Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, Reporting For Duty

Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, Reporting For Duty

It's weird, for all its influence in both games and film, not that many people cosplay as characters from the Alien series. So it's awesome seeing this cosplay by ver1sa, not just because it's OG 1979 Ripley, but because it's so good. I like the make-up work to increase the likeness, but I love the uniform. There's a warm, spacious part of my heart reserved for the costumes and branding in Alien/Aliens.


Photo by Nova


    That is so damn smooth and shiny it looks like a digital painting!

      Yeah I trying to figure out why it wasn't titled Fine Art!

    Eh is ok.

    Last edited 25/03/16 7:48 am

    From the eyes that lack a highlight (next to the hair that has highlights?) to the slightly off shadowing on the forehead and neck, this is a slick but strange exercise in a bit too much amateur Photoshopping. I kind of like it though and agree that the attention and referencing of Rob Cobb's graphics is good.

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