Uncharted 4 And The Difficult Leap From PS3 To PS4

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is close to release. I think we can all agree it's going to look great.

But what about those little details? And what about tweaks to the core Uncharted experience?

What about the generational leap from PS3 to PS4?

These are the questions that are addressed in PlayStation's latest Uncharted 4 developer diary. The developer diary is a bit of generic format now, but when you combine that format with a cutting-edge studio like Naughty Dog, it really works. It's actually properly interesting.

Especially stuff like this:

Oh my god Naughty Dog. THAT'S MY FETISH.

Improved climbing. I need this in my life ASAP.


    I really, really hope this nails the controls better than 3 did.

    2 is one of my favourite gaming experiences to date, but 3 felt like they'd put magnets in poor Drake to snap to every possible object you could hide behind.

    I gave up about 4 hours in because of how frustrating the controls became during fights.

      I actually enjoyed Uncharted 3's controls a lot more in the PS4 remaster than I did on PS3. I'm not sure if they actually improved them significantly or if I'd just blown them up in my memory as being worse than they actually were, so when I went back to it on PS4 they weren't nearly as bad as I remembered them.

        Oh good. I always wanted to go back and finish it but was too scared of the controls, I'll have to pick it up some time.

        The bump in framerate will do a lot for games that previously felt un-responsive or swimmy, you half the time between action and onscreen response which makes things feel a lot tighter.

      I'm more concerned about the difficulty balance. I've always played on normal or even easy for uncharted games because the difficulty was never tweaked to be "tough but fair" but instead to "no ammo and bullet sponges".

      They should take that perfect difficulty curve from The Last Of Us and apply it here. Survivor difficulty was the truest version of that game, I hope the same isn't the case for easy and Uncharted 4.

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