mail letter up to the maximum mail capacity... also you can put as many unique foesnt effect guild banks.

    I have a bank full of rare, no longer available crap. I still have a proxy of nozdormu to deputize people to collect silithid carapaces for the AQ gate chain. For the longest time (until I faction changed and forgot about it) had "the alliance needs purple lotus" quest in my log. got ancient petrified leaf, eye of divinity and shadow and my benediction, the caster dagger that looks like perditions blade from the AQ gate quest, can make dirges kickin chimaerok chops (but don't have the pattern anymore), have my eldre thalas trinket from DM, got heads, hearts and eyes from all the major bosses back in the day along with a full ZG set (except for hazzrahs dream charm trinket) then loads of other little bits and pieces from around the world. It's like a big nostalgia bomb every time I check the bank

    I have about 3 Haunted Memento's still on my mains from Vanilla days, have gotten huge offers for them but never will sell them due to the Sentimental Value and also because they're so rare. I also have the original Dartol's Rod of Transformation on my Mage and Druid which you can't get anymore, there's a Toy that lets you transform into a Furbolg for 3 minutes yeah but that's every hour or so where as this is a 1 minute cooldown.

      I have both those on my old main. I loved playing my furbolg priest in raids :D

    I got a time lost drake pretty easy, was just pure chance, although I had 2 rogues jump me at same time I was still able to kill the drake and loot it before they killed me (to reset the monster tag at the time)

    What about the Black Qiraji Battle Tank? The Legendary Mount that was awarded to the person who opened the Ahn'Qiraj Gates in Silithus. Since the gates can only be opened once per servee, I'd say that makes it THE rarest item in the game.

    My main has earned both the Thistle Tea & Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops recipes. :)

      The rarest mount item in game item is I believe a mechanostrider with a paint job thats not available in game normally that a player got unaware to himself and customer service rep when his account was restored back in the day when mounts were still bag items and reps had to give you back each item one item at a time

        My rarest mount is the Brewfest Ram. It got removed when the Brewfest Kodo became available. This was back when mounts took up inventory slots and the mount speed went by their innate speed rather than riding skill. Nobody could be bothered grinding the tickets for the slow mount when they already had the swift mount.

      it wasn't only the one person who could get it, once it was activated anyone who touched it within 10 hours got the mount, servers would coordinate it so more people could get it.

        a whole bunch of servers bugged out at one point too, and a tonne of people got the mount then when they completed the quest to open the gate again
        temp bans, but they got to keep it

    I remember my 6 month long hunt for the time lost proto drake.... fuck that mount.... seriously....

      Back in Wotlk I got lucky and it spawned right in front of my face while I was farming some random mobs. I didn't understand how rare it was until around 6-7 players hovered above my head as I looted the body. It's a very ugly mount to be honest.

      Last edited 26/02/16 2:08 pm

        Phosphorescent Drake from Aeonaxx is harder than TLPD.

      I actually got 2 of these on different characters... 2 days apart.
      I didn't think it was actually that rare to be honest, except for people pestering me in guild about it.

        from memory it was on like a 24-36 hours spawn rotation, and shared a spawn with 2-3 other rare mobs, and the patrol route it took was massive.
        So to get 2 in 2 days is ridiculous... i'd have gone out an grabbed a lotto ticket that week lol.

    I've played on and off for ten years... Last year was the first year I missed the anniversary event since they introduced the achievements I'm the fourth year. One rare item I still have in my Hunter is RokDelar bow and staff. No longer attainable... Shame the flowery bow looks kind of pansy

    muthafuckin guildie got the sha mount AND heroic elegon mount in one fucking night. prick.

    How, exactly, are people selling the Thistle Tea recipe, which is still BoP?

      When it was made BoP, they left the non-bound versions of the recipe remain in circulation... for about 9 years, then they made the non-bounds grey item vendor trash in WoD. No longer for sale.

      In the fine print under the picture:The new version, only available for Rogues.

      I did a quick google search and: Quest reward copies of this recipe earned by rogues before Patch 1.3.0 were not Bind on Pickup, and any that remain unused are still transferable to another character.

        Hmm. I must not have rolled my rogue til after 1.3 then. The copy sitting in my bank definitely says BoP.

    I still transmog every staff on my priest to Benediction/Anathema

    ...mostly Anathema.

    Not super rare...but I got mine in vanilla when I was running 40 man MC with a US guild, while working full time. It was tough.

    I can attest to how rare those archaeology weapons are, at the first month of Cataclysm i tried to get that staff from tor'vir artifacts for my druid sunk hundreds of hours and never got it to show up.

    Smart people would never post 999,999g 99s 99c on the Auction house, as it is known that you can only be outbid by someone who does at least 5% above your bid, but they can't exceed gold cap. In reality a bid of 953,100 would secure any item on BMAH, saving approximately 45,000 gold. An almost 5% discount is well worth it.

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