Hoxar Inc., The Fictional Holographic Tech Company Behind John Romero's New Game

It's been a while since we heard from John Romero, however, recent events suggest the id Software co-founder is up to something. A couple of days ago a site for a company called "Hoxar, Inc." appeared online, though after a bit of digging it appears to be a viral tease for a Romero-powered project.

John Keefer over at Shacknews was contacted by "credible anonymous source" that pointed him in the direction of the Hoxar website.

Feel free to give the site a read, but if you just want the gist, Haxor is a company that supposedly deals in "cutting-edge" holographic technology. Specifically, its "hoxel" tech called "BLACKROOM":

The marvel of this technology lies in the patent-pending designs and advances HOXAR has developed. The Dense Parallel hNode Matrix was the spark needed to ignite the fire of innovation. The first HOXAR experiment was installing 64 x 64 hNodes per side in a greybox. This small array of 16,384 nodes projected an animated 3D volumetric scene in the small space, creating the first true animated holographic spatial rendering in the world. Several innovations quickly followed to improve the immersion quality: projected collision volumes, scent-distribution arrays, interactive object programming, initial research into hyper-advanced artificial intelligence, and the new area HOXAR is pioneering, predictive memory matrices.

(Thanks, Data.)

Frankly, it all sounds a bit too pie-in-the-sky and, well, fake. Anyway, Romero himself replied to Shacknews' tweet of Keefer's story, sorta-kinda confirming it:

Make of it what you will. There's also a Twitter and Facebook account if you want to poke around, though there's not much there right now.

HOXAR, INC. [via Shacknews]


    I vote we stop referring to J.R. as the co-creator of Doom and just call him Captain Daikatana from now on.

    Last edited 17/04/16 1:57 pm

      Spoken like John Romero's bitch!

        Still remember when i saw that stuff on the magazines.

        Lol... Captain Daikatana it is!

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