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    The Division is out tomorrow. Time for me to decide if I should get it or not...

    Anyone here getting it on PC?

      I came here to ask the same question...? (so thanks for asking it for me)

      I am torn between PC and PS4.


      I'll be on PC (Rogue | Lath = Steam Name) and PS4 (Terrakah). It's goooona be a goody.

      I'm going with "no".

      I'm going to wait and see how the player base/content is at least a month down the line.

        I'm probably going to cave. Keen for a shooter (I'd prefer an FPS but slim pickings there lately...) so I'll see how it goes.

          I'll pick up BLOPS 3 MP pack before I get Destiny* The Division if I want a shooter.

          *Not a joke, I actually typed that by mistake.

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            I've considered that but I'm pretty sure I'll learn to hate the perks system the same way I did every CoD after MW2. Granted, hardcore CoD was amazing fun...

        That's my general approach to most games. I've played fuck all AAA releases since taking that approach.

      I will probably get it on PC eventually. Not sure if I will grab it day one though, I got all excited for Destiny and grabbed it day one and that ended in disappointment. I might wait a bit before grabbing it.

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      I might get it on PC if it turns out not to be Destiny 2.0 and actually has some content.

    Mornin' all. How was everyones weekend?

    Mine was okay if you disregard my D Drive dying and me losing a bunch of data & the idiot who worked Saturday night not doing anything in regards to filling fridges leaving me to do it all Sunday for my shift..

      weekend was good thanks, lots of social engagements and celebrations, not much time for gaming but I did make it trough to the final mission on XCom2 last night so I am hanging to get home and finish it off (just in time for the division)

      commiserations on the drive mate, hopefully it wasn't anything to drastic that was lost.
      I assume you gave it a proper send off?

        Lost some photoshop files which I swear I had backed up but I don't for some weird reason, & a little bit of music which I hadn't backed up yet (though it was my most recent music library which I had tidied up & got rid of what I didn't want so i'm a bit peeved there :P). But i'm hoping i'll be able to find a way to access the drive to pull it all off. I think I should invest in an external dock for HDD's just to make my life easier :P

        Last edited 07/03/16 10:04 am

          Yeah my last build included a HDD dock for that. Mostly for when my family/friends ring and say "OMG my PC has crapped itself, all my stuff that I never back up even though you told me to is on there. But I'm sure you can magically fix it for me"

            Haha, man friends & family are good at that too, esp when they believe you'll do it for free...

              I didn't realise there was another option other than free when it came to friends and family ;P !

                Well, if you ask for money they tend to stop breaking shit it seems :P

    The struggle is real with iinet atm.

    My internet went down for a week nearly a month ago, and after the usual iinet tech followed by telstra tech it came back up, at massively reduced, unusable speed.

    Second callout to repair the speed meant another visit from the very same iinet tech to pointlessly check my end, followed by another telstra tech, who checked the download speed and judged it to be fine (ignoring the 250 kilobit upload).

    Follow up call to iinet was an hour of them blaming the number of devices on my WiFi, my Ethernet cable, and eventually just telling me that I was far from the exchange and that speed was normal. Hmm, unless my house has shifted without my knowledge, that's not exactly an option...

    I haven't been able to play splatoon in almost a month now, I'm starting to get the shakes. So today is line fault lodging number three!

    It wouldn't be quite so annoying if this exact set of circumstances didn't happen six months ago.

    Last edited 07/03/16 9:23 am

      Man that really sucks. I've always had really good experiences with Iinet. I'm sorry to hear that you've been screwed around.

        I've been with iinet for a decade, they've always had good customer service, but the telstra maintained lines here are atrocious.

        I can see the exchange from my house, I'm stupidly close, but the copper is just terrible. I have no idea how the nbn can think it's viable. My last house was in Highgate Hill, on the fibre network, and it was rock solid.

          Maybe ask @tech_knight about telstra? =P

            If the suburb is monopolised, it's not a surprise that the connectivity quality is horrid. My brother is going through the exact same thing in Cranbourne.

              Sounds like my area :P I guess i'm also just bitter my speed has halved in the last 18-24 months :/ Went from around 1200kb/s down to 500-600kb/s. I also think more people in my street discovered the internet which sucks.

                One of the first habits of monopolising an area, why spend money to improve it and properly maintain it if your connectivity is the only option with no competition?

                  Basically. I mean at least I have a stable connection, and it doesn't disconnect often, like some areas around here do..

          The copper isn't viable - that was the coalition's great swindle when they kneecapped the NBN.


