What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Since I've moved on from the day-to-day of running Kotaku, I've actually been having more fun that ever with video games. It's weird. I feel less pressure to play, so I play more. Does that even make sense?

And the fun part is this: I'm playing the games I want to play, not the games I need to play.

So what am I playing this weekend? I'm actually not sure yet.

In the new games box? I'm playing Grow Up, the just released sequel to Grow Home, which was one of my favourite games of 2015. I'm also halfway through a New Game + of Dark Souls 3.

I've also been considering playing the remaining half of Metal Gear Solid V — which I loved to death, but just never had time for.

But I'll probably spend the whole weekend playing Super Mario 3D World for the rest of all time because my three-year-old son is obsessed with it.

Killllllll meeeeeeeeee...


    The earlier article on the division actually made me feel like giving it another go, so maybe that. Otherwise some Factorio, Borderlands pre-sequel, and perhaps a spot of BF4, should time allow.

    I hope it's something, I had a skull-cracking headache last weekend & the most I could manage was a movie & sleep.

    MLB the show 16. It really reignited my passion for baseball.

    Deus Ex - Mankind Divided - hopefully finish my first play through, really looking forward to my second play through, permadeath mode where I go loud the entire game.

    Since I’ve moved on from the day-to-day of running Kotaku

    @markserrels: What are you up to now these days then if I'm all allowed to ask?

      Moved into a top dog role and is overseeing kotaku, gizmodo, lifehacker and I think BI as well

        Well, he's worn the big shoes left behind from Wildgoose et. al. very well so all the best to your future endeavours, @markserrels.

      Nothing much has changed. He keeps posting on Kotaku...lol.

    Nothing, I need to force myself to get this coding done ;_;
    Also probably try learn some musics.

      Kind of the same. Code is so unpredictable at the moment.


      If I do have time it would be for house cleaning or Japanese self-study. Might actually get a functional standing of the language this time around.

      Last edited 26/08/16 11:49 am

        I'm at the opposite end, trying to get back in the game after a long time and it all just looks so monumentally daunting. Had the project open pretty much every day this week and still yet to make any actual changes to it, though I hit the end of the documentation stuff I was reading last night so I guess it's time to wade in.

          Despite what people say, coding is basically one of the easiest jobs on the planet. It's the problem solving and tracking what features exist in the API (and at least knowing the general gist of what it freaking does) that makes it seem difficult.

            And "how does set up environment" >_>

              I'm afraid I don't follow. What do you mean?

              Better yet, what are you coding with; I'm in .NET so it's virtually painless to set up an environment.

                Usually Visual Studio, though recently started looking at Code::Blocks. Most of the time whenever doing anything, it'd be open up an old project that works and just start with a new source file, so never knew what settings had to be tweaked or whatever when starting from scratch like with the compiler or linker or whatever, and would always have forgotten all over again by the time it next came up.

            It's like anything, fixing a sink is easy... fixing it well is hard. Coding is easy if you want to code everything as a giant monolith and work in a boring job, it's hard if you want to do it well. Good software engineers are hard to find because architecting code well to solve a problem efficiently and fast is a complete brain explosion... when you do it in a functional language, using monads with real-time event stream processing while upside down.

            I'll be hanging up the coding gloves and indulging in some blood... and wine.

    Grinding the Doom platinum to a point where I remained committed to it or i give up forever. Also hunting down Hyper Light Drifter secrets (using someone's map of course, you'd be mental trying to do it by yourself)

    Probably Pokemon Uranium. I've been diving into that pretty heavily. Great game, especially for a fan made project.

      Oooh, forgot that I downloaded that... Haven't even looked at it yet!

        I recommend that you do. Its great not knowing what the hell the pokemon are, what they evolve into and when they'll do it.

        I've never had that feeling playing pokemon before, even for Red/Blue the anime had already taught me.

          Ahhh, that was the best part of Black & White 1.

    Finishing Xenoblade Chronicles and then mucking about in the Nioh demo until God Eater and Project Diva X come out next week mainly. I'll also probably play some Trillion and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2.

    Hyper light drifter- kickstarted this ages ago, beat Satellite Reign last weekend, so this is obv next. Just beat the bird boss, seems really dope.

    Fortified- co op action, meant to be decent

    Derpstone - even though imo Renley Jackson has broken the game

    Bloodbjorn - so good, but have to have breaks after every 3 or so hours to keep hungry for the echcos

    Not going to be home much this weekend so likely just a little Oceanhorn

    I think it's time to go back and finish Alice: Madness Returns

      Nice, how far into it are you?

        From what I remember I had found Hatter and was trying to get to the Rabbit while he set up a lot of lava trap things. Can't remember if I got passed that part.

          That game goes from spooky to creepifying really quickly. I finished it this year, well worth completing

    Actually having a old school gaming day with a bunch of people at my house, we are bringing all our old school consoles over and having a massive gaming party!
    Going to have some of the classics from SNES, N64, PS1 and what not running along side our LAN and obviously have some sneaky drinks throughout the day, took a month to arrange but it'll be well worth it and a LAN party wouldn't be fit without a Halo LAN going!

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      We got on the SNES last night to play some Super Mario World and it was a blast - enjoy your day!

    I'm going to continue the adventures of cybernetic electric batman by tackling current issues that have a cyberpunk and Illuminati slant to them. Also back to FF14 for the Rising event.

    warcraft world

    if I break free from it there is new battleships in WOWships..... if

      Warcraft World? Am I missing something, or do you just mean WoW?

    Overwatch all the way :) During game search time..Hearthstone on mobile :)

    Wife and I have been revisiting Borderlands 2, she's trying to level me up to her level (I've gone from 51 to 54 in the last week or so, she's 55) on True Vault Hunter Mode so we can tackle Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode together as we tried when we were 4 levels apart and I was just getting crapped on by the enemies. At one level apart the game still considers us a "bad match", but since you level faster at a lower level I've been steadily catching up to her, especially since we're just replaying DLC she's finished that I haven't.

    If I'm not playing BL2 I need to hurry up and finish Doom so I can mine the achievements out of it and uninstall it to make room for other stuff on my measly 500gb hard drive. :/

    84 hours into Fire Emblem Fates Revelation - almost finished grinding my children... sitting at Chapter 23.

    Started DE:MD on PS4 and then felt an urge to play the director's cut of DE:HR (PS3) first, so just starting that.

      I've almost finished Birthright. Onto Revelations after that. I've decided all my children will be mixed in that run!

        The best mixing I've done was Xander and Hinoka. Siegbert looks hilarious with flaming red hair...lol.

    @markserrels can your three year old play on the GamePad and you Grow Home on the TV? Grow Home is 3 year old friendly surely?

    I'm playing F1 2016 and should finish some other stuff, but will most likely end up playing NMS for a few hours.

    Last edited 26/08/16 12:07 pm

    If my copy of Deus Ex arrives then I'll be paying that otherwise I'll keep going with Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I'm almost at the end i think. Definitely somewhere near the final boss. Just met Marth

    Dragon Age: Inquisition. Still.

    And Far Cry 4. Liberating outposts and stuff.

    Sydney's having a major fighting game tournament (Daigo is here!) this weekend so I'm gonna spend aaaaaaaaaaaall weekend playing Smash Bros. Maybe dabble in a few other games like Tekken 7 if there are free setups.


    Grinding invasions to level all the alts. =P

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