Bloody Ripper, The Humble Store Is Doing A Sale On Australian-Made Games

Australia makes good video games. We're aware of that.

So just in case you've missed out on a few Australian games over the years, Humble Bundle is running a pretty awesome Australia only sale.

Here's what's on-sale...

Armello is 25% off at US$14.99 Hurtworld is 20% off at US$19.99 Hacknet is 25% off at US$7.49 Crawl is 20% off at US$7.99 Screencheat is 25% off at US$11.24 Antichamber is 80% off at US$3.99 Fractured Souls is 50% off at US$4.99 Armed With Wings: Rearmed is 25% off at US$5.99 Dungeon Dashers is 25% off US$7.49 Defect is 10% off at US$13.49 Duet is 50% off at US$2.49

That's a lot of stuff. A lot of quality games there. I've actually been meaning to check out Crawl for a while. Maybe now is my chance.


    No TY. instafail bundle

      Such a failure of a bundle that it wasn't even a bundle in the first place :P

      No krome games at all that I can see :( Given the proprietary names they've worked on though, I doubt we'll see Barbie: Beach Vacation or Hellboy on such a list any time soon though.

    Weird that Duet is Steam-only on there, while it was DRM-free in the recent HIB16. Also find it kinda funny that the charity for this is the American Red Cross :P

    Been wanting to check out Crawl for a while too, might have to look into that.

      Check out Armello too if you haven't already. It's pretty fantastic.

    Australia makes good video games. We’re aware of that.

    Well our government doesn't think so.

      Primarily they think that vidya gaymes are only for children, and thus not capable of any real depth or adult appeal.
      Like anything in politics, things will change, you just have to wait for the old people to die off and hope that your issue isn't only in the social minority.

    Armello! Crawl! Antichamber!

    Three awesome games. totally recommend em.

    If you haven't already - check these games out. Do the right thing by keeping an aussie working, and play some pretty cool games. Screencheat and Armello are high quality and a great price.

    Unfortunately I already have most of these, ah well, good excuse to finally get/try Hacknet :P

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