      ARE YOU ME? HOLY MAMA MIA ARE YOU? I'm sorry for caps but this is verbatim my problem and I thought its just because we have real shit phone lines up in the Perth hills.

    finished the steven universe bookmarks
    My weekend was pretty normal except when Techie came over to hang out on Saturday.
    Oh yeah, I built a flat pack set of drawers and now my dog sleep next to me. It makes life easier when I want to pat him =D

    Last edited 07/03/16 9:23 am

      They came out really nicely.
      Nice work. :)

        Thank you! I struggled with Garnet a bit. Their proportions are different to what I'm used to.

      I'm sure Sid's happier too. Not having to leave bed to get pats. =P

        Oh yeah. He was on his back this morning getting his chest rubbed!

      Haha. I've been spoiling Chilli this week allowing her to sleep inside cause it's been rainy. So she ends up watching TV of a night in my room and passing out on my bed and not allowing me to get comfortable lol.

        Sid doesn't like being on our beds as he jumps off when we move our feet. He loves his bed so he's pretty happy

          Haha. I can't keep Chilli off my bed when she's inside with me. Probably also cause I have a fan blowing across my bed in the warmer months lol.

            Sid is a bit of a weirdo as he doesn't like fans, or lifts

    Went to a friend's birthday Saturday night. He turns into a massive asshat when he's the centre of attention. I think in a deliberate attempt to drive his friends away because his new wife insisted that his party must end at midnight sharp and starts getting fussy when people aren't making clear moves out the door by 11:15pm, he announced loudly that one of the girls in the group has breast implants and, if you ask nicely, will let you touch them - even the initial proclamation was incredibly rude, as while most people probably knew, it's still a matter of discretion. He then started suggesting that people go into the bathroom with her to inspect them, as if it being his party made him the lord of all he surveyed and his guests must acquiesce to all demands. No one considered this offer and he was advised, several times, that he was being a fuckhead. This did not stop him from re-raising the issue every few minutes until everyone left.
    If it was his plan to have fewer people wanting to spend time around him, mission accomplished.

    Other than that I felt miserable and played a very small amount of Far Cry 4. I feel like I am on a very long streak of illness, bouncing from stomach flu (which lasted about 2 weeks) to a head cold, and now I have a sore throat and a chesty cough. I'm well tired of it. I don't know how I found the energy to attend Saturday night's party but I seem to have paid for it in Sunday, only having the capacity to lay about on the couch periodically bothering to put on a new youtube video.

      Some party. Can't say it wouldn't be tempting to ask though, out of curiosity :P

        Well to go into finer detail this friend had already (privately) told my wife about her augmentation and suggested indirectly that she'd be happy to share information, answer questions, etc. There was some indication (told to me second hand by my wife) that the opportunity to feel them might arise at some point and she'd definitely be interested to know what it was like - so on a purely objective level the suggestion by the birthday boy wasn't entirely out of order - but 1) he had no way of knowing that, and 2) raising it loudly and openly in front of a group of 12 people is hardly appropriate.
        Further to that, birthday boy's comments were directed specifically at my wife because generally our small party subgroup was talking about boobs (having exhausted all available conversation about dicks, apparently) and he just happened to pipe up directly in response to something my wife had said - so that made it extra awkward.

        Last edited 07/03/16 11:01 am

          He sounds like a lovely chap.

            Because I'm bored and am putting off writing an difficult email, here's a bullet point background on this guy:

            - back in their teens my wife was really good friends with this guy and his brother
            - there were periods between the ages of 16 - 19 that my wife and birthday boy could've had a relationship, but my wife was I guess a bit different to his other friends and he more or less pushed her away because he couldn't stand the judgment of his other friends if they found out they were together
            - even after cruelly dumping on her, he still expected her to be there for him and even tried to get physical with her (though nothing ever actually happened between them)
            - when we got together wife my was still hurt by some mean shit he said to her and it took awhile for her to forgive him and for me to get past the extremely negative impressions I had of him based on her second hand disclosure
            - birthday boy is extremely shallow and, like most guys, digs boobs. But he took it to a pretty gross level - he would often ask female friends of his (incl. my wife, while she was in a relationship with me) for a "birthday flash", or otherwise see no issue with trying to grope them
            - when he finally got a girlfriend and was engaged, he professed to change, to the point that when his brother hired a topless waitress for his buck's night, he went on the aggressive saying none of his friends "knew him" and that this was extremely disrespectful. Each and every one of his friends called this bullshit straight up, and that he was only putting on a façade because of his church friends - again, all about appearances rather than what he wants.
            - now that he's married, all pretence of having respect for women has gone out the window again. He openly talks about his sex life with his wife in front of others - she's ok with it to a point (because talking about sex and having a laugh is something adults just do when they're comfortable around each other) but it goes too far and makes her uncomfortable.
            - while finding excuses to discuss sex topics with friends he'll openly grope his wife who used to be fairly passive but has started becoming resistant and telling him off for it (I think with the support of my wife and some of her other friends who've explained to her she doesn't have to put up with it)

            And that brings us to the weekend, his 33rd birthday, where apparently it's ok for him to accost a female at his party, loudly announce they have implants, and put her on offer.

