We Ran The Rooftops In The Mirror's Edge Catalyst Beta

Video: I played a few hours of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta over the weekend, and it was a lot of fun! You can watch me jump around like a parkour ninja — as well as smack into a few walls — in the video above. Catalyst brings some changes to the Mirror's Edge formula. I enjoyed the open world map a lot; I never get tired of hurling myself off a building and hoping there's something to break my fall besides the pavement. There are also a lot of new gameplay additions like timed trials, deliveries and a bunch of collectibles to fling yourself at. The jury's still out until the game releases in June, but overall I had a lot of fun with the beta. Did you play it? Let us know what you thought!


    I tried to play it, but I hit a critical bug within 2 minutes of playing that made me decide to wait until release. As I exited the prison and met the guy, the game flashed and it reset all the settings to their lowest values - muted, subtitles off, sensitivity down, among various others. Rendered the game unplayable and I had to manually reset everything.

    I love how the the first version of this game was like a movie that never got much interest when first released but developed a cult following down the track. Great game mechanic and looking forward to playing the sequel.

    I played the beta for about 3-5 hours on PS4, finishing the main story missions, as well as some side missions. Here are my thoughts:
    + The game was fun. Throwing yourself around the city was exciting and the movement in the new game felt great
    + The open world brought a new sense of discovery and learning to the game, and memorising new shortcuts and in general, familiarising yourself with the city felt very rewarding
    + Graphically the game looks great! Cutscenes are well acted and have good pacing to them. I expect the story to shine in Catalyst as much as it did in the first game
    + I enjoyed the combat. Perhaps a bit on the easy side, but having to think about your environment and how you can use it to take down guards felt fresh and fun
    - I felt there are too many collectables. I think its a good addition to the game, but there are so many things cluttering the city that it feels like you need to stop every 5 seconds. I think the collectables should be made more scarce to keep the game streamlined and fluid
    - I think the upgrade system could be done better. I would find it more interesting if the upgrade board was blacked out, so you couldnt see future abilities, so that when you unlock them, you are literally learning a new skill you hadn't thought off. I think this would feel more rewarding, and it would be cool if you had to visit a character in the game to do these upgrades, who can then take you to a gym to test the new skills out. Just an idea, but my main point is that upgrades could be done better

    Overall I had a blast with the game and am definitely excited for ME:C to launch. My gripes with the game are minor spoils to an overall great experience, so I definitely recommend that people keep their eye on this one.

      When you say you finished the main story - does the beta include the entire main story? And that took you less than 5 hours? D:

        I didn't finish it myself, but it didn't appear to be the full story, just the tutorial plus a mission and some side missions :) Seemed to be pretty decently sized

        The game gave a small portion of the main story from the full game, of which i completed. So no, not the full game, but enough to get a good feel for how Catalyst is going to be

    As a fan of the original I was impressed. The only issue I found was some stuttering in the cut scenes, but the rest of the game ran smoothly.

    The unlockable skills seemed unnecessary and getting cornered by multiple guards and then having to fight your way out wasn't a lot of fun, but none of that was a deal breaker.

    Enjoyed my time with the beta. I didn't go too far in the missions because I wanted to keep it fresh for release, but had a great time running around collecting all the bits and bobs, doing deliveries etc.

    I loved it! After thrashing division for so long, it was so refreshing to jump in and play this. Loved the first one, although didn't finish it, and am loving this one too. Very smooth, and easy to use (once you get used to the controls) and the open world is great to run around. I was on the fence, but this has pushed me to definitely get this when it comes out. Just such a fresh game, completely different to your standard game, and almost makes you feel like its you running around these rooftops

    My time with it was fleeting (my son & nephew both got a go outside the tutorial) but it seemed like they'd cleared up the punishing combat from the first game and taken out some of the trickier manoeuvres so it's looking very good

    I heard a lot about people on PC being upset that the graphics were locked at medium, but it was stunning on PS4. The beta played well, a few frame rate drops here and there but for a beta I never had any crashes or server disconnects.

    The open world is just what the game needed. The few missions they gave you could hold your attention for about an hour or so, but if you're the kind of person that likes running around aimlessly just to find cool things in the world, you're going to love it.
    It was a speed runners delight, providing the opportunity to make your own time trials and have anybody in the world attempt to beat them.

    All in all, I can't wait for the full version.

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