Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Is 50% Off On Steam

I'm utterly jealous of anyone who has yet to play Divinity: Original Sin, particularly in co-op. With the Enhanced Edition out and about — and half-price on Steam right now — you can enjoy the game, all fresh and new, but with so many extra bells and whistles you could open a store in Shiny Noisy Town on Bling Avenue and make a killing.

Yes, until 5 April, the game is currently 50 per cent off on Steam, bringing its normal price of $US39.99 down to $US19.99, or $26 Australian.

The core game is an absolute must for classic RPG fans and with the Enhanced Edition it even caters to different play styles, whether you simply want to enjoy the story, or yearn for complete control over every combat encounter.

Bloody hell, I think I might have resold myself on the darn thing and I've already finished it. But you have to play it co-op — it's the only way to get the most out of it.

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition [Steam]


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