            Now, this list is spread across some 15 years so it's not like it all happened in one day in case you're wondering how such an asshole still even has friends - he's not a complete arse all the time. But he is starting to alienate people, getting invited to less group events, etc. I'd feel sorry for him because I'd give it another couple of months before he seriously starts to haemorrhage the friends he has left, but after years of telling him to pull his head in I've really lost any sympathy I might have once had.

              Sounds like this guy stopped maturing at about 17 and is being left behind. Maybe time to take him off the Christmas card list, so to speak?

                He's started to be quietly excluded from group events. When he sees the pictures on Facebook he sends whiny texts to my wife, who enjoys the irony that she's now a core part of the group that he once believed would ostracise him for dating her.

                We do not feel bad about this.

              God damn. He sounds like an embarrassment.. I just don't understand how someone can think their behaviour like that is acceptable & normal.

                Multiple choice quiz time!

                When out to dinner with friends late last year, when the time came to ask for the cheque he allegedly caught the attention of the waitstaff by:
                a) catching the eye of someone from across the room and making the universal "cheque please" sign with his hand
                b) clicking his fingers at a passing waitstaff
                c) identifying a nearby waiter in the middle of serving another table and yelling "OI, PONYTAIL"

                When his female friend advised him quietly that this kind of behaviour was not generally acceptable in public, did he:

                a) quietly apologise?
                b) grab her breasts and squeeze them making "honk honk" noises?
                c) burp loudly directly into her face?

                C & C actually. I thought I might have gone too outlandish with my decoy answer especially given the rest of the story, but no, he did not honk her at the table. As far as I know.

    Whoa shit. According to this here e-mail, we have received a subpoena! "You were invited to the presiding judge by the judge because of offense against the law."

    It's ok though. I'll just click this here Unsubscribe link at the end, that'll sort everything out.

    Morning all! I engaged in jolly co operation in Donkey Kong and Yoshi's Wooly World with the fiancé this weekend, it was lots of fun, though Tropical Freeze is not really designed for two people...

      But Yoshi is? We got a Wii-U for Christmas, and play a little Mario Kart now and then, but not much else... Wouldn't mind a cutesy co-op game for us to play.

        Yoshi is hilarious as a 2 player co op game. It makes the game a lot easier as you always have a spare yarn ball (your co op partner). It's a bit of an easier game overall too so its a bit less stressful. I would highly recommend it, definitely one of last year's most underrated games.

    Ah, managed to get further into Twilight Princess, and had work at the gallery on Sunday.
    And hopefully our net will be back up to normal speed by tonight!
    Fucking iiNet.

      Are you in WA? My internet has turned sheit since yesterday and the fact that FF XIII is 45 GB for some ludicrous reason isn't helping

    Beard update:

    it's gone.

    Anyway, because of awesome people, just over $700 was raised for the leukaemia foundation.
    so thanks for that if you were one those who donated.

    So I tried out Marvel Heroes on Friday night... Wait, it's Monday?! That thing is dangerous... Might have to stay away from that one. *makes plans to play Diablo 3 tonight*

    :P In all seriousness, not sure if I'm sold on it. Got Squirrel Girl to level 60, and keen to find out what happens in Chapter 10, but... if I have to choose between two Diablo-style games, I'm going to go for the one where I don't have to worry about getting one-shot 200 ping.

    Aww yiss. Steel Panther are touring Aus in June. Haven't seen those guys live since Soundwave 2012 with @freezespreston ah that was a good day.

    That's 2 concerts in June now, both in the same week as well.

      and there's a VIP package which includes a meet & greet, that's kinda really tempting.

    Morning all.

    Getting quite hype about monster hunter generations and spent a good chunk of the weekend playing MH4U (while staying near a computer because on call to work).
    Quick gush - I forgot just how *fun* the added vertical elements are in 4. So much fun was had. Mid air takedowns, ridiculous flying in on a massive drop to perfectly smash monsters. So good.
    Best bit? When generations comes out, every weapon set will have a bouncey bug stick style move set. Every. Weapon.
    Cannot wait.

