What Are You Playing This Weekend

Oh look, I'm just going to come clean and say it. I am playing Dark Souls III. I can't say much else because I'm under embargo, but yes. I am playing it.

What are you playing this weekend?

There's a lot out there. I get the sense everyone is still playing The Division.

Am I right?


    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture: Up to what I assume is the last area. Enjoyable, but so. damn. slow. to get anywhere. You know, I think something weird happened in that valley...
    Pokken tournament: Will play against my 5yo son. Totally kid friendly because it's a pokemon game, not a fighting game.
    The Witcher 3: I borrowed this from work a few months back and should probably get started. I figure I'll have completed it by Monday, right?

      I am also playing pokken, but because I'm a man child.

      I got absolutely wrecked by a Japanese chandelure last night. We fought five times in a row and I allllmost won the last two. Appalling performance from me, but that pokemon looks like awesome fun.

      Lololol. Yep, you'll finish Witcher 3 by Monday (if you don't sleep - or if you don't do any side quests).

      Rapture is surprisingly good. The devs had a really difficult choice. The slowness builds the tension and allows time to absorb the emptiness, but damn does it get frustrating sometimes (when you have to backtrack to get trophies...lol)

        I agree with their goals but also agree about the frustration. I've felt the speed as a disincentive to exploration on many occasions. I even rigged up a rubber band to walk back along a stretch of road last night while I ducked off to the bathroom.

        One thing that *would* be really good would be the ability to play as the ball of light, like a cross with Flower. Especially after the end (though, having not finished, I don't know how applicable that would be). It would be really liberating to go swooping through the streets and houses like the ball does, with the orchestral music playing in the background, and a nice counter-point to the earlier plodding exploration.

          I kind of gave up on Rapture - didnt feel like it was going anywhere after a couple of hours...

          Maybe i should get back into it but I fear ive got no idea where i was up to!!!

    Working towards finishing Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition mainly, though there'll be some Bravely Second in there too. I'm kind of keen to try out Hyperlight Drifter too so I may end up playing that.

      So i played Hyper Light Drifter loads over the weekend and it is brilliant. There is very little coverage from Kotaku about it though which is a shame

    Picked up Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition for $10 last week and am thoroughly enjoying replaying the best game of 2012. A few rough edges remain but it's still as fun to play as ever and the added touches from all the micro-DLC I couldn't be bothered to buy before are nice.
    Will continue with this. Based on what I remember I'm probably about 3/4 of the way through the story but I'm about to go on a collectible-hunting/sidequest tear so I've got more than enough to keep me occupied.

      Go for the platinum!

      Be warned though, a couple of the street races can be annoyingly difficult due to insane AI behaviour / rubber-banding. Just got to be patient with those and eventually you'll win through.

        Got it on Xbone but I take your meaning. :P

        There's one bike race I've encountered so far called Enduro where the other bikes seem to outpace me no matter what I do, and I always stack it on the last corner. :(

        I think last time I missed out on the achievement for buying all the vehicles since there just wasn't enough money in the game without grinding armored trucks. The extra races and cop missions the micro-DLC has added seems to have been a bit more generous with the cash, plus there's these red envelopes I need to track down (I've only found 3 so far so I might need a guide).

        But I'm working on it.

          I found the definitive edition on PS4 so much easier than the vanilla version on the PS3. I'm very glad I came back to it and I managed to get the platinum!!

          I did find it hard to get enough cash at first but chug along with the side missions and also the chop shop missions, they can rake in some good cash.

            I don't think I've done any chop shop missions since the initial one where it unlocks after you meet Uncle Po for the first time. I remember doing them last time but not this time, guess I'm just skimming over them on my map or something!

              At first they don't seem really worth it cause you're stealing cheap cars for low reward. But by the time you get to the end (after 20 or so I think), you've built up to luxury cars worth a couple of hundred thousand.

              Edit: I've just realised I meant to say you get the missions from calling Tran on the phone.

              Last edited 01/04/16 1:34 pm

                Thanks for letting me know, I'd forgotten all about that!

    There is nothing to play til Dark Souls 3.

    Damn you!

    I'm just going to come clean and say it.


    Black desert and all the new VR stuff

    About 20 hours into TitS:SC and liking it a lot so far.

    Also enjoying some Miku PDF2nd on Vita and PS3 (got my PS3 calibration just right finally!)

    PS4 doing some Broken Age (eh) and PS3 doing some Ass Creed Rogue (eh).

