Paradox Promotes Stellaris By Riffing On Trump's Campaign

Like so many other publishers and developers, Paradox Interactive was at the Game Developers Conference today showing off their upcoming projects. One of those is the much-awaited 4X grand space strategy Stellaris, a game they're advertising as Paradox's most accessible game ever.

But they're also promoting it in a novel fashion. With their hats.

Paradox's hats are pretty simple: they're full red, with white text that simply reads "Make Space Great Again". Which bears a striking resemblance to the caps you can buy to support Donald Trump's campaign.

And here's a second look at the Stellaris caps.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: Stellaris will be released on May 9. Here's the new trailer. It's looking pretty good.


    Stellaris on 09/05 and Heart of Iron 4 on 06/06. It is already a great year and we are only half way through it!

    Correction - not even half way through it!!

    Last edited 16/03/16 2:17 pm

    I need this in my life ASAP.

      Is this the one with the 2 phases? 4x beginning the CK diplomacy or whoever it works?

        Yeah, although I maintain it's less 4x than others are making out

          I'm just going off the phrases I've heard in passing. Haven't actually had time to look into it properly

    Weren't Paradox and Obsidian supposed to be announcing something? What happened to that?

      It's called Tyranny and you play as a lieutenant to an evil overlord, an RPG

    I only just found out about EU IV properly last year and still haven't really sunk my teeth into it. Looking forward to trying out Stellaris and learning with a bunch of mates at the same time :D

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