    Oh, and work? Work is shit. Has gone to shit. The lack of planning and actual management from too many layers of managers is coming in to roost this week, so they'll all be bullshitting and scrambling to cover their own asses just to make it even harder for those of us that actually do work. Also why I'm a little less post-y lately, only feels like I'm doing three jobs and getting thrown under a bus at the same time. Fun fun. Apologies for the vent.
    Monster Hunter sure is fun though and a nice escape from thinking about work.

      Upset that my bouncey bug-stick niche will be gone! :P

      Every weapon? My gunlance will be the terror of the skies.

        From what I've seen, every weapon.
        The change comes with multiple hunting styles available - for instance, switch axe (the only weapon for me) gets 4 styles: Classic / Current setup from 3/4, Reduced combos but more passive abilities, jumpy goodness, and ridiculous i-frames up the ass super dodging style.

        Considering the leap attack with the hammer can one-hit stun things, I'm keen to see how an aerial attack works...

    I'm starting to get angry in Smite. I can see how people can really get into dota games and why they turn into assholes. Might need to call it quits soon.

    Finished playing Broforce. That game is awesome in how stupid it is.
    Started playing Galak-Z, a game I really wish I could still pay for despite getting it for free. I'm really enjoying it but I don't find it that difficult. I just started season 3 so maybe that's when it really ramps up the difficulty, but usually rogue like games start at 10.

    Now I have to clean up for inspection tomorrow.

      As a MOBA veteran (~10 years -playing Dota 1&2), I can definitely vouch that the rage is real.

      That being said, I only tend to get frustrated at my teammates, and very rarely at the enemy. My advice is to find a good group of friends to play with (I'm assuming Smite lets you befriend people in game like Dota does), so that you always have a few people online to group up with. Having people you know on your team almost evaporates my anger issues when I play (although, getting that nub-shit 2 stack to fill out the team when playing with 2 friends and watching the super-duo conga line into the entire opposing team over and over... yeah, still a couple of latent rage issues).

    So, weekend stuff. Managed to reach the end of TMNT on Friday, so could put that one to bed. Glad season 7 pulled things back on track after how kind of awful 6 was. Attempted to record some accordion playing that night, to send off to the band girl. It went okish. I'm out of practise.

    Saturday night I hooked up the Wii U for the first time since Xenoblade came out I think, and ended up deciding to have a go at Devil's Third. It's... I dunno. ​​It probably wouldn't be so bad if it didn't control so horrendously shit. The main problem I have is that the analogues are only kind of semi-analogue. It's like the sticks run on a continuous scale from 0-0.5, but then round up to 1 as soon as you cross that threshold. Aiming is practically impossible without overshooting the mark unless you move things around at a snail's pace. So for the most part I just stick to melee attacks. But then the way the lock-ons work with certain attacks, along with how block, dodge and camera re-centre are all bound to the one button makes most battles a clusterfuck of rage-inducing misdirected actions.

    Will persist, but finding it hard to agree with @akumajobelmont. And I say this as a guy who championed the virtues of the likes of ZombiU and both Red Steel games in the face of all criticism :P

      To each their own man! :)

      At least you've given it a try, and not blindly shat on Devil's Third! Can't say I've had any issues with the aiming, I just brought the sensitivity down. and that worked for me. Although, I must admit to being slightly annoyed at the clicking the left thumb-stick in for run, and the block being L1... although the only time this really gets to me is during boss-fights. Are you using the Gamepad or the Pro Controller? I find FPS games a real chore on the Gamepad - all of them, haha. The Pro Controller works much better for me with FPS games. It's the reason I couldn't play Deus Ex through again on the Wii U - no Pro Controller support...

      If you don't end up wanting to keep Devil's Third, at least it should be worth something in the future if you wanna sell it, considering the limited print run :)

        Oh yeah, didn't think of trying the Pro. Been using Gamepad, especially since I can off-screen play. Where are the sensitivity options? I might have a play with those, I don't remember spotting them in any of the options menus. And yeah that L button use... ugh. But especially the click run, this is the exact use of click sticks that I have despised since forever, and a big part of why I was so disappointed to hear that they were finally adding them with the Wii U.

        Apart from that though, there hasn't been overly much reason to complain. It's a big dumb action movie as a game. Nothing that'll set the world on fire, but hardly any reason to set the game disc on fire either.

      I still can't believe they gave Devil's Third a full proper retail release but threw Fatal Frame/Project Zero 5, an actual good game, under the bus.

