Sorry Dong Tri Phan. Your reign of terror is over.

Congrats to Poribo who managed to correctly guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Persona 3!

Good luck with today's all-new scribble. It's by yours truly. Don't forget you can send in your own submissions here


    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?

    Any reference as to where the Persona scribble's came from? i.e. where in the game? @poribo ?

      First scribble was from this (image on his shirt)

      Second was from this (the MP3 player around his neck):

        Lol wow I've played the game for hours and hours and never noticed those details before! ty :)

          I'm a big Persona fan, I own the exact mp3 player that the MC wears haha

    Looks like something from Might and Magic. But realistically it could be from any RPG inventory.

    Digger T. Rock - Legend of the Lost City

    Looks like the closing door that sits at the bottom of the screen?

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