Just Cause 3 Developer Delays Latest Update... But Only For The PC Version

If you own Just Cause 3 on PC and were expecting an update today, well, that's not happening. Avalanche has announced that the planned PC patch for its latest game has been delayed a few days, though those on consoles are still good to go.

Usually, it's the reverse situation — PC owners getting updates days — and sometimes weeks — before their living room compatriots. In the case of Just Cause 3's next patch, it's Xbox One and PS4 users that have smirking privileges.

Originally, Avalanche posted an announcement on the game's Steam page stating a patch would be out on Friday, though there was no mention of a time difference between platforms:

In preparation for the new AIR, LAND & SEA Expansion Pass content, the main game will also be receiving a new update on Friday March 4th that includes the following fixes:

- Reduced initial loading time and in-game loading screens by 20-50% - Fixed several memory leaks resulting in crashes - Reduced a number of random crashes - Improved streaming of game world - Some performance optimizations related to hitches and stuttering - Implemented DLC system in preparation of the Air, Land and Sea packages

This was followed a day later with this amendment:

To correct yesterday’s announcement on the JC3 patch - console users should see the patch filter through today, PC gamers should expect this next week. Please stay tuned and we will update you with the patch date as soon as possible.

The developer doesn't go into detail about the delay, but it's possible a problem was discovered that only affects the PC version. Seeing as how easy it is to roll out updates on Steam, I doubt players will be waiting too long for it.

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    I'd love to hear feedback regarding the patch because the poor performance review is the only thing that held me back from buying this title.

    They're the lucky ones! JC3 has been virtually unplayable since it was patched to 1.03. It's like a slide show any time you go near a bit city!

      What specs do you have? Mine never drops below 60fps. Could be higher but my monitor is capped at that.

        Sorry, on PS4 (i.e. the platform that's already been "patched").

          Ahhhh, I see, no worries! Still that sucks about your situation on PS4.

      I found the game would pause while trying to load new content, so I was getting 1FPS or less on launch day. This improved drastically when I moved it over to my SSD, with only occasional issues, which improved a little bit further after a patch.

      Still not great though. I had less general bugs than JC2 but compared to the overall bugs, this performance one in JC3 was pretty much game breaking

    The PS4 patch has been a God-send. Definitely reduced load times, most significantly fast-travel, less so the initial first-time load. I also had an issue where extended leader boards didn't work - I was all alone - but they did work on same machine for another login.... weird. Anyway that issue was also resolved, meaning I could complete the three online trophy's.

    Hey, this is a great game. Yes it's a bit "samey" at times (okay, a lot of the time)... but I love the scenery and there are some neat challenges getting those hard to find vehicles back to a garage when you find them behind enemy lines.

      whaaaa? yeah the load times have improved but it runs like a dog for me. When riding certain bikes/tanks/cars the framerate is unplayable, same as if you go near a big city. it just chugs, hard. Also now the "performing online login" after resuming from suspend mode takes a lifetime!

      after reading your comment i thought i was going mad, but i'm not alone:

      Last edited 07/03/16 9:38 am

        Wow... I dunno. Honestly it runs just great on my PS4, seriously it does. And its definitely the new patch as the DLC menu option now appears (although it does nothing), plus like I said improved load times and my leader boards now work.

        I do have an upgraded HDD in the PS4. But its not an SDD, just a 1TB cheapy I got from the local computer shop etc.

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