        That crazy old Uncle Nintendo! *jingle*

        (is that the Maiden of Blackwater one, or another?)

          Yeah, Maiden of Black Water is Project Zero 5. It's not the best in the series (Project Zero 2 is by far the peak) but it's a solid game even if the reviews were mixed.

          It's maiden of blackwater. There's only 2 spinoffs. The 3DS one and the remake

    I forgot to ask. Has anyone else here played the legend of legacy demo? The combat is so in depth that I think it may take me ages to utilise it properly and that's without the added elementals.

      Is this on 3ds?

        Yes it is

          I'll check it out once I get a new 3DS, my battery died :-(

            Aw, that sucks. There's no time limit on demos, so it'll still be there

              Yeah, I will grab it. The bigger suck is the suckiness of not being able to play Bravely Second.

              I got maybe an hour or two in.

                Ugh, that's crap D= Legend of legacy is short, the actual game, but apparently the story is good. Oh and there's 7 characters

                  Yeah, is on my radar.

                  I'm playing Digimon at the moment though. I'm well addicted.

                Physically unable or mentally unable?

                  @scree I think this was in response to the Ideolo query? I think it was Stella Glow that had his artwork. It's a very striking vector-based style. Lots of areas of solid, bright color and hard blacks. I'm a massive fan but the game itself didn't look too great.

                  EDIT: This artist:

                  He does a lot of Touhou stuff.

                  Last edited 08/03/16 9:43 am

                  To be honest, I'm still really confused. I didn't say I was unable to anything, I don't think. I do like the art style of Legacy of Legend though.

                  @scree: I think maybe the page redirected you to the wrong comment? The unable thing was a reply to @jimu, since he said he wasn't able to play Bravely Second. I'm asking if he wasn't able to because of physical constraints (time etc) or mental (i.e. getting bored with the game)

                  Oh, well, I can answer that. It's physically as his 3DS is broken

                  Because my 3DS won't hold any power. Game is great.

                  (This is a confusing thread, @Scree ) :p

      Which trio have you been using? Haven't tested other configurations yet but I expect they will alter combat tactics.
      I've had Frogman sitting up the front with a shield while the archer and amnesiac bust heads from behind the line As much as I want to keep playing, the battle music is too nerve grating.

        I've got
        Meurs, the elemental, bianca the amnesiac and Garnet. Garnet shields while Meurs attacks and Bianca supports. Or else Bianca and Meurs attack while Garnet shields.

      Was that the one that had character art by Ideolo or was that something else? I think it was Atlus were doing two similar-ish 3DS JRPGs around the same time.

        No it was more a watercolour art style

    Oh yeah, finally booted up the 98 machine for the first time since mid-October. Had to dig through nearly a thousand new e-mails. Oops :P

    Then picked up the Humble Bundle before it disappeared. Should probably move things off that e-mail account.

    Last edited 07/03/16 12:07 pm

      98 machine, as in Windows 98..?

        The one and only!

        Well, I guess there's the distinction between FE and SE. But who would actually want to use FE :P

          Hahaha, what sort of hardware is running in this beast? :P

            Hmm. Off the top of my head, I think it was a 1.7GHz Celeron, 1GB RAM, GeForce... 6600 I think? And 80GB hard drive :P

            The GPU fan makes a godawful noise when starting up, especially in cold weather. It usually quietens down though once you get to the point of the computer being actually usable. Although occasionally the screen would just stay blank and you'd need to reset and try again. But sometimes this would lead to the display settings for Windows getting reset, and a couple of the changes would require a reboot to enable to that meant there was a chance it would fail to start up and reset themselves all over again. Also some kind of bug with the graphics drivers means it's impossible to actually use the Shut Down option, it hangs during the shutdown procedure and I can't remember if it requires or actually triggers a reboot. So to shut it down you have to use Restart instead, and wait for it to go through the memory check and tap the Power button then.

            She is a beast of many quirks, but the old gal's served me well :P And probably still would be, if MS didn't force that MSN shutdown/Skype upgrade to >v6.

      Just checked the latest weekly humble bundle and it is basically every pinball FX table that I don't own.
      *Ching Ching*

    Heh, just saw on Facebook from the NSW Police they seized a large number of cannabis plants in my region in recent & people are whining that they should be out there busting people for ice. Thing is from my experience, a lot of these people around here growing & selling weed are doing it to fund their ice (or other amphetamine) addiction & well the police arresting these people can sometimes lead them to the sources of ice in the area..

    Hell my neighbour got raided a number of years back cause he had a hydroponic set up in his shed & was dealing as well to fund his amphetamine habit. He walked because he named a lot of others in the area that either dealt or manufactured.