      What do you think of broken age?! It was kind of comical but i deleted it just the other day... Felt like a waste of time! lol

        I'm enjoying it but boy oh boy does it bring back memories of the old point and click days where you move the mouse around the screen searching for stuff to click on and trying to combine different items etc. Story is pretty cool so far (I'm about half-way through).

          Maybe ill give it another go but its hard to spend so much time on these little games when im not even finishing AAA titles lol

          Really want to get day of the tenticle for the reasons you mentioned though! Loved that!!!

    Oh look, I’m just going to come clean and say it. I am playing Dark Souls III. I can’t say much else because I’m under embargo

    We all chose the wrong profession.

    Myself - Bravely Second gotta try my best to finish it before too long.

    Last edited 01/04/16 11:29 am

    Counter Strike: Source, Rainbow 6: Siege and just to mix it up Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble. I have my SNES on stand by when I die during CS:S and R6:S

    Kind of feeling a bit "meh" on a lot of my games at the moment.

    Possibly some Xenoblade Chronicals X or Bravely Default. Haven't touched either of those in a while.

    Might spend most of the weekend watching horror movies. Netflix recently added a bunch I'm interested in.

      What are you planning to watch?

        Probably He Never Died, Mirrors, Wake Wood, Hellraiser: Revelations and It Follows (which has been on there for ages but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet).

    Well I'll be playing the original dark souls now that I'm finally past the roadblock that made me rage quit
    Of course I'm up to a new roadblock now but that is souls for you

    The division still, waiting until a couple mates hit lvl 30 then get ready for April's update!
    Still need a few people to run the DZ with

    A mix of The Division and Salt & Sanctuary, loving S&S, go play it if you're hanging out for DS3.

    After finishing Wind Waker HD last weekend and my first play through of Until Dawn I will be looking for more shame pile reducing.
    I think I'm going to go something older - say Gamecube. I've got Rogue Squadron II or Luigi's Mansion I want to look at. Otherwise I'll get back to Transformers Devastation.

    I can't keep up with all these games, let alone all the new stuff to come. There's a lot of new stuff coming and recent stuff I want to play but I can't justify getting any of that yet as I have plenty of games to play that I don't have time for!

    A good problem to have I guess.

    Too poor at the moment to get into in any relatively new releases (and my poor ol' unit can't take games the like the Witcher 3 with any decent fidelity) so it's through the Steam pile'o'shame for me. Deus Ex: Human Rev and a few indies will see me through for a while!

    Black Desert, The Division, Warframe and League. Grind city.

    I have been saying this for weeks, but Bloodborne (if I get time on Sunday). Up to the final part of the DLC, then I need to tackle Mergo's Loft post-Micolash.

    Determined to have this done before Dark SOuls 3 comes out.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider - gonna dive back in for the DLC.

    And then... go on. Guess... no? ELITE!!! :D

    Might take a break from The Division and work through my increasing pile of games. Almost finished Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, which is beautiful but can be a bit tiresome. Afterwards, maybe starting Life Is Strange or State of Decay. And a friend wants to play Bloodborne, which I never finished, so...

    Killer Instinct on PC for me, and possibly some more Twilight Princess.

    Project Cars with the G29 again
    UFC 2 ultimate team

    Every weekend i think im going to get back into either Witcher 3(3rd act), Fallout 4(10 hours in), or Farcry Primal(15 hours in)...

    I stopped playing fallout 4 shortly after it came out as i wanted to finish the witcher 3... Then farcry primal came out... and I was playing just cause 3 sometimes too.... I spread myself too thin now i have no focus!!!!!

    It all seems like too much effort so i just have a few races or a few fights!!!

    Demon's Souls, currently my choices for progress are Flamelurker or Valley of Defilement 5-2 :(

      Flamelurker I beat on my first go. No joke. Just don't get panicky, don't hesitate/drag the fight out and follow his flow.

        So I ended up doing the same thing, I finished the game on Saturday and I must say that while I probably rushed a little, I'm a bit disappointed with how easy the Demon's Souls bosses were. I one shot every boss except Armor Spider, Adjudicator, Dirty Colossus and the False King, all of which I beat on second tries.. And I struggled with a lot of Bloodborne's bosses.

        VoD 5-2 is easily the worst level in the entire Souls series though!

          When you say one shot you mean first go right? There is no way you can get level enough to one shot Phalanx.
          VoD is just, gah. But it is done like that on purpose. The Maiden at the end of VOD, what you do with her?

            Yeah sorry, I mean first go. I killed the Maidens bodyguard and then when I spoke to her she killed herself, was there a possible fight with her there?

    I am gonna finish Life is Strange episode 3 and start on episode 4, with a bit of Rocket League and Metro 2033 in between.

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