Well done to Dong Tri Phan for putting together one of the most intriguing ScribbleTaku posts ever. Some very outside the box thinking there.

Congrats to Braaains (and Grunt) for piecing it all together. It was A Link To The Past. Good times everyone.

Good luck with today's drawing. It's by yours truly and it's not terrible for once!


    I have no idea what I'm looking at but it's making me think of the DuckTales intro.

    This looks really familiar which means I've likely never played it.
    Getting a time management vibe, something like jones in the fast lane

    Tyrian, it realy looks like the carrot ship from that game.

      That's what I'd say except the carrot ship (none of them, in-fact) can turn on an angle, they always face forward.

    Hmm... a health pickup and a money/points pickup? Streets of Rage 2 had a whole turkey, maybe the original had a roast-thing...

    Streets of Rage I?

      That's a health pickup? I thought it was a spaceship with a scrotum.

        Why can't it be both?

          Like the soft and hard tacos?

            That's a strange parallel - hard and soft tacos, and spaceships and scrotums.

              And yet, thats where we ended up... Gotta love this site.

              A spaceship is hard, a scrotum is soft...ish. I don't have concrete proof though, can't say I've ever felt a spaceship.

    Golden Axe

      Damn it, I was going to say Golden Axe. I'll say specifically Golden Axe III though.

    I agree with @spadge. Looks like pickups. Maybe one of the Gauntlet games

      I was thinking the same, but the money pickups were treasure chests, not bags. At least in Gauntlet 1, and I dont remember them tinkering much for G2.

    Golden Axe or Golden Axe Warrior

    Last edited 26/04/16 12:52 pm

    Dragon Crystal on the game gear?

      Pretty sure its second image down.
      Spent many hours playing this under the doonah when I was supposed to be sleeping :P

    Could be "Knights of the Round" or one of the D&D arcade games? (Mystara or the Doom one)

    Crystal Caves

    Did Commander Keen IV have money bags? I think I remember the roast-thing... though it has been 20 years.

      Nope... candy bars. So many games! So many health pickups!

    They remind me of power-ups from one of the old Asterix games on the Sega Master System for some reason.

    Guys, does it look like testicles hanging from a spaceship? Just me? ..OK!

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