      I do kind of see their point though... I can't remember the last time a stoner got high and went around punching and kicking random people, probably because it has never happened.

        I'm not talking about the end user who gets stoned & nothing else. I'm talking about the fuckwits who are growing & selling the stuff to fund their other habits which are either amphetamine abuse or other illegal habits. And most of the time these people who're busted, are growing on public land so that's also uncool. Plus these people have ties to other crimes & always have an amount of unregistered firearms. They're the dregs of society & I feel they need to be punished appropriately because they don't contribute anything to society as far as I am concerned.

        I get it though, we need to legalise marijuana, tax it & have it grown in safe & controlled conditions so it's not a shit product or laced with some kind of dangerous chemical. I'm just sick & tired of seeing the criminals who are a problem in society profit off seemingly harmless substance.

          Well yeah that's it. I guess that's the other discussion - is weed legalized, or do cops just start ignoring it? If it's the former then you solve the funding-their-meth-habit problem too: if the government is selling safe, legal weed, then the meth-heads and bikie gangs won't be.

            Naw bike gangs will always find a way to make money. If it's not manufacturing or running drugs, it's selling stolen merchandise, or chop shops or racketeering etc..

              That's true... but it's not a reason to attack one of the sources of their income. This just seems like a such a no brainer to me... Better quality weed, no danger of the weed being laced with anything, less revenue for illegal gangs, more tax revenue for the government, not having to deal with criminals if you want it... I literally cannot think of a downside. Let's face it - today, in Australia, if you want weed it's pretty damn easy to find it... so why not legalize it and get all the benefits that flow on from there.

                I hear ya man. There's no real downside, look at Colorado after they legalised it, it's been so positive for them. Apart from the fact it's driven up retail prices apparently.

                But I swear the governments rebuttal is all "but derr drugs and they's bad mmkkkay" That's about all I get from it. Like how they come out attacking people for the idea of pill testing at festivals and are all "hurr durr you shouldn't be taking them we oppose this idea of them being tested" let me guess they also oppose the idea of safe inject sites that supply clean needles etc..

                Just because some drugs are illegal doesn't mean you shouldn't offer ways for the public to be safe about taking them.

                  Literally any time I hear someone make that argument, I direct them to the wiki page on drug policy in Portugal.


                  Very few maintain their argument afterwards.

    I met Togepi & Haunter on Saturday night.

    I can't believe the weekend has gone already.

    Well I'm slowly getting through my back catalogue of games. This weekend I finally managed to finish GTAV story mode. It's the fist GTA game I've managed to get through. Not sure what's next, maybe Fallout?

    @ anyone who knows anything about data recovery. I had my D Drive die yesterday, it's a Western Digital Caviar Green 1.5TB, there's some data on it I would really like back (actually all of it in retrospect) there's maybe 150GB of stuff on there (more like 100GB i'd say) but Windows 10 can't access the drive and the drive crashes Windows explorer when I connect it & on my other machine WIndows 7 recognises it, but that's about it. I also crashed Windows explorer when I tried to access it, so yeah.. Ideas?

      Try something like this on your win 7 machine.
      Make sure you've got another drive attached that can hold at least twice the amount you want recovered.

        Ah cheers dude! I'll give that a shot in a moment!

    Played the Flame in the Flood over the weekend.

    took 3 days to travel 3.6 miles down river then die of dehydration inside a church after being chased by a pig & getting bitten by ants.

    10/10 would fail miserably again.

      Wow, that game looks really cool. I'd pick it up if I wasn't already swarmed by recent purchases :P

        Said the guy about to buy The Division... :P

          In one years' time Flame in the Flood will still be a whole game...

      Yeah keen to get that next pay day and check it out; it's weird this year I have more interest in all these odd little titles (like crashlands) than the majority of AAA games coming out.

    Apparently it's 100 days until E3. Not too long until we actually hear what this whole NX business is about.

      "Hello everyone, and welcome to the Nintendo E3 show, DIRECT to you. Now you're probably expecting us to talk about the NX, but we have nothing to report.

      So uhh, we're porting Skyward Sword to the WiiU, uhhh, and also... Super Mario Sunshine.

      We have nothing to say about the new Pokemon (WHICH WILL BE AVAILABLE IN NINE LANGUAGES!). Have a good year."


        Cloud Amiibo! no, not the FFVII dude with funky hair, that cloud sprite from SMB3.
        a coin Amiibo. from... pretty much all the games.
        Amiibo amiibo! coz fuck you.


          I'm personally hanging out for the Trophy Base Trophy amiibo.

