Tell Us Dammit: May Is An Insane Month For Games

What are you most looking forward to?

Here is a list of some of the big games coming out in May...

— Battleborn — Uncharted 4 — Doom — Mirror's Edge Cataclysm — Overwatch — Total War: Warhammer — Homefront: The Revolution

I mean damn, that's quite a line-up.

What excites you most? For me it's probably Uncharted 4, followed up closely by Mirror's Edge Cataclysm and Overwatch.


    Uncharted 4 by a long shot. I'm mad on Warhammer (at least I would be if I was a millionaire) but I'll wait until all the DLC comes out and buy in a bundle.

    Probably Mirror's Edge, but seeing that skill unlock tree I'm not so sure now.

      I share your concern, but think of the beautiful City of Glass, waiting to be explored....mmmm hmmm.

    Fire Emblem Fates is coming for us in Aus as well...

      Yep Fire Emblem is my most anticipated.

      I'm cautious about Uncharted since I had real problems with U3.

      And Star Fox Zero/Guard this month also looks good.

      This and Tree of Savior going F2P, I hope.

    Since I always need to be different, my list is currently:
    - Ray Gigant
    - Shadow Complex Remastered on PS4
    - The Nioh Demo
    - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
    - Fire Emblem: Fates
    - TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

      Valkyria Chronicles gets no where near enough love. That game is so great I might actually purchase it for a 3rd time... :P

        Oh yeah, likely to be a day one purchase for me. Now if only someone would bring 2 & 3 to the PS4...

          This! I tried so hard to play it on PSP but those controls were garbage...

      Oh yeah TMNT. Guess I do care about something else after all :P

    Just two games for me:
    - Uncharted 4
    - Mirror's Edge: Catalyst.

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      With the number of games coming out in May it might very well be Mirror's Edge: Catafalque.

        That is an incredibly obscure word and I applaud you because it's an excellent one.

          I concur with Red, I have learn't my new thing for the day so thanks for that @zambayoshi!

          Sometimes I really wonder if Publishers want a game to fail when this sort of thing happens. I cant see how Mirror's Edge has anywhere near the hype base that Overwatch etc and EA expects it to do well? Would have been better as a January/June release I would have thought.

            When they set the May release date (it was delayed from March I believe) there was a lot more air. Really really unfortunate that so much stuff was also scheduled/rescheduled (Uncharted 4 was the big one) for May.

              Wasn't it originally supposed to be a January release as well? Could have sworn it was delayed a couple of times. Also, March/May are typically big months most years which I they should have anticipated but who knows how EA thinks... :P

          I'm a veritable Mirror's Edge: Catalog of words ;-)

            I wonder if it will be resigned to the Mirror's Edge: Catacombs?

          Join the Australian Defence Force. You'll hear no end of the word Catafalque, followed by the word party, followed by wishing you weren't part of a Catafalque Party.

    What is May? Why does May matter? Star Fox is happening in April :P

    Honestly can't think of any other release this year that I care about at all. Other than Federation Force actually.

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      Oh man, are we excited because someone is actually bringing Star Fox to a platform that people actually own and use?! Badass! I'm glad they finally realized they can do so much better than chaining themselves to inferior Nintendo platforms only. ;)

    Overwatch all the way. Had a chance to play on the last stress test weekend and once it's released i can't see myself playing much else. It was great. Also checked out the Doom beta, wasn't impressed at all sadly, but it was only the multi. I'm hoping the SP campaign will be decent, and if snapmap is any good there could be alot of replayability there.

    Mirror's Edge Catoblepas
    Uncharted 4

    That's some gooooooooood gaming. So I guess I'm looking forward to not having any money left.

      Is Stellaris really sort of like CK2 in space? If so I suddenly am super excited about a game in may.

        It's not dynasty focused, and starts 4Xish before expanding, but it's a Paradox Grand Strategy Game so there's some DNA there

          I quite like the other Paradox grand strategy games not just CK2.

          If the reviews are good I will have to pick it up.

      Wow, your list exactly mirrors my own! Glad to see I'm not alone! :-D

      I've only recently got on board with Stellaris, and I absolutely cannot wait untili it launches. Going to be a busy couple of days with UC4 as well. Tell my wife I love her!

      Paradox taking on space 4X has me super excited. I've always loved the idea of big 4X games, but I've never really gotten into them; CKII, on the other hand, is amazing.

      As so long as I can marry off my lunatic possessed genius granddaughter that has the highest intrigue in the known world at age 15 into a rival faction and watch her destroy it from the inside, I'll be happy.

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Stellaris has me so goddamn pumped. It's the perfect level of accessibility for me to get into Paradox Grand Strategy games. Can't wait ^_^


    June is where it's at for me, purely for Zero Time Dilemma.

    I guess Uncharted 4 looks cool though...

    Uncharted 4 is top of the list for me.

    After that, probably Mirror's Edge Catalysm or Cataclyst or whatever the hell it's called.

    Then perhaps I'll finally get around to Dark Souls 3.

    Fire Emblem, Uncharted 4 and Mirrors Edge. Though I probably won't pick up any of them as I have so many games to play already.

    Is it wrong to say none? I can't think of any game being released in the rest of this year that I'm looking forward to. It's possible that I've forgotten some release dates but in that case was I really looking forward to them...?


    FPS is my favourite genre. And after Shadow Warrior my faith in fps remakes and reimaginings is high and it looks fun

    Y'know what, I'm looking forward to catching up on some old games.

    Battleborn - was keen until I played the beta. 8 missions, repeat until death. I expected a lot more from Borderlands creator. The two beta missions took me 60 mins each solo, not looking for an 8 hour game. I know what they were trying to do, but they've lost it, and they've lost me.

    Doom - Yeah, no. Its not Doom without campaign co-op.

    I'm thinking real hard about Divinity Original Sin right about now. 60% off on the Bone this week. That'll keep me going for most of May.

    Pre-ordered Battleborn after the second beta, with the digital sharing looking forward to some coop with the missus and stupid Borderlands style humor in this one!

    None of them. I'll grab Uncharted 4 but not very excited to play it after getting burned pretty hard by how mediocre and poorly made Uncharted 3's gameplay was.

    Totally Fire Emblem Fates. God damn been waiting over a year for this.

    That being said, I can see myself playing Stories: The Path of Destinies, Stardew Valley and Hyperlight Drifter well into May at this stage. So many good games this year, so many of which are "indie"! Loving it.

    Only 1 game on that list is even remotely interesting to me, and that's Uncharted. (Pretty excited) Though I'm even more excited for Starfox and Ratchet & Clank this week!

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