What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Usually I am playing Overwatch. Even though I suck.

Right now I am playing Inside. And it's really, really good.

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It's very much like Limbo, which isn't a bad thing. It's early going for me, but Inside is just about a vibe: it's unsettling. It's creepy. It evokes the feeling of being chased so viscerally. You really feel it. The consequences feel real.

Anyway, it's a very good game and I recommend it.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm thinking Mighty No 9. Probably some Magic and a little Dark Souls III.

    I need to keep cranking out a baby blanket for a co-worker other than that I might sneak in some og dark souls or boot up portal 2 for some drunken co-op fun

    Hmm may buy that Inside game and play through that (if it's a reasonable price on XB1). Other than that, really enjoying Overwatch atm, it'd be great if competitive drops this weekend (on consoles). Also, Rocket League and maybe some Goat Simulator!

      It's $26.95 on Xbone.


    Im moving houses. But when I do find time, it will be Inside and The Crew.

    Nothing until I build my new tower.
    Maybe some Mariokart on the SNES

    Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Might pick up Inside as well.

      Crap. I totally forgot that was a thing I could buy and play. I'd like to change my answer.

    Star Ocean 5 will dominate most of my weekend though there will be Odin's Fear: Left Razor and Fire Emblem: Revelation played at some point too.

    Need to finish Wolfenstein New Order

    I found out about the perk stuff and its now annoying having to do certain things to unlock stuff, was having alot better time just playing normally.

    Just got doom delivered in the mail today so probably will be playing a fair bit of that this weekend.

    We have a 6 man crew set up for Overwatch, might play some competitive games and work out some MLG tactics.

    Will also play a few rounds of Super Mega Innings Baseball as im smashing the current season and slowly bumping up the difficulty.

    Overwatch, nearing level 100.

    Fire Emblem Fates Birthright - getting near the end of that too.

      'Too'? Overwatch never ends. Don't forget: You're here forever.

    Darkfall New Dawn (its free to play for 3 weeks, no wipe for 9 months, old vanilla darkfall)

    but Albion is opening tomorrow so.....

    Warframe. I'm having a blast now that I know what's what.

    Some Witcher 3 too.

    After the steam sale robbed me of all my money I'll probably think about playing something from my sea of unfinished, unstarted games and then watch youtube top ten cat videos.

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, it's really fun and flashy. Good game to play while waiting for P5.

    I recently stumbled upon Risk of Rain for PS4, so I'll be playing terribly until I discover enough logs to unlock the Huntress and then I'll play until I have an army of droids following me :)

    I restarted my SL1 run in Dark Souls 3 thanks to @junglist *nods*, who mentioned not using summons (which I shamefully did) and I'm up to Soul of Cinder :)

    Overwatch, inevitable.

    Going to try and find some time to continue with Sunset Overdrive or Doom, or maybe jump into the Long Dark or Sunless Sea, both games I picked up in early access that I never got around to playing.

    Dying Light. About halfway through the main game now.
    Then maybe some Crew: Wild Run and The Park.

    Witcher 3. Determined to finish it, although that won't happen this weekend. I've still got so much to go. Loving every minute of it.

    I just picked up ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the Devil May Cry packs on PS3 in the PSN sale. Started SotC last night and it is incredible so I will probably endeavor to get a good chunk of that done.

      Ico and SotC are both great games, just try not to rip all your hair out for Colossi #15's challenge mode.

    In between voting and not getting a #DemocracySausage I will be playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

    Just about to start the third chapter. It's fantastic.

    I just finished Firewatch. Great game, but I was hoping for something more than 3 hours of play-time (this is just me nitpicking, really, I wish I'd waited for a bigger sale discount).

    I'll haphazardly make my way to Rank 5 for my characters on Destiny's Iron Banner. Haphazardly because, within about 10 minutes, I remember that I really hate Bungie's PVP logic, and go away to play anything else.

    Aside from that, I'll probably also play Trials in the Sky in fits and starts. The pace is so slow that it's hard to get into.

    some more FIre Emblems Fates. and possible some Rocket League with mates. also have been sucked in to Marvel: Final Fight on my mobile, which has me logging in EVERY DAY, so i dont miss out on free upgrades and currency.

    I got a notification that my 1070 got delivered today so I'll be playing the Witcher 3, Skyrim and Overwatch this weekend. Might pop into some Destiny Iron Banner but I'm in no rush to for that game at the moment

    If I have the tv - Valkyria Chronicles on PS4.
    If I don't have the tv - Wind Waker with a bit of Fire Emblem (Birthright).

    I might try out Gone Home which I got on PS Plus but it's kinda slow and i'm not sure what is going on, is the goal to just walk around and look at things? Should I be expecting some jump scares or something?

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