            Trophy base trophy Amiibo Amiibo?

            Last edited 07/03/16 4:17 pm

              An amiibo of the card amiibo of the trophy base trophy.

          ...I'd buy that cloud Amiibo.

            *sigh* you're part of the problem Rize.

      We'll probably find out about it before E3, actually.

      Including finding out that it's actually called the Nintendo Puu or something.

    Whee, Leap Motion get! Now just need to remember to get around to playing with it :P

    Just had the weirdest call from Tesltra, trying to upsell me again.

    Spoilered for length.

    "I see you have two mobiles and a landline."
    "What internet do you have?"
    "TPG Unlimited for $60 a month."
    "Haha, that's pretty good but unlimited doesn't mean unlimited. Do you ever experience slow downs at busy periods."
    "Yes, that's a universal issue."
    "Well we can pinpoint when that happens."
    (I wait for her to tell me they have somehow magically fixed this problem, but she makes no such claim, instead moving on)
    "So I'm going to ask you some questions and see if I can offer you any of our great deals."
    "Is your connection ADSL?"
    "How many devices are currently connected?"
    "I dunno, eight?"
    "Yeah. Including the phones and tablets."
    "Do you play games online?"
    "Yeah, three of the devices are consoles."
    *insert long pointless chat about what games I play and what TV shows I like with extended periods of silence presumably while she tries to figure out what she can sell me*
    "Ok, so we can offer you 1 terabyte of data."
    "As opposed to my unlimited?"
    "It's not really unlimited though."
    "It is, when it works, which is most of the time."
    "Well anyway we can offer you Telstra Air, are you familiar with that product?"
    "Is it like data share?"
    "Not exactly. It allows you to, when you connect to a wifi network, to log into your Telstra account and use your own data over wifi instead."
    "So I have to connect to a wifi network but then log in to use up my own data instead of the other person's? I don't really see what's in it for me."
    "Well by using wifi is how you get viruses."
    "But I'd be connected to wifi anyway."
    "But using your own connection with Telstra Air you get Broadband Secure, so it's safe."
    "...right. So bottomline it for me, how much is this?"
    "So, more than the $60 I pay for my unlimited."
    "But it's not really unlimited. Plus as a thank you for you and your wife being Telstra customers for 10 years, we can offer you three months of free Foxtel platinum for free."
    "I don't want Foxtel."
    "Foxtel is better than streaming as it does not use your internet connection."
    "I'm not interested in Foxtel. I don't want to get it connected, I don't want to get it disconnected after three months. I like Netflix and Stan."
    "It's free."
    "And crap. Look, I just don't think you can offer me anything today, thanks for calling."
    "Why do you think Foxtel would not be suitable for you?"
    "It's just inconvenient to have it. I don't want it. I prefer streaming."
    "Which uses your data."
    "My unlimited data, yes. So, thanks for your call."
    "Ok, before you go *some spiel about reduced price movie tickets or some shit*"

    Whaaaat the hell.

      Not. Fucking. Interested.

      That would probably be me. =P

      *sigh* Goddamn Andy Penn doubling down on the limited is better than unlimited crap. I need to start re-evaluating this company as an investment.

      Edit: On this note does anyone else have any experience with Telstra/Foxtel they could share?

      Last edited 07/03/16 4:37 pm

        One of my workmates had his wife say she was interested in an upgrade on their line which included the three months of Foxtel, and to talk to her husband about it.

        It literally took him a 45 minute phone call just to cancel the service request that they hadn't agreed to or signed.

      I had a similar conversation years ago with a guy about how I can't afford not to sign up for a free mobile phone.

      I kept repeating that it wasn't really free because I'd have to pay the monthly bill, so staying with no mobile was saving me money.

      He didn't seem to understand.

      ...That's actually not allowed, they're not supposed to comment like that on competitor-related stuff, in fact they're not meant to comment on them at all.

        Yes, I found that strange as well, especially since it was a lie. She was trying to say that it wasn't unlimited in the sense that it might have slowdowns during peak times, but what she was actually saying was that it was not unlimited data, which is simply untrue. Plus, it's not like Telstra is immune to peak period congestion. Hell, we're on a Telstra line. The issues we get aren't generally because of TPG.

          We aren't immune, nobody is, unless you have a 100% dedicated line from start to finish which you only really get with small local linkups like LANs and that's it. I got TPG myself since it was the much better deal, even with my staff discount it was too much to provide ADSL... yes not 2, with limited data per month compared to TPGs unlimited data on ADSL2+, you can guess where I ended up going when you see options like that. I'd much rather be able to watch as much youtube as I want and download games through Steam without the anxiety of checking to ensure how much of my cap I've used for the month, I really hated that at my old place with my parents where we had limited data on cable.

      I feel racist, but I read that in an Indian accent..

      Man, fuck them for that. Also $95 for 1TB? Just goes to show how screwed us lot in the 'regional' areas get. I pay that much for 500GB (was 200gb a year ago) and now it's $120 for 500gb apparently.

        ...I read that in an Indian accent

        Well, you're not wrong.

        And wow, I had no idea they applied different pricing to different areas. Then again 1TB for $95 might be because they're bundling it with our landline and 2 mobiles. But $120 for 500 gigs? Jeez.

          Yeah I was in there the other getting my mobile switched over to them & asked my mate who was fixing me up if he could give me free local calls for the landline unfortunately the answer was no, & only option was to 'upgrade' to the next plan which is $120 a month, so nope fuck that.

        I recently had to ring India to do some interviews for work... Having dealt with TPG call centre staff so often, the thought of an Indian, in India, getting a call from me with my (I'm assuming) indecipherable Australian accident was quite amusing.

      ... that's not what Telstra Air is.

      But it could be worse. I used to get fake people calling up pretending to be from Telstra to sell me something. I remember one opened with "I'm calling from Telstra and we will be upgrading your current internet plan". Then they needed some details and the first question was either "who is your current provider" or "what are the details of your current plan" and I'm like, how can you be from Telstra and 'upgrading' me and not know that? :\

        Yeah, apparently that's a common scam. I was so bothered by this call that even though they knew my full name, my wife's name, how many services I have, and my address, I still had to call Telstra to confirm that the sales call actually came from an authorised representative.

          I just assume anyone calling me to offer me something on the phone is a scammer or a reseller and refuse to provide any details.

            One time I got one of those "Microsoft Customer Support Windows Support" scam calls and told them straight up that it was a well known scam and I didn't feel like wasting their or my time today. The girl on the phone became extremely irate, telling me it was not a scam, and then accused me of lying about my identity and trying to scam her. I'm like... bitch, you called me. And called me by the wrong name because the phone account is in my wife's maiden name, since she never changed it.

              You know what I do for a living right?

              I once got a call from one of those spammers. 'Microsoft security' has detected a virus on my computer. I was like "how interesting, as it happens I work for Microsoft on their security product too!" Didn't get a chance to ask for their alias before they hung up. :P

      Here's how you sell a TPG customer a Telstra internet connection.
      "Hey, have you ever had a problem with your TPG connection?"
      "If you cut TPG out we'll have no choice but to accept some measure of responsibility rather than just bouncing you between us and them. We'll still try to weasel out and blame your router, but you'll be significantly improving your odds of having your issue resolved."

        Boy howdy, and with a data cap I'll be using my internet service less anyway so those problems won't seem as important!

          I'm not trying to sell you on Telstra, they suck and their prices are terrible, I'm just saying that's the only way to stand a chance of convincing someone that less data at a higher price actually has some value. You won't beat TPG on a raw dollars to data ratio so you're better off attacking them on one of their many weak fronts. They're the Sizzler of ISPs.

          I wouldn't go with Telstra but I am considering dropping TPG just because it's a crap connection. TPG has never been great but they keep getting worse. There was a huge drop in quality when they introduced 24-7 unlimited plans. Support is just a flow chart designed to get you to quit bothering them and learn to live with the problem. The price is getting less competitive every year now that the competition has caught up.
          If I can get a good connection on a 500GB or higher plan at the same price I think I'd be coming out ahead. I mean the appeal of unlimited data in the first place was that nobody was offering a data cap that came close to meeting my requirements. That's changed. I use way more now but other ISPs offer way more too.

            I'd only consider going with Optus or iiNet for unmetered Netflix. Honestly, I don't have up to date usage stats but once we got Stan we burned through 180 gigs in about a week - and we were on TPG's "500 gig" plan which was 250 on peak, 250 off peak (with "off peak" being defined as 3:15am to 3:27am every other Wednesday unless it's a full moon) and realised that this was not going to work for us, so for the extra ten bucks I went unlimited and haven't looked back.

            We get some dropouts, some slowdowns, but average it up and we're probably getting decent service 29 days out of the month - and sometimes the problem isn't TPG, it's Telstra.

              iinet also does unmetered XBL if you own an Xbone.

              It's about the only reason we're with iinet, unmetered netflix and XBL are the main things we'd use any other connection for, this way we can get by with a lower/cheaper tier of data cap.

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